Kara. Penny Arcade Exclusive! (Kira Alternate)
Full of energy and life, but don't cross her! Somehow Gabe convinced her to marry him, lucky guy.


Slot: Pilot

Price: 1500 Kudos Kudos

Availability: PAX Codes. Also via VIP Shop and PAX Crate (10% chance).

In-game Hotlink: Kara


Kara was available exclusively through the PAX Prime 2012 promotion via PAX Promotional Code Cards handed out by CarbonGames from their booth at PAX conference in Seattle on August 31 to September 2, 2012. Now it's available via PAX Crate.


With her unit repair boost and unit armor increase, Kara is best used with the Osprey to maximize the potential of these attributes. As the Osprey is a support AirMech, this combination is good for you if your dominant strategy is to utilize units to do most of the work. Also, the high armor value of the Osprey makes up for the 10% armor loss Kara provides. The high respawn speed helps to get you back in battle quickly, thus making you able to both defend and attack just as easily.


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