AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


Camo Paladin
COST: 1250 Diamonds icon
Camo Paladin
Designed for support in Urban Warfare situations, this modified Paladin variant was heavily utilized by many countries during the war. It became a favorite of pilots in the years after the war thanks in part to its upgraded riot shield and camouflage paint scheme.

Liberty Paladin
COST: 1250 Diamonds icon
AVAILABILITY: Shop during 4th of July
Paladin july4
"Liberty" Paladin.

This is one patriotic paint job! bearing the colors of the once dominant United States of America, some children don't even recognize what it stands for. The older survivors do of course, though such bright decoration couldn't have been a military mech. Perhaps it was used for shows, or maybe even participated in a Fourth of July Parade. I wonder if the current Pilot is aware of its history even...

Nexus Paladin
COST: 900 Diamonds icon
Nexus Paladin Crop
The White Knight!

The exterior has panels made of high tech plastic instead of metal. It doesn't protect against damage any better, but looks nice. The clean lines and Teamcolor support make the nexus line a favorite of competitive players, as they are quite rare and unique tradeshow models. When they switch to mass production, the mass plastics are replaced with standard metal that most AirMechs are made of.

Steampunk Paladin
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
Steampunk Paladin Crop
Steampunk Paladin!

Looking like it's out of the Iron Age, this AirMech has been heavily customized and re-engineered to be powered by high-pressure steam! Salvaged without a power core, engineers did what they could to supply it with this amazing alternate power source.

Gothic Paladin
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon
Paladin goth
The Gothic Paladin appears on the battlefield as a dark knight of death! Vicious spikes and a giant horned helmet inspire fear and awe as it annihilates enemies in his way.

Blackops Paladin
COST: 645 Diamonds icon
Void Paladin
This modified Paladin has a slightly sleeker shape, but it's for cosmetic purposes only. It's common for owners very attached to their AirMechs to make these kinds of custom changes.

Void Paladin
COST: Void Paladin Plans
Void Paladin Cropped
Heart of the Void!

The modified power source of this AirMech gives it a perfect black appearance with a silhouette that shimmers and glows with the pilot's team color. These variants can only be crafted by the Nanoforge.

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