OINK da' Butcher
OINK is a genetically engineered slave who butchered meat for the evil regime which created him. He escaped the horrid slaughterhouse in which he was raised and burned the city to the ground, killing everyone in it. He is the last of his kind and hell bent on revenge!
Available exclusively with the OINK Limited Edition Graphic Novel!


Release Date: August 25th, 2013 (Beta Build 19144.0)

Slot: Pilot

Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

USD Price: 2.99$ (estimate based on comic purchase)

Availability: Formerly available via subscription to Free Newsletter

In-game Hotlink: Oink


OINK is one of many crossover Pilots/Items released in AirMech. OINK was originally available via purchase of a single issue of OINK from the Artist's website. It later became available for free via promotion. It briefly reappeared in the VIP Shop before being retired.

To obtain an OINK pilot a player needed to subscribe to the Muellerart Newsletter and then confirm the sent email containing the line: "your special OINK PILOT code will be emailed to you within next few business days! Codes do not ship on weekends, as that's when John Mueller is painting."


As with Beppo, OINK is one of the tank-style pilots, he has high armor and damage rate but in return it is very slow with 15% reduction in Air Speed, and the 20% decrease in Respawn Speed is a hindrance when you die. But don't let that deter you, with the Armor increase, you're less likely to die. Best used with Warthog.


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