Overtime damage is an old game function, removed in late 2013. The new end-game damage system, Domination Damage, was added in version 23813.0. All the information on this page is outdated, but some of the strategies are still valid for Domination Damage.

After 25 minutes of the game you're playing has passed, both teams' Fortresses start taking damage. This damage is known as overtime damage and is meant to end games that people drag out - mainly when players "turtle" (camp at base with tons of units surrounding). Amount of damage you take is dependent on how many Outposts you control. The damage is calculated as such: 50/sec *the number of Outposts the enemy owns/the total number of Outposts on the map. Therefore the total and maximum damage a fort can take is 50, and that is only if the enemy owns every outpost on the map. The more Outposts you have in possession, the less overtime damage you take. This is to ensure that games don't last an eternity. Here is a list of things you should and shouldn't do.


  • Don't panic
  • Don't send every unit in a desperate push. A small push is acceptable, but avoid sending everything in desperation (unless your fortress is almost destroyed and this is your last resort).
  • Don't Turtle your fortress if it is not receiving damage from an enemy unit.
  • Don't complain or rage quit.


  • Do send a moderate tank push. This will also allow you to capture some Outposts. Sending a large tank rush will waste time.
    Itzpower Mnob Viper6 v Skykingsix Ununoctio Awsomezoo09 Thar PvP33:05

    Itzpower Mnob Viper6 v Skykingsix Ununoctio Awsomezoo09 Thar PvP

    A demonstration of a well conducted overtime win

  • Do divide your team into roles. The quickest mech should start capping Outposts, the strongest mech should tank drop or attack the fortress, and the last should protect their own fortress.
  • Do watch the minimap, as Outposts can change ownership quickly, and having the most Outposts is the primary goal when in overtime.
  • Do help your teammates when they request it, and respond as quickly as possible.

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