Using a combination of mechanical and electronic radar jamming techniques, the Jammer creates a small field around itself that cannot be seen by enemy forces. This unit cannot be seen on enemy radar.


The Jammer is an early game, light jamming unit truck. It is perfect for hiding friendly units from radar detection in the early game. Although it does not have as much range or health as its jamming counterparts, it makes up for it in low cost and upkeep, as well as high speed.


  • Can be used in the early game to hide your mid fight or secret outpost rush.


  • Has a small jamming radius.
  • Has low health, dies quickly to AoE and enemy unit and mech fire.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well in combination with light pushing units such as Armadillo and Flakker.
  • In a defensive game, it is great for preventing the enemy from seeing where you move your defensive units, such as artillery and anti-air.


Jammer is the basic jamming unit and is often used for scouting or creating secret pushes. It does not specialize in any one role as a support unit, and can be adapted to fit many different play styles, offensively and defensively.