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While the Striker's statistics look superior to the statistics of any other AirMech (besides the Warthog), it is not nearly as specialized as any other AirMech; because of that, it can excel at multiple roles on the battlefield. The Striker is a good starting AirMech due to its Energy Sword ability, strong missiles, good air DPS, high speed, and other numerous favorable capabilities.

The Striker is the all-around AirMech. It is effectively the jack-of-all-trades. Due to its high amount of versatility and great all-around statistics, it is often seen playing in multiple roles. Although the Striker may seem to be the "noob Mech" to some, it is very popular at higher levels of play, where its versatility allows it to adapt to nearly any meta. There is no part of the game where the Striker is considered weak, although its strongest point is late game, when it has at least one upgrade of its ultimate ability, Missile Burst. Only the Neo and Saucer can beat it in base air speed. However, the Striker's After Burner ability allows it to outrun them while not shooting. The Striker is a great AirMech for both new players and veterans alike.

Ability UsageEdit

The Striker's Energy Sword can damage multiple units at once if they are close enough, so attacking clumps of units can kill them quickly.The Striker's shield part of the Energy Sword can be used to absorb 30% of damage taken while it is deployed. Use this to your advantage if you are retreating while in ground mode. Take advantage of the Striker's fast movement speed, and walk in circles around tanks while using the sword to damage them without getting shot at yourself. Be careful while using the shield though, as you lose energy every time you take damage.

By default, the Energy Sword ability can be used by holding the right mouse button and clicking the left mouse button to swing the sword.

The Striker can utilize a Missile Burst ability once it reaches Level 7 in-game; this ability allows the Striker to deal heavy damage against its targets. Missiles fired will home to the nearest enemy unit, so make sure to destroy any light units or infantry before firing so they do not distract your missiles. At the highest upgrade level, the Striker will fire 6 missiles, powerful enough to destroy a Longhorn with one burst. Missiles can also be launched while in the air, making the Striker a feared dogfighter, capable of downing enemy aircraft much faster than other AirMechs.

By default, missiles can be launched by pressing the middle mouse button (M3) after purchasing the upgrade.

Unit BuildsEdit

The Striker is a fast and light Mech, as such, its ability to carry heavy units is quite limited. Utilize lighter units when using the Striker offensively. If heavier units are to be used, it is best to compile them into a large army and send them out together with mass commands instead of carrying them towards the enemy.


The Striker is known to have poor armor. It makes up for this with high speed and its impressive armor penetration capabilities while in the air.

When engaging a Striker, it is important to take into consideration its Missile Bursts if it has already reached level 7. Try to avoid fighting the Striker in the air if your AirMech is either slow or poorly-armored. If you must engage a Striker in a less powerful spot, the best solution is to land and bait the Striker to land as well. As soon as the enemy Striker lands, either transform back to air mode and fly away before the enemy Striker can transform or try to run to allied units if you have enough groundspeed.

The Striker is fast enough on the ground to walk around a tank while firing without getting shot at. Use lighter units with faster turret rotation speeds to circumvent this. Remember to take advantage of the Striker's weak armor.

The Striker's Energy Sword can damage multiple enemies at the same time, making it effective against small clusters of tanks. Spread your units out, or place them against walls or cliffs to discourage a grounded Striker from employing the sword.

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