MadOrc Megabundle


The MadOrc Mega Bundle is a limited time AirMech Exclusive Bundle offered by by MadOrc for $7.99. It includes AirMech Prime, a Diamond Pack and 2 exclusives Heads, the Overwolf and MadOrc. The bundle was available for purchase from August 9-16, 2015. 2,000 codes were available for purchase.


Are you ready for the future of Real-Time Strategy?

Do you crave an intense, rewarding action RTS experience? Where you can battle on the ground, or transform your mech to take the fight to skies? A game where a clever strategy is just as important as powerful gear?

If you love games like Dota or Starcraft, it's high time you played AirMech! Using lost technology from the Great War, you'll turn salvaged parts into unstoppable, transformable war machines. Will you destroy and pillage, or protect the weak to become a hero?

Hone your skills in solo mode, then jump into co-op survival or PvP for white-knuckle 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 battles. Earn Experience and Kudos to unlock new AirMechs, items, pilots and support units to customize your combat strategy.

It's time to gear up!

As one of the best-reviewed free-to-play RTS games out there, AirMech has plenty of hardcore players. If you want to keep up, you're going to need an edge. And we've got just the thing.

Our exclusive bundle includes:

With our AirMech Exclusive bundle, you'll be able to go head-to-head with any opponent, on the ground or in the skies!

And that's not all! Bring your customization to the next level with our exclusive Overwolf and MadOrc AirMech masks! These one-of-a-kind upgrades are only available through this limited-time bundle!

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