Armadillo Alternate.
-8% Hit Points,
+8% Shot Damage,
+6% Move Speed


Hyper Armadillo (or Hyper Dillo for short) is a fast moving heavy hitting version of the regular Armadillo, though with reduced hit points (-8% Hit Points, +8% Shot Damage, +6% Move Speed).


  • Hyper Armadillo's cheap price and light weight make it a "Quantity-over-Quality" type of unit.
  • It's high speed and low build speed makes it great for quickly creating large pushes.
  • Having 1 upkeep allows them to greatly outnumber other tanks and win with sheer force of numbers.


  • Can be easily bombed and destroyed by AoE like Artillery.
  • Not good for defending against tank pushes because of low health.

Good Loadouts

  • Armadillo works best in an aggressive loadout with small units. Units such as Flakker and Patcher have synergy with this tank.


Hyper Dillo is a cheap, light tank. Most AirMechs can carry 3 of them at once making it a very good unit for ninja attacks. The Dillo also has a chance of spawning a Soldier upon death. They have less hit points than the regular Dillo, but they deal more damage, allowing them to support durable units.


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