Release Date: November 27th, 2013 (Beta Build 21163.0)

Slot: Pet

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters.

Current Keeper: Nebthet

Past Keeper: moltonlava12, until August 2015

Alternates: Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

In-game hotlink: Orange Star

Classification: Ancient


  • Can NOT be purchased
  • Can NOT be sold
  • Does NOT drop


This star will focus on players' ability to give more than what is expected of them. Generosity is a quality that I love to see within players. It brings joy to me to see people going out of their way to bring joy to others. And last time I checked, joy is a good thing! 

In order to earn this star, basically, you need a big heart. There are no "direct" or "exact" requirements to earning the Orange Star. I will be monitoring chat, scanning it for random acts of generosity. These will mostly be found in the market, though there can be some in global chat as well. Now, since I obviously will not be available to scan the chat 24/7, I am also giving the option for you to send me screenshots via forum private message. These screenshots would show conversations between you and another player, displaying generosity towards that player.

This is one of the many forms of generosity. Displaying this behavior will increase your chances of receiving the Orange Star. Obviously, with this kind of screenshot, another screenshot would be needed, showing the details of the transaction. The confirmation email you receive when a listing is sold is a prime example of transaction proof.

Generosity, however, does not only attribute to market related scenarios. By this, I mean you can be generous without having to give away anything. For example, if during my scanning of chat, I see you assisting a newer player in an outstanding fashion, that will also boost your chances.

Something else that will GREATLY increase your chances of earning an Orange Star; Hosting a giveaway. These are some of the biggest displays of generosity. If a giveaway is going to be hosted, advertise it and private message me the link to the thread. Not only will this show generosity, but it shall display the quality of being organized.

You will not know your progress in earning the Orange Star until you have earned it. If you do earn an Orange Star, I recommend you don't stop there. The players with 3 Orange Stars will be recognized as some of the most generous players in the AirMech community.

Rules and conditions for earning the Orange Star of Generosity:

  1. You are not allowed to be generous to a smurf, or someone who will give the items right back to you. If you are caught using a smurf as the player you are being generous to, you will be exposed as a liar, and banned from earning the Orange Star.
  2.  A player can have a maximum of 3 Orange Stars.
  3. You cannot sell or trade Orange Star codes. If you do so, you will become banned from receiving Orange Stars.
  4. Asking for an Orange Star will hinder your progress of earning one.


One of the 11 Stars required to own the Star Badge


Orange Star N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Orange Star

Description: One of the many Star pets! These special rewards cannot be purchased, do not drop, and cannot be sold. They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters. Each color is available from a different person, though that person may change over time. Begging for Stars is a sure way to never be awarded one.

More information can probably be found on the AirMech Wiki.

Attributes: N/A

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