Similar to Duel, this map is better suited to 1v1 or 2v2 matches. It is a mostly flat map with few raised or sunken areas. A popular strategy is to secure the centre with turrets and seekers then push towards the opponent's nearby outposts. By doing this, a small force can be sent to damage fort health or keep opponent's busy defending their outposts while the centre remains protected and units are built for a serious push.

It is a fairly straight forward map that plays well in 1v1. The lane density makes turtling easy, but there are small extrusions on the side of each fort that allows for a small number of units to be dropped to chip away at the fortress' health.

Due to the prevalence of turtling though, matches on Nesthorn sometimes last an abnormally long time.


  • Nesthorn used to have the same base design as Duel before the redesign of Duel.
  • Nesthorn has a cluster of 3 Sockets, sometimes called a farm.


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