OPTVLive (aka Steve) is an outstanding member of AirMech community known mostly of his streaming main AirMech events including almost all Official Tournaments. He was the previous Purple Star Star Keeper giving Purple Stars to whom actively participating in live streams and fulfilling Purple Star Requirements.

The Purple Star Power of OPnessEdit

(Community member references are in bold and are purely for entertainment purposes only!)

During the Great War, lives were lost, governments were shattered, citied were destroyed, and The Earth itself was nearly Annihilated. Basically, no one was having a Goodday. Gammy fled to her Yellow Submarines and dove deep, finding a sweet place she could enjoy all day long while eating her bagels. Snipe, jealous that Gammy left him behind and dove deep in her yellow sub without him (something about no guys allowed), rages out and fires off his bullet trying to penetrate the hull of the Yellow Sub in order to force it to resurface for some air. But, alas, so drunk off his ass, he failed to realize that he was firing nothing but blanks. Azn cried out for someone called "Gammy-chan" to take him with her so he could provide a daily dose of animated entertainment while the world above burned, but Gam was too busy diving deeper and deeper to return. Minxy gathered up all her 200 cats, strapped jetpacks onto each of them, and flew off to a place where she could try to preserve the sounds of Dub and Breakbeat. Com fled to Antarctica to live with the penguins, safe from the destruction. Unfortunately, no one reminded him that he is NOT a penguin, and therefore froze on the Arctic Tundra. Sang used his Whale Form and started spamming whales all over computers everywhere hoping that it could end the destruction, but Luis, while eating his cereal and laughing as the world burns by MoltonLava, hits the 1-hour mute button right before his laptop bursts into flames, foiling the plans of The Great Whale.

Destruction and devastation seemed certain. With psychotic killer robots running around everywhere and Carbon headquarters destroyed, what could stop them? While it's true that Wonn, in her infinite wisdom, did encourage James to plan a kill-code into the robot's software to prevent such a catastrophe, sadly rather than tasking the job to Chris, Ken, or even Matt, James felt that Boblan would be the BEST choice to ensure that the kill code would be there! "How could anything go wrong?" he thought to himself. Then, one day as DeKay was playing with Lilith, he noticed that the AI subroutines were becoming so amazing that they were beginning to mimic the knowledge and wisdom of Kyleberry! In a panic, he went to Dan to discover the reasons behind this, only to find out that Dan had lost his mind. So long he spent working on AI code that he forgot to put limits on their abilities, and somehow had spawned the love children of RoboCop & GlaDOS. Wondering if these improved AI subroutines were somehow better, Broadside and Valinor begin to each form their own datasheets, filled with numbers, circles, arrows, graphs, and a paragraph on each one to describe what each one was about. Sadly, neither of them could reach a consensus in time, and by then it was too late. InsaneFirebat, trying to keep control of the chat and ensure that peace is maintained, ignores countless pages of datasheets and slams down the mutehammer to get everyone's attention as to the dangers. He promptly informs Smash who, due to his caffeine rush, uses his Super Sprint abilities to runs up 10 flights of stairs and bursts into Boblan's office, shoving Boblan aside. As Boblan falls to the floor, his gun goes off, promptly shooting Smash in the foot. Smash can't take it and crumbles to the floor. Just then, a wild Snake appears trying to figure out what the commotion is all about. But instead, he begins to discuss things diplomatically in order to keep the peace between Smash and Boblan and support Carbon even though it's been 20 years and they still haven't added him to the payroll. Suddenly, Thy walks in, and rages at everyone! "WTF are you all doing? The robots need to be shut down and you're all doing this sh*t? WTF is wrong with all of you? Datasheets? Diplomacy? WTF?" He then promptly quits and exits. Tangi, realizing this is a job for The Derp Crew, summons BStria and KittenAqua, and in true Tangi fashion, goes out to do what no one else seems capable of doing. They walk over to the main computer, and each of them enter in a piece of the Kill Code: BStria enters DERP CREW, ASSEMBLE, while KittenAqua types DERP CREW, GO FORTH. Finally, Tangi enters in the final part of the code sequence...RAWR! Suddenly, the robots' advanced termination protocol AI kicks in, and begins to kill everyone! AreYouWhy's mouth hits the floor. How did the code fail? It's not possible...I spectated and casted it AS it happened. The code was entered flawlessly. This can not be! Patel starts going into some in-depth analysis as to why that's not the case, but Turk shuts him up before this unnecessary evaluation goes on any longer and states "it's simple and straightforward...James allowed Boblan to program the kill code". Suddenly, everyone looks at eachother, and terror takes over. "Oh sh*t! We're all dead!"

Suddenly As the Kill code fails all the Kyleberry AI's Come streaming through killing All of Airmech

Criteria (Previous)Edit

Tune In To OPTVLive And Earn OPmarks

  • Earn OPmarks simply by watching the stream and actively participating in chat!
  • Every 10 minutes you are on our stream you get 1 OPmark.
  • Earn bonus OPmarks at random times. You must be logged in to Twitch and in-chat to receive these bonus marks.
  • Your OPmarks will not reset or be wiped.
  • OPmarks can be put towards giveaways, raffles, The Airmech Betting Pool, auctions, and the coveted Purple Star!
  • Use !OPmarks whenever OPTVLive is broadcasting to check your current balance.

Supporting OPTVLive

  • For the exceptionally rare community members who go above and beyond supporting OPTVLive, you may be upgraded to a Premium VIP Member! We currently have 3 levels of VIP status, each with their own unique bonuses and recognition. Bronze members earn OPmarks twice as fast as anyone else, while Silver earns them at 3 times the normal rate, and Gold is rolling in OPmarks grabbing them at 5 TIMES normal!


  • If you have to be muted in chat or removed from Mumble for inappropriate comments, you may be penalized OPmarks (completely up to the discretion of OPTVLive's staff as to what is inappropriate and what the penalty will be).

Award Distribution

  • You Will Be Able To Purchase Your 1st Purple Star With 100 OPmarks
  • You Will Be Able To Purchase Your 2nd Purple Star With 500 OPmarks
  • You Will Be Able To Purchase Your 3rd Purple Star With 1337 OPmarks

Purchasing Your Purple Star

To purchase your Purple Star, once you have enough OPmarks please send an Airmech ingame email to OPTVLive indicating which tier you have achieved as well as your Twitch username (even if it's the same). I typically process requests 3-4 times a week. THANK YOU and STAY OP! (Side Note: Please make sure your Airmech ingame mailbox is not full and I can actually SEND you your code! THANKS!)


Currently OPTVLive is taking a break both from Purple Star Keeping and Streaming activities. Purple Star is now given by another outstanding AirMech player Overkill2142 with new requirements based on contributing AirMech Art. In a sense, previous Black Star (was awarded for Art too) changed color to Purple Star.

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