Love and peace! Guardian of the earth and all its creatures.


Slot: Pilot

Price: 2900 Kudos Kudos + Ticket

Availability: Shop during Earth Day Seasonal. VIP Shop all other times

In-game Hotlink: Lady Gaia


Lady Gaia is an alternate pilot, sharing the same stats as Petros. She is available for purchase in the Shop during the Earth Day Seasonal.


  • Fast moving and easy to use, works well as a beginner pilot with average stats.
  • Can fly for long distances quickly without having to recharge energy at Outposts.


  • Is unable to build units quickly.
  • Does not do as much damage to enemy mechs and units as other pilots.

Good Loadouts

  • Works with loadouts that do not require a fast build speed, so not aggressive builds.
  • Is great for dogfighting and scouting mechs such as Striker and Neo due to Natasha's air dominance.


An alternate of Natasha, Lady Gaia, with 20% extra Fuel Efficiency and 5% extra Air Speed is an ideal CTF Pilot. While the 5% reduction in Attack Power won't hinder you all that much in pvp, the 10% reduction in Build Speed certainly will, but you can reduce the effects of that using the Chimney's Tooth Item, which provides a 5% increase in Build Speed. Another alternative to Chimney's Tooth is TotalBiscuit's Top Hat, although it only increases Unit Buildspeed by 3%. Overall, she is a great pilot with negligible negatives.


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