Booster Cosmetic Variant. +10% Freedom. Increase speed and carry capacity of your AirMech. Lasts as long as you are in Air mode and don't run out of energy. Special limited-edition July 4th paint job!


The Liberty Booster is a consumable unit that attaches to your mech and allows you to pick up and fly with more units in your cargo. It is great for quickly adjusting your units, but the Booster is destroyed when your mech transforms to ground mode.


  • Allows you to quickly and efficiently micro tanks in the beginning of games.
  • Makes it easier to carry heavy units.


  • Sets you back economically in the beginning of the match, which is a crucial time.
  • Can be easily destroyed, and limits your gameplay and ability to react to certain situations.
  • Is destroyed when your Airmech runs out of energy, and takes more energy to recharge.
  • Takes up a loadout slot for another more stationary and effective unit.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games, specifically on large maps where units must be carried long distances.
  • Works well with carry mechs to increase their carry capacity, allowing them to carry multiple tanks in the early stages of the game.


The Booster is a unique unit because it does not directly impact gameplay. It is used to gain an advantage in carry capacity and unit micro, but comes at the cost of not being able to land during this time. In this way, it is considered a consumable unit similar to Bombs.

Related QuestsEdit




Win a match, online or offline, using Boosters, all in Air mode.

1000 Kudos

0 Diamonds icon


  • The Booster gives 650 carry value, and around 10% air speed increase.
  • When you run out of energy or transform to ground mode, the Booster will drop to the ground and deal a small amount of damage, similar to a Bomb, but less.
  • Used to be available in the Shop for 1800 kudos, or 270 diamonds.


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