AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


The Warthog is an offensive unit killer. The Warthog slows down by 50% while firing its powerful gatling gun making it vulnerable to faster Mechs. The Warthog deals has the highest base damage but is also the only AirMech that has a normal attack that drains energy and has a startup delay (base 2 seconds). Although it's a unit killer, it mirrors the Bomber in the sense that it's offensive instead of defensive. The Warthog can simply walk along the opponent's attacking army and provide support by smashing units in an attempt to push forward due to its high damage and armor.

The Warthog is a very durable and tanky Mech. The raw health and damage have no equal, though the reduction in speed while firing is a hindrance while making the decision to run or fight. Even though the Warthog may seem totally useless at air superiority, tap firing along with upgrading the Spin-Up Speed passive can make it a looming air threat. The Warthog is awesome in terms of offensive combat.  Due to the Warthog's statistics, it is great at destroying enemy tanks.  Although it may seem like a good mech for newer players at first, learning to fight in the air properly as a Warthog is a skill that takes a lot of skill and practice to master.

Ability UsageEdit

Most of the Warthog's abilities are passive like gun damage and weapon ammunition. To increase its effectiveness against units in terms of damage output later on, if the player gets the Power Shield ability they will be able to absorb massive amounts of damage for a few seconds at the cost of mobility.

As a Warthog pilot you'll need to use the Power Shield defensively rather than offensively because once Power Shield is activated any hope of escape is gone so make sure whatever your fighting is killed and have a teammate cover you while you heal.

Loadout BuildEdit

The Warthog is an extraordinary clunky and heavy Mech, making it more of a Solo Mech; it lacks the abilities to micromanage units like most other Mechs are able to.

As such, most Warthog players rely on making large tanks armies in a spot, and sending them all at once. Therefore, loadouts heavy on tanks (Longhorn, Gemini, Seeker, etc.) are the easiest to make use of.

Due to the Warthog's low speed, if an enemy mech were to start attacking an outpost or position far away from the Warthog's current position, it will take time to get the Warthog over there. As such, it is a good idea to equip defense turrets to make defense a little less stressful on a Warthog pilot.

Counters Edit

As stated above, the Warthog is extraordinary clunky and slow. Take advantage of this by using faster and more agile Mechs to engage it, such as Striker, Saucer, or Neo, but be careful to watch your pathing, as getting the business end of the Warthog's canon mid-air is extraordinary lethal.

Take advantage of the Warthog's slow speed by attacking areas that the Warthog currently isn't at, like their Fortess or an unguarded outpost. Doing so may force the enemy Warthog to respond in defense, giving you more time to prep your army. While the enemy Warthog is distracted defending his outpost, you may choose to push your army towards another outpost that he currently isn't guarding, forcing the Warthog to choose which of the two he wants to defend, and giving you a shot at at least one of the two targets.

Most Warthogs will use their Power Shield ability to step right into the middle of your unit clumps and deal damage without taking damage themselves. While this make seem inevitable, you can circumvent a huge amount of damage by quick thinking. If a Warthog lands in your group and begins attacking a unit, pick that unit up and place it behind a stronger, better-healed one. Every time the Warthog switches targets, move the unit it's targeting and it will have no choice but to withdraw, giving you a chance to take it down.

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