AirMech Strategy Quests Variants

Osprey QuestsEdit



Osprey Debut

Use the Osprey AirMech to help win an Online Co-op match against AI.

500 Kudos

0 Diamonds icon



Osprey - Combat Support

Use the Osprey AirMech to heal friendly units and AirMechs.

750 Kudos

0 Diamonds icon


  • Kira, Kara, Jesus, and Annarchy Unit Repair bonus affect the Osprey's heal.
  • The Osprey is inspired by the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.
  • The Ground Version of the Osprey is the icon of the Chrome version of AirMech.
  • Osprey has a medium armor value of 80, along with the Striker, Helix, and Saucer.
  • Mine disarming takes 9 seconds as of build 11752.
  • The Osprey was featured in many screenshots in the early stages of Airmech's development, however at the current time of which the screenshots were taken, the osprey was not an accessible unit. It was then added for use by players in a later patch.
  • The Medic Osprey was originally included in the original Beta Bundle.  After that, it was temporarily only only available by making a $5 USD donation to the Child's Play charity.  Eventually, it was made purchasable for 1250 Diamonds again.
  • The Easter Osprey was also a possible gift that would appear from the Festive Presents during the Holiday season.
  • The Osprey is currently the only AirMech that can salvage wreckage without using a healing unit.
  • There are 8 different skins for Osprey, counting the default skin.

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