AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


Apache Helix
COST: 900 Diamonds icon
Helix apache
Originally designed as a disguise to draw less attention to itself, post-war it has become a collector's item.

Shark Helix
COST: 900 Diamonds icon
Helix shark
This modified Helix takes on a unique, aggressive stance! It's common that owners very attached to their AirMechs will make these kinds of custom changes.

Steampunk Helix
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
Helix steam
SteamPunk Helix!
Although it has the same combat attributes of the standard Helix, this AirMech has been heavily customized and re-engineered to be powered by high pressure steam! Salvaged without a power core, engineers did what they could to supply it with this amazing alternate power source.

Prime Helix
COST: Bundle Exclusive
Helix prime
Prime Helix!
The original prototype AirMech, Prime Helix has become an exclusive collector's item. It was created as part of a top secret project by the USAF as the first weaponized transforming vehicle, which was expressly forbidden as part of the technology exchange among the Future Technology Coalition. In reality many countries were secretly working on these weapons of war, but Helix is widely regarded as the most successful prototype of it's kind.

Gothic Helix
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
Helix goth
The Gothic Helix emerges from the darkness to rain death and destruction on it's enemies. Silver and black never goes out of style!

BlackOps Helix
COST: 645 Diamonds icon
BlackOps Helix Crop
BlackOps Helix.
This Helix has been modified for covert operations. Technically no longer useful because of current radar technology, it was once a stealthy assassin for a pre-War government, Now its striking design is for cosmetic purposes only. It's common that owners very attached to their AirMechs will seek out special or one of a kind models to show off.

PAX Helix
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
PAX Exclusive! Show off your gaming skills with this modified Helix Variant.

Void Helix
COST: Void Helix Plans
Void Helix
Heart of the Void! The modified power source of this AirMech gives it a perfect black appearance with a silhouette that shimmers and glows with the pilot's team color. These variants can only be crafted by the Nanoforge.

Super Helix
COST: Retired
AVAILABILITY: Freedom Bundle
Super Helix
Relics left over from when countries would see who could make the most powerful AirMechs in a "friendly" competition. Billions of dollars were dedicated to crafting these Ultimate examples of their class, but now a few lucky pilots can put them to good use!

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