Aerial support unit. When deployed, this flying unit will automatically heal any damaged AirMechs within its range.


The Hero is an aerial repair unit. This unit will fly in the air and heal any damaged AirMechs regardless if it is on the ground or in the air. But it is also the only repair unit that does not repair other Units. Although it is a weak unit, the fact that it can not be killed by ground tanks makes it valuable for healing in dangerous areas.


  • Can repair only AirMechs without danger of dying from ground fire.
  • High move speed allows it to fly around the battlefield quickly.


  • It can be easily destroyed by enemy mech fire or anti-air.

Good Loadouts

  • It is best used in team games, specifically on large maps where repairs could be needed in a lot of places quickly.


The Hero was a part of the first group of Aerial units added to Airmech.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hero is the only buildable unit that can repair a damaged Airmech.