AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


The Helix is tied with the Osprey for both having the third highest base carry capacity and being the third slowest air speed (after the Paladin and Angel). With its homing missiles and great carry capacity, the Helix is a very capable area control AirMech. While stomping units to bits, it can also defend its own units from AirMech attacks by firing at any flying object that comes close. The Helix also has strong ground guns and armor to aid it in defending itself and its units. However, its low speed is a hindrance when fighting other, relatively faster, AirMechs, especially the Neo or Striker.

A good AirMech for beginners. Along with the Striker, it is one of the most versatile AirMechs. To maximize your power with the Helix, be sure to max out Helix Rockets as soon as possible! The Helix is a bit like the Striker, but it mainly specializes in area control in certain cases. It can guard outposts and tanks extremely well by firing volleys of missiles at anything that comes within proximity. One of the best in terms of carry weight, you can carry just about anything making it a good support AirMech.

Loadout BuildsEdit

The Helix is regarded as a "Carry Mech" in that is can carry more and heavier units for further distances. Take advantage of this by employing some heavier tanks, such as Longhorn, or Goliath, or other heavy units, such as the T99 or Grinder.

The Helix's Guns are powerful, but somewhat slow, so some anti-air support is suggested. The Helix is already equipped with missiles, so equipping Seekers may seem redundant, but the extra damage that Seekers can provide may be enough to keep enemy Mechs away for longer periods of time.

Ability UsageEdit

The highly-used mode of attack on the Helix is the Missile Volley. The volley allows a flying Helix to attack AirMechs both on the ground and in the air, however, it is best when the missiles are used while the Helix is flying, and the target is on the ground. Flying AirMechs are much faster than on the ground, meaning they are able to potential dodge your missiles, thus wasting your energy, and lowering your damage potential. Use your Helix's guns against flying enemies

On the ground, Helix missiles can be used to deal heavy damage against units. Your missiles are long ranged; you can hit units outside their range, giving you an advantage. However, your missiles consume a lot of energy, so it's best to use your guns against light-armored or heavily damaged enemies to maximize your damage output.


Due to the usefulness of the Missile Volleys, often times Helix will stay in the air and spray missiles down against AirMechs. Consider taking an Aegis into battle to counter the missiles, or consider equipping Flak Ammo, or flying with Ashe to make shooting down missiles easier. Also, placing healthy doses of anti-air units will make enemy Helixes think twice about attacking you nearby your units. Due to the slower nature of Helix, Seekers are recommended in order to maximize the damage done to the enemy.

On the ground, the Helix is notably somewhat slow, making it weaker against tanks up close, but with its missile attack it can deal damage from afar. Consider dropping a tank close to a grounded Helix if one may attack.

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