AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


The Osprey is a support AirMech. The Osprey has weaker guns than any other AirMech.  However, it is tied with the Helix for both the third highest base carry capacity and third slowest air speed (after the Paladin and Angel). While not great at destroying units and AirMechs, it is extremely useful for providing support to units and keeping them alive. The Osprey can repair friendly AirMechs in addition to units, although they can only be repaired when the Osprey is grounded; the heal ability also differs depending on whether the Osprey is in Ground mode or Air mode. The Heal Beam ability also allows Osprey to deactivate enemy Mines and salvage dead units.

The good points of the Osprey are the high carry which enables those surprise attacks and the Heal Beam and Heal Nova abilities which can constantly keep units alive. Combined with a Booster and level one Carry Upgrade, it can carry three Longhorn tanks at a time and heal them afterwards, making for a decimating combo. While it is pretty much the weakest AirMech in terms of firepower, it's quite decent in the fighting department with around the same base air DPS as the Neo. The Osprey's guns are meant for defensive purposes; chasing someone with the second slowest ship in the game is not advisable. Ospreys are great for Survival as well, since they can keep units from dying to the relentless waves of units.

Loadout BuildsEdit

The Osprey is typically regarded as a "Carry Mech", meaning it can carry many heavier units around very quickly. Use the higher carry mass to your advantage, employ usage of tanks and turrets, and constantly move them around to minimize the damage your units take.

The Osprey can heal units by itself, so it is tempting to leave behind a healing unit. Unless you can manage your army very well, some additional Healing power is nice.

Make sure to pack some good AA units; Osprey has very weak weaponry itself, so you will need support from your units in order to take down enemy Mechs.

Ability UsageEdit

Heal BeamEdit

This ability's effect depends on the AirMech form. Whilst in air mode, hovering near the unit that needs to be healed and holding the ability button heals the unit via a repair beam. Whilst in robot mode, the way to heal is much like shooting, in that it needs to point in the direction of the units it wants to heal. The Osprey can also heal friendly AirMechs while grounded. It can also salvage destroyed units similar to how it heals units. When a unit is at full health, the Osprey can "super-charge" it. When Super-charged, a unit will not take any damage from for one shot, after which, the super-charge fades.


With its high energy efficiency and carry mass, the Osprey is also regarded as a "Micro Mech", as it can move around its units faster than your units can attack them.Take advantage of the Osprey's weak weaponry by engaging the Osprey directly with your Mech. The Osprey can heal a unit faster than you may be able to damage it, so it is important to ward off the Mech however you can before dealing with its units.

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