AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


Mecha Warthog
COST: 1250 Diamonds icon
Designed to resemble the animal on which it is named after, the "Mecha" Warthog is an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

Pirate Warthog
COST: 900 Diamonds icon
Hog pirate
Avast! All pirates can agree that any place besides land is a good place to be. As with other Variants, all changes are just cosmetic and offer no gameplay advantage. But you do get +100% to your Pirate score. This is the first team colored-switching skin, compared to other skins that do not change color.

Gothic Warthog
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
Hog goth
The Gothic Warthog appears on the battlefield as a dark knight of death! Vicious spikes and a giant horned helmet inspire fear and awe as he annihilates enemies in his way.

FLA Warthog
COST: FLA Album Exclusive
Hog fla
The "Frontline" Warthog.
Built in the image of The Deceiver, the "Frontline" Warthog leaves no impression that it takes prisoners.

Steampunk Warthog
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
Hog steam
Steampunk Warthog!
Coming from the far East, this AirMech has been heavily customized and re-engineered to be powered by high pressure steam! Salvaged without a power core, engineers did what they could to supply it with this amazing alternate power source. This Variant has Team Color Support!

Void Warthog
AVAILABILITY: Void Warthog Plans
Void Warthog
Heart of the Void! The modified power source of this AirMech gives it a perfect black appearance with a silhouette that shimmers and glows with the pilot's team color.

BlackOps Warthog
COST: 1250 Diamonds icon
Blackops Hog
This modified Warthog has a slightly sleeker shape, but it's for cosmetic purposes only. It's common for owners very attached to their AirMechs to make these kinds of custom changes.

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