To assign orders to individual units you must pick them up.

E: Same order as last

  • Repeats last order given.
    • Orders
    • Capture Order
    • Link Command
    • Patrol Command

C: Hold PositionEdit

  • Makes the unit stay where it is.

T: Capture StructureEdit

  • The default infantry order. When given this order, units will move towards the closest enemy/neutral outpost clear out enemies found there.
  • If the outpost is successfully captured, the unit(s) will remain and guard it until further orders are given.
  • While carrying units with this order, an arrow will be displayed showing where the unit will attempt to attack if released.

Y: Attack Enemy FortressEdit

  • Units will go straight for the enemy fortress, not stopping anywhere until they reach it. Units will prioritize fortress over all other units and mechs, even if they are attacked. They will attack units and mechs that are in range along the way, though.

F: Link to Unit.Edit

  • Links the unit you're holding to a unit you're hovering over.
  • Alternatively can Shift+Right click to assign a unit to link to before dropping the linked unit.
  • Can link multiple units to one.
  • If the leading unit is destroyed, its orders are given to the units linked to it.

G: Patrol Area.Edit

  • Shift+Right click (holding unit with patrol order): set patrol marker.
  • Right click (holding unit): clicking on order icons gives order to unit without dropping it.
  • Once set, the unit will follow the markers performing its natural actions (healing, shooting) while it moves about.
  • Can set multiple units on the same patrol path quickly by using repeat order.

Mass CommandEdit

To order a large number of units at once, press Ctrl on PC by default, and B on Xbox One / 360. This highlights units beneath you.You cannot assign orders to turrets, artillery, some infantry, or any immobile units.

Command Mode Edit

Refer to Insomniac311's guide to command mode here.