Appearing suddenly, he is both humble and wise. No one knows where Jesus came from, but he is known to always help those in need.


Slot: Pilot

Kudos Price: 2400 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop during Easter and Christmas Holiday Seasonals.

In-game Hotlink: Jesus


The +50% Missile Shoot Down Chance on Jesus makes him an excellent Pilot in terms of survivability. Jesus' +30% Recharge Rate coupled with his +15% Fuel Efficiency aid in general drops and unit carry. Jesus' bonuses primarily fit Helix due to Helix's inherit carry potential and the Helix's Rocket ability. Jesus is typically played as a commando Pilot, utilizing his survivability and excellent carry to perform "ninja" drops and carry out backdoor assaults. +30% Recharge Rate (recharge fuel faster only when hovering over Outpost/Fortress.


  • Jesus has the ability to summon Diamond Rolls, and last place receives a special prize, a random Fish Pet (only devs can initiate rolls with Jesus)


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