Items are stat modifiers that can be purchased, equipped, and brought into battle. Only 1 can be equipped at a time.

They affect stats such as Unit Cap, auto-repair rate, and AirMech's armor. In general, they do not affect stats as much as Pilots. There are currently eleven normal Items always available, one ultimate item, twenty-seven available during celebrations, and six Item alternates.

Normal ItemsEdit

Normal Items are always available for purchase via the Shop unlike the Exclusive/Time Limited Items.

Exclusive ItemsEdit

Exclusive Items are limited either by their Season/Time, Bundles/Packs or by Quests. Most Exclusive Items return when their Event/Season arrives but some became retired with succeeding builds.

Retired ExclusivesEdit

These Items are retired thus no longer available by Regular Shop even when their Event arrives. They can only be obtainable via Player Market.

Item AlternatesEdit

Item alternates are normal Items with slightly changed stats. They can be found in stacks of 3 after a match, and once player finds a stack of them, he/she can buy another stack for 800 Kudos, or unlock it permanently for 270 Diamonds.

Consumable ItemsEdit

Consumable Items will be gone when used once. They can be consumed after clicking on them and choosing the proper option given at the lower right corner. Most of them are available via Regular Shop (Diamonds price is then given), some are via Drop Systems.



Crates & KeysEdit



Loadout SlotsEdit

  • Loadout Slot 1 (Free)
  • Loadout Slot 2 (Free)
  • Loadout Slot 3 (2000 Kudos)
  • Loadout Slot 4 (4000 Kudos)
  • Loadout Slot 5 (24000 Kudos or 270 Diamonds)
  • Loadout Slot 6 (540 Diamonds)
  • Loadout Slot 7 (900 Diamonds)
  • Loadout Slot 8 (1200 Diamonds)
  • Loadout Slot 9
  • Loadout Slot 10


  • Blue Level 1 (270 Diamonds)
  • Blue Level 2 (450 Diamonds)
  • Blue Level 3 (900 Diamonds)
  • Blue Level 4 (1665 Diamonds)
  • Red Level 1 (270 Diamonds)
  • Red Level 2 (450 Diamonds)
  • Red Level 3 (900 Diamonds)
  • Red Level 4 (1665 Diamonds)
  • Green Level 1 (270 Diamonds)
  • Green Level 2 (450 Diamonds)
  • Green Level 3 (900 Diamonds)
  • Green Level 4 (1665 Diamonds)

Premium ColorsEdit

  • Carbon Level 1 (1000 Diamonds)
  • Carbon Level 2 (1500 Diamonds)
  • Carbon Level 3 (2400 Diamonds)
  • Carbon Level 4 (3600 Diamonds)


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