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Patch notes are currently available in-game by using the Field Guide button. (A book with a ? on it.)

The patch notes below are an archive of the updates up to #200.
More recent patch notes may be added here in the future.

Update #200 - Build 33178, February 10th, 2015 Edit

It's hard to believe we're at update number 200--or maybe it's not for those who have been following our progress over the years. Continuing our revamp of old systems that just don't make sense anymore, we've turned our attention to the Hangar. It's midway through the redo, but seems stable enough to release for feedback and bug hunting. Things like Unit selection haven't been started yet, as we want to improve that quite a bit too. 

Currently the loadout save slots still work for the entire army configuration, but we are considering revising that. Having the units have their own loadout set, and the mech have it's own feels like it would make more sense. In this design, each base AirMech class will have saved loadouts for the Parts, and changing a skin won't change your Parts as it does now. We've stubbed in a bit of this new UI but it doesn't function yet. 

We're also testing out the idea of having "Pro" AirMech loadouts that don't have the current level requirements for Parts. Every Pro loadout will have 100 points from the start, and won't gain any more. These will be the loadouts you use for PvP to ensure a level playing field. This also will let us uncap the PvE Loadouts which can get more and more Parts and keep the current level progression. 

AirMech Frames is something we've been preparing the art for a while now. Each AirMech class has 7 Frame components, and you will be able to combine them (in the future) and also use them for special Nanoforge conversions. We'll be detailing that more in a future patch, but we're going to start dropping them so that people have them in hand once we are ready to go live with the changes. 

General Updates:

  • updated Hangar UI  
  • AirMech frames starting to drop  
  • improve referral entry/dialog for new players  
  • various performance optimization work 
  • new art for team color tiles 
  • descriptions added for leaderboard badges 

Bug Fixes:

  • various pathing bugfixes 
  • update end game messaging when spectating
  • some performance improvements to 'high' graphics quality setting 
  • fix friend icons in the friends dialog (for solo ingame and lobby states) 
  • bugfix for spamming start when going into a survival match 
  • fixed air DPS on stat cards for T99 and T45

Balance Changes: Edit

  • fix Bucky missile range (after missile speed reduction) 
  • Ratchet Heal Rate: 50 -> 45 
  • Ratchet Armor: 75->70 
  • Honeypot Armor: 65 -> 75

Update #199.1 - Build 32962, February 5th, 2015 Edit

Just a minor update to fix some bugs and add in a new "Very Low" graphics setting. We updated and improved the original 3 settings, but underestimated the number of people with older hardware. We didn't want to leave them unable to play with 60fps, so we added a new setting just for that. Note that the game looks pretty terrible with no shadows! Only use it if you really need to. AirMech runs great on most computers as it is. 

General Updates Edit

  • new 'Very Low' graphics setting (disables shadows)

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed unit/ability hotkeys display 
  • fix position of compose message box for accounts that can't attach stuff to mails 
  • fixed a tutorial bug which allowed players to be out of view during the capture demonstration 
  • fixed a rare desync bug

Update #199 - Build 32904 February 4th, 2015 Edit

Year of the Goat is upon us!

Happy Year of the Goat everyone! The Chinese celebrations have so much character to them that time and time again players really enjoy them. We gave them Christmas, and they give us New Year's events with fun themes--12 different animals, and fun things like Red Envelopes. So much stuff to give out!

We're also switching out the gift with purchase to something fitting the New Year theme--the Silver Ram Head! Named silver to represent wealth, we almost renamed it since it is only silver for the blue team--that's right, it has full teamcolor support! And if that wasn't enough, it also gives +8% Kudos when worn ingame! What skin do you think will go best with it?

The new Decay map continues to get tweaks to make it more playable, and the basic editor features should be restored now so you can at least mess around a bit in Sandbox mode.

General Updates:Edit

  • update render quality settings for in game shadows
  • some various particle effects updates

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fixes to editor mode (still under development)
  • smooth spectator camera movement improvements
  • various fixes to the new Decay map
  • fix so left and right mouse buttons can be remapped
  • some bug fixes to squad movement
  • fixed name links in outgoing mail
  • fixed XP award on Baloom and Hero

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Bombs cost: 1200 -> 1400
  • Bucky missile speed: 19 -> 15

Update #198 - Build 32770 January 31st, 2015 Edit

Testing a new map: Decay!

We wanted to test out some wider ramps and our test got a bit out of control--it turned into a whole new map named Decay. While this is mainly a layout test, it does have it's own look to it and we might go with a nuclear dump theme. Once the layout is finalized, we'll pretty it up as we have done for the other maps. Give it a try!

Diamond VIPs haven't had a bonus gift in a while, so we're going to make it up to them by giving all DVIPs a free Void Eagle. It will eventually be craftable, but we'll let them bask in the awesomeness of this new pet for a little while. It's instantly become my favorite, with or without a matching Void Mech.

Lots of big changes being discussed on the forums these days, be sure to stop by and join in the conversations. As we approach the end of beta, we're finalizing what's going to be in the game at release, and what to focus on and finish up for that. What do you think that should be?

Discuss in the forums:

General Updates:Edit

  • new Diamond Roll badge for super high rollers
  • new Leaderboard badges (3 tiers)
  • new map for testing: Decay (select in Solo or Custom PvP)
  • chatbanned players can no longer view Global or Market chat

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fixed Void Eagle not showing in-game
  • location button is no longer hidden while refreshing latency

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Auto-deploy cooldown reduced from 4 to 2.5 seconds
  • no XP award for auto-deployed units (XP awarded for picking up from Fort/Outpost)


Update #197 - Build 32671 January 28th, 2015 Edit

Leaderboard Badges!

Wondering what to do with all those Chips? You can craft PvP rewards! There will be more coming, as well as PvE rewards, but the first test is to make the Cardinal Bird and make sure everything is working as intended.

The tricky thing to get to craft the Cardinal Bird is actually the Red Paint--you need to have the PvP badge awarded to the top PvP players to even purchase it, similar to how the high level Dice pets work. So you can make progress toward crafting PvP items slow or fast since the top 25 players get Chips, but you'll need to reach the top 5 to get the badge and purchase your paint--at least that's the plan. Be sure to let us know of bugs with it!

More changes have been handed down from the Council, so anyone looking for those artillery tweaks you'll be happy.

General Updates:Edit

  • Special badge for top ranked PvP and PvE players each week (resets weekly)
  • Cardinal Bird now craftable (Bird Frame, 5x Chip, Red Paint)
  • Bird Frame can be purchased in the Shop, or crafted with 8x Chip and one Alloy
  • Red Paint now available to those with PvP leaderboard badge!
  • Player Market level restriction set to 50 for non-VIPs
  • drop rates increased for all players
  • AI difficulty levels must be unlocked via pilot quests
  • add snow effect to Nesthorn
  • add dust effect to Dust

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fixed missing strings on Toy Sled
  • fixed name alignment in-game
  • fixed a bug with AI difficulty selection in multiplayer games
  • fixed a couple of desync bugs
  • fixed some bugs with unit orders not always issuing correctly
  • disabled votekick in ranked/unranked PvP

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Auto-deploy has a 4 second cooldown now
  • Hero move speed increased from 5 to 10
  • Hero build time decreased from 10 to 6.5
  • SkyEye no longer appears on enemy radar
  • Arty blast falloff radius decreased from 2.5 - 7 to 1.5 - 6
  • Archy blast falloff radius increased from 1.5 - 3.5 to 2 - 3.5
  • Arty shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
  • Archy shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
  • Bertha kinetic damage decreased from 200 to 180
  • Bertha shot damage decreased from 225 to 202
  • Joker movement speed increased from 7 to 8

Version 32518 January 24th, 2015 Edit

A maintenance patch for you this time, fixing some bugs reported by the community, and some additional cleanup work continued from the previous patch

But there's a ton of balance changes! More hard work from the Airmech Council taking your suggestions,, debating them in their secret enclave, and passing the sacred numbers to the Carbon team. Love the changes? Thank them! Hate the changes? Leave (polite) feedback on the fourms--your voice does get heard!

General Updates:Edit

  • updated level-up UI to not show for spectators
  • quest icons added for new Saucer quests
  • collection sets updated

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fixed mouse wheel scroling on mail UI
  • fix for Alienware Bundle promo art
  • fixed "Next Level" text overlapping shoulder buttons on Endgame screen
  • fixed the main menu not always clearing after a MP game
  • fix for inbox/outbox transitions
  • fix missing pfx on Liberty Booster
  • fix Double XP promo placement

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Warthog weapon increased from 50 to 60
  • Neo move speed while firing penalty decreased by 10%
  • Neo cloak efficiency increased by 20%
  • Neo cloak energy soak from damage removed
  • Neo ground DPS increased 210 to 230
  • Bucky missile Accuracy increased
  • Angel carry capacity decreased from 2660 to 2360
  • Removed air speed reduction while healing on Osprey
  • Baloom weapon increased from 75 to 100
  • Baloom shot damage decreased from 750 to 650
  • Baloom move speed increased from 10 to 13
  • Baloom carry weight increased from 850 to 1200
  • Fixer mine disarm time decreased from 5 to 3
  • Patcher mine disarm time decreased from 8 to 4
  • Ratchet mine disarm time decreased from 8 to 5
  • Honeypot mine disarm time decreased from 5 to 4
  • Skyeye hit points increased from 275 to 650
  • SKyeye vision range increased form 26 to 32
  • Skyeye radar vision range increased from 26 to 32
  • Skyeye build cost decreased from 5000 to 1500
  • Skyeye build time decreased from 8 to 4

Version 32277 January 17th, 2015Edit

Ultimate Invasion We have THREE new Ultimates for you this patch, and one of the most requested skins: BlackOps Warthog! And a new cosmetic Unit variant: the Beppo Probe! Yes, the stuff of legends has come to life and roams the battlefield. Beware!

You'll probably notice a bunch of UI tweaks and improvements. All part of our ongoing process to make the UI much better. Many of the things in this patch relate to organization of the UI, preparing us to dig down and next get into updating things like the Hangar and Lobby with some long overdue changes. Bit by bit, closer and closer to feeling good about exiting beta!

As you probably know, AirMech is also available on Xbox as AirMech Arena. As part of our ongoing efforts to support that platform, we made a lot of performance optimizations to the game which should also benefit PC players. Some of these things could create bugs, which is why this recent patch/test cycle was quite long. We feel things are in a good spot but we won't know for sure until we have a full patch in the live build. If bugs pop up, they are easy to fix--let us know about them though! Crashes or desyncs are key for us to know about, though most of that is automated--just make sure you restart the game at least once after any of those events happen to you.

Lots of smaller things that have been requested for a while are in this patch, such as the "Do Not Disturb" mode which you can turn on by hovering over your player picture in the lower left. Currently it lasts just an hour while we test it out. You can also now add friends by typing their name into the Friends search box in the Friends panel. Try it out!

Note that we are switching over to the number of released patches instead of the raw version number so it's easier to follow the progress of AirMech. Hard to believe update 200 is coming soon!

General UpdatesEdit

  • BlackOps Warthog released! And yes it looks amazing.
  • Ultimate Shooter is here for all your long range annihilation wishes
  • Ultimate Jackal now available as a general purpose terror unit
  • Ultimate Probe is, well, what do you think it is?
  • Beppo Probe is science gone horribly wrong (it's craftable soon!)
  • make using Nanoforge plans have the same usage flow as other items
  • new UI at the top for using Auto-Deploy (for game modes that support it)
  • add more fortress bunkers to maps (chasm, salt, sandrim)
  • performance updates and improvements!
  • party invites message the gamemode now
  • added an initial 'do not disturb' system (hover over player portrait)
  • cleared out a few choke points on Sandrim
  • add '250 Diamonds' Nanoforge recipe (2000 Diamonds + Diamond Tester = 8x 250 Diamonds)
  • add support for rarity colored content link tags (crate descriptions)
  • new alternate units: Hellstorm Devastator, Fine Shooter, Goliath Aggressor
  • bunkers added to close outposts on Crater
  • removed Diamond Roll (3 Pack) from Level 100 quest

Menu UpdatesEdit

  • top menu bar now useable in all areas including Lobby
  • home menu now has Message of the Day and completed Quests shortcut
  • patchnotes now shown on homepage until they are read
  • can now invite Friends from the Friends menu (type in name)
  • shortcut to bring up Promos from menu home (by request)
  • leaderboards is now a floating menu like the others
  • Faction Charter now links to the Field Guide when used
  • mail UI redesigned with controller support

Bug FixesEdit

  • fix bug with guardian filtering in new inventory UI
  • fix sales price displays in some currencies
  • fixes to Void AirMech skin rendering
  • bug fix for spectators cycling loadout slots and accessing chat
  • fix firing animations and rates of turrets placed on pads
  • a number of fixes related to the content 'try out' mode
  • many fixes for the Quest Log
  • fixed issues on Spiral and Chasm where AirMechs would dip below kill plane
  • fixed an issue where units wouldn't path to top Outpost on Spiral
  • fix for units pathing to the wrong side of the middle outpost on Chasm
  • fix spectator unit count symbols to also count fliers
  • bug fix for loadout/part saving not working
  • fixed a bug where units following paths will not trigger mines
  • fixed endgame stats not appearing after a completed solo match
  • fix for latency warning tooltip being replaced by a recently viewed tooltip
  • fixed Ultimate Moneymaker and Ultimate Generator having wrong scale/animations when being auto-deployed
  • fixed Drop icon not showing up at end of game
  • fixed an issue where AirMech could get stuck when transforming on Salt
  • fixed Ultimate Boost status icons not hiding

Balance ChangesEdit

  • make Hero better at healing AirMechs
  • more coming after the patch is live/stable

Version 30781.5 December 2nd, 2014 Edit

Alpha Striker Stock Split

On December first we initiated a very special event in AirMech, though most people wouldn't have noticed anything different. Every person who owned an Alpha Striker should now find that they have double their previous count. If you had one, now you have two. If you had three (for whatever crazy reason) now you have 6. We did this as a solution to the Alpha Striker becoming almost too rare and valuable to be sold, in a way that preserves the value for anyone who has one.

Just to be clear, this is not an extra one for Alpha Bundle owners--it's a duplicate of the actual Alpha Striker in player inventories. So if you sold yours, you won't get another. And if you bought one but don't have the Alpha Bundle, you will now have two.

During the start of this process we blocked Alpha Strikers from being listed on the Player Market as a precaution. We have now re-enabled them. Please remember that scamming high value items will result in being banned from the Player Market or worse. We also do not allow and cannot support "trading" of any kind, inside the game or out.

Changes to Scrapping things

We realized that the calculation to Scrap items (with the Scrapper and Nanoforge) didn't always give Scrap that made sense according to the value, especially for higher value things. Also, lots of things could be scrapped that didn't make sense--are Donuts really made of metal? We redid the way this works, and now you will get the proper amount of Alloy, Fine Scrap, and Scrap for anything that it makes sense to Scrap.

When you use the Check Recipe button, it will now give you printout of what exact Scrap types you will get. And a reminder that the new Nanoforge link on the new Inventory page doesn't seem to work right, so use /forge in the Info tab as the quickest way to open the working version of it.

We'll also be adding a way to break down things like Alloy into Fine Scrap and Scrap in the future, don't worry. There will be more things to do with it as well!

Diamond Cans: no they aren't a way to craft Diamonds.

We added a way to use the Nanoforge to "pull" Diamonds off of your account and put them in a Container as a more straightforward way to transfer Diamonds to another player. Using a Diamond Tester, and some Scrap, and you actually have enough Diamonds, you can put them into a Can of various sizes. For now these sizes are '500, 2000, and 5000'.

You might start to see 'Diamond Cans' show up on the Player Market. This is a temporary oversight since we can't block them from the Market without also blocking them from being Mailed. I would suggest not buying them on the Market, unless they are below the listed value of course. Any player will be able to make Diamond Cans in the future. For now, DVIPs were given a free Diamond Tester each to help us test, but it will be made available shortly.

Seekers and Stingers balance pass.

The Stinger was introduced to let us tone down the Seeker a bit, while making sure players who wanted to use it defensively still had a solid option. The combination of excellent AA abilities with the survivability and locomotion of a tank really just makes the Seeker too good. It's actually one of the oldest units in the game, and wasn't designed taking into account how many different types of units would eventually be available.

From a high level, imagine that due to the reduced space and weight allowance of the tank chassis, the missiles it carries are somewhat less effective than a big stationary turret. This is what drives the changes we are making to these units and the roles they will play in the game. I think some people might just switch to the Stinger and find it better for them, while others still prefer the mobility of the Seeker. Now we have options, and a bit better balance.

Some of these changes also reflect updated AirMech speeds and armor, which have evolved over time but we haven't done much to missiles. So T99 is getting some tweaks, and T45 too. The Seeker is getting the biggest rework--definitely give them a good try to understand what the sum of the changes mean for the unit. The goal is to put it back in it's original intended role instead of becoming a borderline abusable unit.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • All unit missile speeds reduced by 5%
  • All unit missile lifespans reduced by 20%
  • Seeker firing range reduced by 15%
  • Seeker firing rate increased by 33%
  • Seeker reload time increased by 33%
  • Seeker missile piercing increased by 15%
  • Seeker missile damage reduced by 20%
  • T99 missile damage increased by 33%
  • T45 missile damage increased by 25%
  • T45 regular shot damage decreased by 5%
  • T45 regular shot piercing increased by 50%


Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Octoberfest items added to VIP Shop

Discuss this update in the forums:

Version 30781 November 30th, 2014 Edit

Work in Progress: Map Editor and UI Updates

One of the big things we want to finish before exiting beta is the replacement of the main UI. Honestly, it's a mess, as we've continually added features to it while ignoring that it's harder and harder to understand for new users. We're about at that point where we want to start organizing it, and the first bits of this you can see with a new Friends movable menu and a movable Inventory menu. Both are considered "in progress" but we're excited to bit by bit move everything off of the old UI so we can finally present a clean fresh (final?) UI ahead of exiting Beta.

Another big feature we've wanted is the Map Editor, and we debated internally if we should even show people at this point. But since Prime users get the Map Editor no matter what when it's finished, we might as well let you see it as we're working on it--but yes we know there's a ton of bugs and incomplete things. Expect to see progress on this every patch.

You'll also see a reference to Sandbox Mode if you are Prime, and this feature will probably be coming to VIP players when complete. Instead of a full editor, it will focus on letting you move and duplicate units while you pause the game, then resume it and play from there. We may add more more features to it, with the goal to be a fun thing to mess around with in solo games, while doing full map editing will be reserved for Prime owners.

Feedback from players has led to a new unit being created, the Stinger! We're in the middle of rebalancing the Seeker and having a similar unit that's not mobile gives us some options to create some interesting choices. There's other balance tweaks which have come from the community, see below for full details.


  • New Unit: Stinger - anti-AirMech missiles on a turret chassis, by player request!
  • New Pet: Tombstone - ThyTombstone's requested BDVIP Pet
  • Extremely Alpha version of 'Map Editor' enabled for Prime owners (pause the game in any Solo match)
  • Endgame now shows XP progress toward next level
  • 2 new Coop leaderboards
  • updated to end game UI. Drops can now be inspected by clicking on the drop in the end game screen
  • new Friends dialog/UI
  • new inventory UI (work in progress, old one still available)
  • FX polish work on Saucer abduction effect
  • new Quests - Saucer deathray usage, Neo stasis blast usage
  • other various polish FX work
  • performance optimization work on renderer
  • fixing tree collision on Vale and Duel

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix for flier units not showing up in the shop
  • fixes to units getting stuck at auto deploy locations
  • fix to transform time stat modifiers
  • don't update chat UI while mouse button is held (help with name clicking)
  • fix graphics change notification UI
  • some visibility fixes to unit health bar rendering

Balance Changes:Edit

  • fix velocity of missiles fired by AirMech when moving
  • Archy: direct damage: 150->160, blast damage: 110->100, blast range decreased
  • Arty: blast damage range increased, Weapon: 75->65
  • remove move speed penalty from Brutes while firing
  • double Fortress energy capacity
  • reduce AirMech vs unit damage by 5.4%

Discuss this update on the forums:

Version 30442 November 14th, 2014 Edit

Flying Units and Auto-Deploy Feature!

Today is the day! It's been a long time coming, but we're ready to start testing air units with the public! We're starting with support and defensive units because we want to make sure the basics are working before we unleash offensive/attack air units. They're very much "alpha" at this point, but with everyone using them I'm sure we'll be able to get them balanced and bug free pretty fast. Let's see how you can abuse them!

As big if not bigger news is the Auto-Deploy feature. Expanding on the new pathing feature (press V to draw a path for your units to follow), we decided to experiment with having it auto-create some paths for you...from the nearest structure you control! Press N, and the closest Bunker to your position (even if far away) will become an Auto-Deploy point. Now if you build some Jackals, they will roll out on their own with the Capture order. So if you're on the ground trying to take an outpost in mech form, you can press N and then 1-8 to call for reinforcements! The game can be played quite differently now if you enjoy staying in mech mode.

We also have the new Diamond Bundles live which we have been discussing on the forums for a while. The old Booster Packs will be going away, as these new Diamond Bundles are more like them since they just give you Diamonds and nothing else. We'll be introducing other bundles with the Rare Capsules, VIP Tickets, and Gold VIP for those who want them, but the first step was to pull them out so you're not being forced to take them--and you'll get more Diamonds now as a result.

What else? Thanksgiving content is here, plus the usual dose of bug fixes, random improvements, and balance changes you know are always coming. There's some huge changes due to the Flying Units and Auto-Deploy, so we really want to hear your feedback in the forums ( on what you like and what you don't like about everything!


  • New Air Unit: Hero - floats in the air and heals nearby units
  • New Air Unit: Baloom - airborn magnetic mine, designed to latch onto AirMechs and explode on contact!
  • New Air Unit: Skyeye - weak, and no weapons, this unit will give you a large radar vision range
  • New Unit Auto Deploy feature. Press N and the nearest Outpost Bunker will become an Auto Deploy node. Units in your build queue will deploy from that node automatically. Press V over an Outpost Bunker to create an Auto Deploy node and path.
  • New option to display Health Bars and Numbers on units. Can be toggled on and off in the Settings Menu (by default bars are on and numbers are off)
  • Thanksgiving content is now available!
  • New Diamond Bundles with simplified content/pricing available. You can click your Diamonds at the top of the screen as a secret shortcut to the purchase page!
  • Winter Crates are now dropping
  • New Gameplay options available for Custom Games. Click the Gear Icon in the bottom left corner to enable Hyper Mode and set PIN for Spectators
  • Blast damage rating is now shown in the unit stats
  • Update how Booster fuel consumption works so it won't burn fuel when you are stationary
  • You can now have up to 6 items in your build queue
  • Flying Loco Pet now available, inspired by Serkhan!
  • Plus Serkhan's Loco, a special variant available EXCLUSIVELY as this month's DVIP free bonus!
  • A whole bunch of new effects work and polish
  • Fix environment mapping on low and medium graphics levels, and other render performance improvements
  • Show unit blast damage on the unit information cards

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix so Necros won't rez Mines and Bear Traps
  • Fixed issue with some ground units not being able to fire at airborne AirMechs in the last patch

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Butcher HP reduced to 450 from 500
  • Butcher chance to dodge shots set to 0%
  • Bertha deploy speed 20% slower
  • Booster no longer drains energy when not moving

Discuss in the forums:

AirMech Version 30086.0 November 1st, 2014 Edit

Void Mechs, Void Crates, and Crafting!

Fancy yourself a Void Striker? How about a Void Bomber? At last you can! The rare Void Crate is now dropping, containing plans to build all 9 Void Mechs!


  • Void AirMech variants!
  • Crater updated with new art assets
  • Salt updated with some new terrain design
  • New path mechanic. Press "V" on the Keyboard or "R3" (push in Right Stick) on controller to build a path that units will follow
  • Updated in-game "Max credits" and "Max Upkeep" message so they won’t appear when the "Subtle Game Message" option is turned on in Settings
  • Updated hangar art for the Ultimate Striker
  • New mouse icon now appears for clickable external website links
  • Hotkey UI has been updated to show button shortcuts for building Units/Abilities
  • Ultimate Samson roll has returned

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where mass selection commands would sometimes not work when using the controller
  • Fix issue with AI not landing when trying to approach an enemy unit from air
  • Fix for long range infantry stopping to fire on outposts when too far away
  • Fix so Infantry on outpost pads don't get group selected
  • Fix mine arm state delay for 2 seconds when Boomer is released from an APC (was too short due to a bug)

Balance Updates:Edit

  • Updated so Infantry are the only unit type that can latch to Outpost doors
  • Buckies can not fire at air target, but can still attack AirMechs on the ground
  • Heavy Mine now have a 7 second arm delay, and light mines have 1.5 second
  • Morty HP and weapon slightly reduced
  • Slight increase to time reclaimable debris will persist on the map

AirMech Version 29731.0 October 18th, 2014 Edit

Leaderboards, Gothic Set Complete, Balance!


  • New Neo Variant: Gothic Neo
  • First Pass at Leaderboards - work in progress and will be more developed in future patches. Share you ideas on the forums!

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the Nexus Paladin cargo pod wouldn’t appear when picking up units
  • Fixed a bug where units could be placed on the scaffolding on Thar
  • Fixed a bug where searching items in the Player Market would show gift-wrapped items
  • Fix for dropping/lifting units on mines to trigger them
  • Fix for AI ignoring Butcher (and sometimes other units attacking their fortress)
  • Fix Fat Bat link
  • Make the Glass Canister properly display as a consumable item
  • Bug fix for ordering unit groups while holding group select
  • Potential crash bug fix in some uncommon rendering code
  • Bug fix for some AirMechs with extreme slower movement loadout penalties moving slower than they should

Balance Updates:Edit

  • Increase Death Ray energy use by 15%
  • Reduce AirMech DPS and HP bonuses for leveling up to 3% per level (down from 5%)
  • Reduce area of damage for Morty's grenades
  • Reduce blast damage on death of Morty and Flamer by half
  • Mines now trigger instantly when a unit is dropped on them
  • Mine arm time increased to 3 seconds

AirMech Version 29340.1 October 4th, 2014 Edit

Assassin temporary nerf

We discovered that the Assassin can be exploited in ways it wasn't originally intended to be used, so we've made some fixes and tweaks to the behavior. That will require a client patch, which we're not quite ready to do yet. So for now, we're having to nerf it pretty hard until we do patch. So don't take this as a permanent change, it's just a bandaid. You can still use the Assassin to stealth capture things the same as before, it's the "other" things that he'll be kind of useless for, at least for a few days.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Assassin temporarily costs 1000 (up from 600)
  • Assassin's melee damage reduced to 40 (down from 80)

AirMech Version 29340 October 1st, 2014 Edit

Small bugfix patch

Just a small but potentially important patch we wanted to get out there. Hope everyone is enjoying Oktoberfest! We have one of the most popular seasons coming up...Halloween! And I believe we have a new Pilot coming...


  • if using gamepad to play, pressing Enter to chat works better now
  • possibly fixed a rare desync bug
  • fix for missing Bot Spawner Trial unit
  • some performance optimization work
  • fixes for glow pass rendering
  • new controls setup UI
  • make 'Pickup' only pickup, and add 'Set Down' control binding

AirMech Version 29207 September 25th, 2014 Edit

Oktoberfest Toast to TotalBiscuit

This marks the first time we celebrate Oktoberfest in AirMech! The massive fair in Germany is now celebrated around the world in many different ways, but the most important thing about it is FUN! There's usually beer too, if your local laws are OK with that kind of thing. You'll find a nice selection of Oktoberfest themed treats to collect for a limited time.

We are honored to add TotalBiscuit to the roster of AirMech Pilots. He also earned a skin design through referrals, and he'll be picking his favorite mech once we exit beta, but for now we'll make due with his Tophat and beautiful chiseled face.

This patch also includes new code for estimating connections to game servers. We've been focusing on this the past week, making as many changes as we could just on the server side of things, but the final pieces required some client changes. Then, after we're sure most of the clients have patched, we'll flip the final switch on the server and (fingers crossed) get much more accurate data for what player performance will be on servers, and everyone should have better games as a result.

We'll be reviewing data over the next week to see how these changes are working out. Nothing is ever finished in AirMech until it's working right, so hang in there while we work the bugs out. We are confident this is the right path, and we have more insight into the strange cases that would let some players sneak into games they shouldn't be in.

Definitely leave us feedback in the forums, and keep reading threads there for updates as we work on it!


  • Oktoberfest event and content!
  • Gothic Osprey released!
  • extensive patch on matchmaking and server connectivity systems
  • display historical latency data on the world map UI
  • block players with no good server connectivity from entering online matches
  • require player invites to share compatible server regions
  • updating latency detection system for better
  • add lagging player's name to game server 'waiting' message
  • added new 'fun stat': Darkness
  • new part Gothic Core
  • added option to hide the in game orders menu
  • automatic Diamond Roll when you are in game with Gold VIP status!

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix (enable) vote kicking in custom games
  • some adjustments to squad movement to reduce unit groups getting hung up/stuck
  • no longer clear party chat history on each map change
  • add messaging when linking an email account

Balance Changes:Edit

  • AirMech turn rate while firing increased (kind of a big deal)
  • Seeker missile lifetime decreased a bit
  • Aegis fire rate increased by 50%
  • Frank now has -6% Air Speed

AirMech Version 29085 September 19th, 2014 Edit

BlackOps Paladin, better in-game chat, and bugfixes!

There's a lot of bugfixes in this patch, and some finishing up of ingame chat so it's at least back to where it was before, with some improvements. The "reply" bug for game mail is fixed, and we also added Faction name to the profile card when you click on a player's name.

There is one significant change for new players with PvP matchmaking. While we are working on actual leagues, 1v1 is a less popular mode except for two groups: pros, and new players. This did not work well since new players often make the mistake of trying to go into 1v1 first, and match up against a high level player. The new player gets stomped, and the pro doesn't get much elo benefit, so no one is happy.

Now if you are under level 10, and you click on PvP, you will be put into 3v3. There's no hard restrictions on game mode however, so a friend can invite a low level player into a Custom game, or a 2v2 if it's available. We also made it so if you have VIP you can bypass this restriction, but it's not meant as an upsell. If you are low level, please just play 3v3 until you have a really good grasp of the game.

We now send ingame mail with winnings from Diamond Rolls. This gives you a more personal note from the roller, allowing you to properly give them a good report or thank them with a reply. It also opens the door for us to do auto-rolls while ingame! We'll start this as a test for Prime and may extend it to VIPs, we're not sure yet. We didn't want to have auto-rolls when you don't know who to thank, and this mail process solves that. Remember you must OPEN the mail to get the Diamonds!


  • BlackOps Paladin released
  • a variety of fixes to the in game chat system
  • added badge and faction name to player card UI
  • ingame mail sent for Diamond Roll winnings
  • new player PvP options restricted to 3v3

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix for gamemail reply bug
  • some fixes for graphical screen tearing issue

Balance Changes:Edit

  • neutral unit positioning tweak to Twin Peaks

Discuss in the forums:

AirMech Version 28848 September 11th, 2014 Edit

Gothic Striker! Return of Tryout mode!

The new Try Out feature was causing a bug with loading screens not being cleared going into games, but that's now been fixed and re-enabled. We see a lot of people like the Try Out feature, getting a chance to see some rare skins/pets in action firsthand. We'll be expanding this in the future with more supported types and info displayed.

Market chat has been blocked for players that can't use the Market yet, meaning under level 10 or non-VIP. Hopefully this should create a nicer marketplace chat where players can be trusted a bit more--but we're still keeping an eye on things.

We're in the process of redoing ingame chat. Since the start of AirMech, ingame chat has been super hacky. We never wanted to get into fixing it because we weren't sure where it would lead. So what you see now is a transitional state, where some things are better and other are not working quite right. Remember you can still chat to all using the / key, since enter/return is being stolen to be used with the new chat. Hopefully by next patch we'll have things more sorted out.


  • Gothic Striker released
  • add bot difficulty button back to solo
  • fix Assassin logic when attacking an enemy fort
  • updating in game chat UI (in progress, remember / can be used to chat)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix for map loading lockup bug
  • fix unit rendering in preview after doing an item tryout
  • various bugfixes to the new content tryout mode
  • fix bug with Striker sword and firing sounds interacting and canceling the firing sounds

Known Issues:Edit

  • ingame mail reply is not working right
  • ingame chat needs / for classic chat

AirMech Version 28738.0 September 8th, 2014 Edit

Gothic Bomber, Market Cleanup There's good news and bad news. The good news is for new players--you now get 500 bonus Diamonds and 1000 bonus Kudos! The bad news is due to excessive scamming and exploiting, we had to implement a restriction for non-VIPs of level 10 to buy things, and level 20 to sell. This shouldn't affect many players, because serious players reach those levels pretty quick. It does make it a much larger investment to attempt to scam someone with a fresh account, so it will hopefully reduce that significantly.

When finishing up the Gothic Bomber we felt that it needed a little something extra, so we made some custom effects for it. We thought they looked so cool we decided to add some to all the Gothic skins.


  • Gothic Bomber is here! One of the most detailed Variants so far.
  • All Gothic Variants have updated particle effects
  • Gothic Badge
  • display of Faction tag in game when playing with faction members
  • new stats for faction games (work in progress)
  • some initial work on better support for Steam Big Picture mode
  • adding player information to player cards (starting with their level)
  • Market access restricted to level 10 (or VIP) and above to purchase things
  • Level 20 (or VIP) required to sell things on the Market
  • Ultimate Fuel has different stats (we'll try to mix it up more often in the future)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix for potential startup crash bug when auth ticket is corrupted
  • correctly hide referral option in social tab at level 5
  • update gamemail to better handle ignored players
  • various fixes to spectators working with new lobby system
  • a bunch more debugging work on potential crash and desync issues
  • fix engine audio on some AirMech classes

Balance Changes:Edit

  • reduction of Neo energy usage when cloaking
  • increase Osprey's speed while using Heal
  • some symmetric fixes to Sandrim and Twin Peaks

Airmech Version 28422.0 August 27th, 2014 Edit

Mini Patch 3 - Revenge of the Patch

We're going for a record! Another patch fixing more things. But look a puppy! And by puppy, I mean Ultimate Striker. Oh yeah.

Since the dawn of time, we've had requests for Ultimate AirMechs. We never really knew how to handle it though, because you can't buy/sell base AirMech classes because of the way experience works on them. It wasn't something we had a good way to deal with, so we never figured out a clean way to sell them. But then we realized that Prime owners already have all the AirMech classes. So it's "safe" to give them Ultimate AirMechs, and make them account bound. So think of them like the existing Prime cheats--we're not really able to sell them, so we'll just put them with Prime. It remains the place we'll put everything that we don't want to figure out how to make a microtransaction version of it.


  • additional desync hunting logic done on the client
  • fix solo game replays when Prime cheats are used
  • some updates to the endgame status display
  • update to faction team tags that appear on the ingame UI
  • various collision fixes for Dust, Salt and Survival maps

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • some potential desync fixes

Airmech Version 28385.0 August 26th, 2014 Edit

Mini Patch 2 - Desync hunting/fixing
W're still in the process of hunting down a few desync bugs, and this patch will give us more useful data to see what that's happening. So just play games, and if you desync know that you are actually helping find it! sorry for the short term inconvenience.

We did manage to sneak in a few fixes and improvements however.


  • added a way to change AI for modes that didn't have an AI slot to toggle
  • additional desync hunting logic done on the client
  • Chat can be minimized by left clicking empty space, then right clicking

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • some potential desync fixes

Airmech Version 28341.0 August 25th, 2014) Edit

Mini Patch - Bugfixes
Just a small patch to fix some pressing issues. We tweaked some messages in the lobbies as well, and added additional tracking info to nail down the exact causes of the desyncs. We expect to get the info we need over the next 24 hours and then hope to have some more longterm fixes.

I also wanted to get some tweaks in for the Paladin. He's been a bit powerful early game, so we wanted to do some things to give him a bit of a downside for all that armor, without a direct nerf to him. So while it seems everything is reduced on it, they aren't all major things, but we hope that together they will balance out well.


  • Improved some of the messaging in the Lobbies referencing the new Queue button
  • use simpler mode selection for gamepad in lobbies
  • added recipe to craft Mooncake Box with 4 Moon Festival Cards

Bug Fixes:Edit

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Paladin HP reduced by 5%
  • Paladin damage vs units reduced by 10%
  • Paladin Shield protection reduced by 10%
  • Paladin ground speed reduced by 15%

Known Issues:Edit

Airmech Version 28323.0 August 22nd, 2014 Edit

Matchmaking Overhaul with New Lobbies!
You might have heard we launched AirMech on Xbox 360 recently--the launch went amazingly smooth! With that out of the way, we really wanted to merge the new Matchmaking systems into PC (called Party2) which changes a whole bunch of things. We intended to do that before launching Xbox, but it was just too much work at the time.

As the PC version was always intended to be the main version of the game with all the latest features and content, it became super important to finish moving the one system that was more advanced on Xbox back to PC, so from here we can go forward with the latest and greatest code.

This is the first of a series of patches, and the focus is mainly to test the new Matchmaking. If you haven't been following the Canary updates, here's a summary:

  • To make a Party, first pick the game type in the Play menu, then Invite players into the empty slots. If you don't invite anyone, it will find others for you.
  • Your Party will stay together after you finish a game! You'll be placed back in a lobby after you win or lose a match.
  • There are no Party leaders--if you don't like someone in your Party, you should leave and create a new Lobby
  • If all humans on one side of a match leave, the game will end! This is something we really wanted for a long time.
  • To change your loadout in the Lobby, right or left click your own name
  • To change modes (parts/units/etc) right click the AirMech image
  • To change bot difficulty, click the bot "name" at the top (Solo 1v1 doesn't have this, but will be fixed next patch)
  • Ignore the prompts for gamepad and click the Queue and Ready buttons as needed. Queue means "get in the matchmaking line" and once all players are found you will be give the option to Ready up

We aren't sure how bug-free the new systems are, but that's what Beta is for. Definitely give us feedback about what is working, what need improving, anything you want in the forums. We really didn't want to continue fixing the old broken system of Party1, so now that we have moved to Party2 we are much more open to expanding and improving it.


  • Updates to AI behaviors for Survival modes with some tweaks to later waves
  • Added two unit wide formations to unit group movement!
  • Gothic Saucer has been added (and on sale for a limited time)
  • Moon Festival Cards are dropping, and all 4 can be crafted into a Mooncake Box using the Nanoforge
  • Moon Rabbit and Mooncake are available for a limited time
  • Part points have been increased for Mk1->Mk4 parts, from +1 to +2 per rarity level
  • Updated some of the secure points for Twin Peaks and Salt
  • Play Menu and Matchmaking UI have been updated
  • Main Menu music will now cycle through 4 different songs from the FLA original soundtrack!
  • Simple has been updated with some new art assets and renamed “Dust”
  • Fixers can now have orders assigned to them
  • Autobuilder (if enabled) will now build abilities as well as units
  • Add faction name to in game UI when teammate is in a common faction - drives new stats!
  • Increase view distance when in free-cam mode

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug on Spiral where the Striker could get out of the level
  • Fixed a bug where the chat window would go offscreen while in spectate mode
  • Fixing an issue with Sonyas sliding long distances when placed next to units
  • Fix Saucer Deathray damage when paused
  • Fixed issues with secure locations on some outposts on Salt
  • Fixed messaging on mail send failures due to mail banned accounts
  • Fixed chat issues with embedded links
  • Some fixes to replay playback
  • Bugfix so recently destroyed AirMechs don't 'block' additional shots
  • Some fixes to position reconciliation (position snapping) of your AirMech in online games

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Turn off AirMech collision damage against fences

Airmech Version 27720.0 July 28th, 2014  Edit


  • New Quest: Practice makes perfect, earned by completing the Daily Login quest 7 times in a row
  • Global Chat UI has been slightly updated. Chat can now be minimized to show only the latest message
  • Updated art for the Striker, Helix, and Paladin Quickcharge Core parts
  • Chat getting reworked a bit for upcoming UI changes

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug on Sandrim where units could get into the rock near the left side Outpost
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the Gold Plating Plans would get duplicated
  • Possibly fix some more desyncs
  • Fog when spectating bug fixed
  • Fix leaving and joining Matchmaking bug

Airmech Version 27625.0 July 18th, 2014 Edit

Some important fixes and one radical change, oh and more new Parts! If you've been playing Canary, you might have noticed some of the radical changes we've been making to how carry works. Previously, carrying more stuff did NOT use more fuel, it only made you go slower, and we made you burn fuel per distance traveled. It pretty much worked, but there were some problems.

For example, we couldn't have things that flew very fast but also burned a lot of fuel, like you might see in real life. Now we can adjust that, and I think it will lead to some interesting variety in the units, and it "feels" good to play with. Balance of course is part of that, and we're in the process (continually) of balancing that.

We are putting out a patch before that balance work is done because we have a very important fix that might solve a large amount of the remaining desync bugs. Plus, we had some bugs with the mail system severe enough that it prevented some players from logging in--so we really want to fix that immediately.

There's other fixes and improvements to the newly brutal AI, and smaller bugfixes we pulled from the forum reports. Definitely let us know what you think of the changes, as it's very much in flux right now and we're interested in opinions from everyone from new and casual players to the hardcore pros. and the best mecha ever is osprey it heals dead unints.

You might notice you have more days than you need for the new Quest. This is just because we were tracking and testing it over the past month. Once you claim it the number should show correct on next login. (claim all the Quests) There's also a bug in the description text. The desire was to give half normal Diamonds and half Locked Diamonds, but it ends up not being possible. Diamonds from it are 100% locked, and the description will be corrected next patch. If you really want some Diamonds from it and you never plan to spend money to get VIP, you could sell it on the Player Market.


  • Safeboxes/Lockboxes/Vaultboxes now generate income interest again when placed on a pad
  • More updates/fixes to AI behavior
  • Enabled Loyalty Capsule repeat login Quest (you've already been earning progress toward it)
  • New Part: Abduction Jammer Mk2
  • New Part: Efficiency Chip Mk2
  • New Part: Efficiency Chip Mk3
  • New Part: Efficiency Chip Mk4
  • New Part: Blueprinted Turbines Mk2
  • New Part: Advanced Minigun Mk2
  • New Part: Advanced Minigun Mk3
  • New Part: Advanced Minigun Mk4
  • New Part: Angel Economy Engine Mk2
  • New Part: Radar Booster Mk2

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed several bugs with the new ingame mail system
  • Fixed some potential desync bugs
  • Fixed a bug so that placing Socketable units on Outposts doors does not activate them

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Significant changes to how carry works ingame for all AirMechs (in the process of being balanced)
  • Increase Fortress Armor by 7%
  • Reduce Piercing of Joker and Jackal by 20%

Airmech Version 27424.0 July 5th, 2014Edit

Beta Bundle is back! After much discussion and negotiation, we have settled on the contents and price to re-release the Beta Bundle for players as we near the end of Beta. All existing owners get free upgrades to the new content, including the amazingly awesome Beta Striker, the second generation of the Alpha Striker. The price is high, at $75, but was arrived at by looking at the price of the Beta Bomber on the Player Market for completed sales. It's average price would be over $45 USD, so adding a second exclusive variant, actually makes this a great deal. And it can only go up in value from here.

Balance! We've been saving up a lot of balance changes for after the tournament, along with a number of changes to attempt to make the game more accessible for new players. Something that might give an initial shock is the reduction of movement speeds in the air. We need to slow these down to give us the headroom to increase lag tolerance. Proportionally, they should all be the same as they were before, and some of the carry speeds should be a bit better.

Pay close attention to the global changes to AirMechs below. They have always had a reduction in damage vs units to balance them out a bit, and we're reducing this value which will make them a lot more deadly vs units. There will be a domino effect here, changing the survivability of almost every unit vs AirMechs. The auto-repair changes are also quite drastic, so make sure you try it out.

Balance Changes:Edit

All AirMechs

  • Lunchboxes on Outposts now are a shield like the Fortress (should work better)
  • remove auto-repair when moving/firing
  • 100% increase to auto-repair rate (after 3 seconds of not moving/firing)
  • note that auto-repair rate is doubled in ground mode (always been this way)
  • reduce all air movement speeds by 10%
  • tweaked carry values for heavy loads to reflect new movement speed
  • increase damage vs units by 30%
  • decrease recharge rate over Outposts by 8%
  • increase turning responsiveness of various AirMechs


  • increase Air DPS by 4%
  • increase Melee DPS by 20% (Melee does not get the +30% buff)
  • increase Armor by 7%
  • decrease Fuel use for Bombs by 30%


  • increase Air DPS by 7%


  • Increase transform to air speed by 10%
  • Increase pistol Piercing damage by 10%


  • Assassin Melee Damage increased by 33%
  • Assassin Build Time reduced by 33%
  • Assassin Movement Speed increased by 11%
  • Joker HP decreased by 4%
  • Joker Piercing Damage increased to 20 from 5
  • Joker DPS reduced by 25%
  • Zipper Piercing Damage doubled
  • Tango Piercing Damage doubled
  • Jackal Piercing Damage increased by 17%
  • Longhorn/Gemini/Goliath/Devastator Movement Speed decreased by 22%
  • Longhorn/Gemini turret rotation speed reduced by 22%
  • Goliath/Devastator turret rotation speed reduced by 17%
  • Grinder rear weak spot added (it is a tank after all)
  • Dinger HP increased 33%
  • Bucky Accuracy increased 33%
  • Seeker missile damage reduced 9%
  • Seeker and T99 missile lifetime reduced 6%
  • T45 Build Time reduced by 25%
  • T45 Build Cost reduced 17%
  • T45 HP reduced 17%
  • VaultBox HP increased 50%
  • Bombs Build Time increased 14%
  • Bombs Cost increased 9%
  • Bombs Carry Weight reduced by 30%
  • Bombs Damage reduced by 7%
  • Bombs Upkeep increased to 1 (from 0)


  • recharge rate decreased (last patch)
  • energy capacity increased (last patch)
  • Armor increased to 50 from 35

AirMech Version 27320.0 July 3rd, 2014Edit

You've got mail! Or is it AirMail? Either way, we're happy to introduce our latest "we never thought we'd add something like this when we started" feature--ingame mail. I'd consider the mail system very "alpha" because it hasn't been tested much, but I expect after getting it in players' hands we will quickly see what needs to be done to finish it off.

There are some rules for mail however. Due to the risk of people abusing the mail system, non-VIPs are only allow to send mail to people on their friends list. We made it cost 10 Kudos to send a message, and 10 Diamonds per attachment. We'll watch the behavior of players and tweak this up or down as needed. As long as you have Silver VIP status you can send mail to anyone, but abuse of the mail system will result in your ability to send mail being cancelled. Players will always be able to receive mail, just not send it.

For our American players, Happy Independence Day! We've turned on our "Liberty" exclusive items, including the Liberty Paladin. He's also backed up by the new Camo Paladin skin which is part of the Military set and has teamcolor support!

Someone ask for new Parts? We have just the thing for you! In preparation for raising the level cap for AirMechs, we're adding some rare parts. These will generally have the "Mk2" distinction, though as we add more we may revise how we present it. Feedback welcome!


  • New Feature: In-Game Mail System for sending and receiving messages between players
  • New Angel Quests: "Spotter", "Hunter", and "Kentucky Windage"
  • Auto builder will now not build units if the player is at 90% of their total Upkeep
  • New Paladin Variant: Camo Paladin
  • New Warthog Variant: Mecha Warthog
  • New Parts: Heavily Armored Engine Mk2
  • New Parts: Titanium Shield Mk2
  • New Parts: Reprogrammer Mk2
  • New Parts: Amplified Heal Beam Mk2
  • New Parts: Agility Hand
  • New Parts: Armored Hand
  • Continued updates to the AI
  • Adjust some of the drop tables
  • Full Force Cards are no longer dropping (the item they will craft is being worked on and will arrive in a future patch)
  • Greatest Matches Cards are now dropping, created by ThyTombstone!

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where AirMechs would sometimes get stuck when transforming on the ledges and scaffolding around the Thar and Rath main bases
  • Fixed a bug where AirMechs would sometimes get stuck when transforming near the broken bunkers on Nesthorn
  • Fixes some position reconciliation bugs in network games, and forced transforms to air on outpost and fortress corners
  • Fixes bugs in the sound system causing sound clipping and playback problems
  • Fixed a bug that doubled the effect of the Credits Earned stat modifier
  • UPDATE: Fix a desync, this is why there's a second patch

AirMech Version 26759.0 June 8th, 2014 Edit

We have made some tweaks to the options available in matchmaking. While we have bigger changes in the works, for now we have disabled 3v3 Matchmaking as it was less popular than 2v2, and harder to get a game together. Fewer options means the games cycle faster, which is what we want right now.

Wishlists are another fun feature related to inventory. Now you can add anything to your Wishlist, no matter if you own it or not. You'll see an icon in the lower left of the inspect window for things that you can use to toggle the status. There is a similar icon shown in the Shop and Market. and even a matching filter for it. So go to the Market, and click Wishlist to see if anything you're looking for is there. You can also type /wishlist in the info tab to get a full list.

There have been a lot of changes to the code for graphics, though the goal is it looks the same to you the player. There might be some problems we still need to clean up. If you see something strange, you might want to try restarting your computer. We're not sure why, but this has worked for a few people.

We're also in the process of making a lot of changes to the AI to both perform better and have some more advanced behaviors. This is ongoing work, so you might see some glitchy behavior, but we know it's not done. Reports showing the AI doing dumb things with steps to make them do it again would be super helpful!


  • Items in the Shop are no color coded and can be filtered by rarity (Common, Superior, Rare, Legendary, Ultimate, Ancient)
  • Icons have been added to Items in teh Shop to denote New Items, Limited Time, and Sales
  • Players can now add Items to a wish list in the Shop
  • Factions Tax rates can now be set by faction owners
  • New Striker Variant: Police Striker
  • Usernames can now contain 15 characters and spaces. However, usernames must start with a letter.
  • Initial login screen has been updated with new art and messages
  • Tooltips have been added for all the various game modes on the Play Screen
  • Enemy AI behaviors are in the process of being updated (still a work in progress)
  • Players now need to reach persistent Level 10 before they can join the Standard 1v1 Matchmaking Queue (Standard 2v2 does not have a level restriction)
  • New players must win at least one Solo game before playing Coop Matchmaking
  • New players must win at least one Coop game before playing PvP Matchmaking

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • More updates have been made to unit pathing. This should help address bugs like units and infantry getting stuck in certain places
  • Fixed a bug where CTF cores werent always displayed on the mini-map properly
  • Fixed a bug where a teams base would still take damage if they grabbed a CTF core as it was being delivered to the other base
  • Fixed a bug so that cloaked assassins dont show up on enemy radar/minimap

Balance Changes:Edit

Known Issues:Edit

  • Fullscreen with letterbox is temporarily broken
  • 1v1 PvP is restricted to 11 and above, but should be 10. Fixed for next patch

Discuss on the forums:

AirMech Version 26340.0 May 25th, 2014 Edit

We've been discussing if Tech Pods are becoming an overly complex solution to a problem in the wrong direction. Some things are interesting, others confusing, so we're going back to level-based build restrictions for a bit to see how that feels. The Leveler Ability is now your friend!


  • Tech Pods removed, back to level-based build restrictions (with popup notices when stuff is unlocked)
  • onlyyyphiL's Cake - his choice for Black Diamond VIP pet
  • Fantasy Zeppelin - because zeppelins are cool
  • Gothic week started, Lilith, Gothic Mask, Silver Skull, Gothic Contrails available
  • PAX stuff stopped dropping, Gothic Crate is now dropping (and is more awesome now)
  • Sandrim has significant changes to the art, needs testing and further tweaks
  • all Cheats in Solo mode work now (Prime only, press Esc/pause to access)

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Osprey now moves slower when healing on the ground, kind of like the Warthog. Still testing this to try and find a good balance--feedback welcome!
  • Gemini piercing reduced by 10%
  • Armadillo armor reduced by 10%

Hawk has new stats. To reflect the fact that he builds things fast, they aren't quite as well constructed. HP of built Units is lowered to reflect that.

  • +10% Credits Cap
  • +5% Credits Earned
  • +5% Unit Build Speed
  • -3% Units Damage Resistance (HP)
  • -7% Attack Power (AirMech)

Video Patchnotes from ThyTombstone:

AirMech Version 25838.0 May 11th, 2014 Edit

We patched! 1700+ versions later... (yes we just patched again, emergency fix related to Steam new account creation)

Video Patchnotes from ThyTombstone!

Big change: AirMechs must (once again) be unlocked to be used. The whole "use but not unlocked for parts" thing was more trouble than it's worth. So we tied them together, you must unlock them (or own any skin!) then you are free to use Parts. There's also no level restrictions, and the prices are lowered for all of them. We want there to be some progression, and looking at the numbers it will let you gain access to them the same rate as before, and now you can get the ones you want in any order. Or get a friend to sell you a skin cheap! We don't really care, we just want to streamline things, and give a sense of progression by soft-locking them with Kudos.

There have been major/scary performance optimizations to the engine to get it running on the Xbox 360. Most of this is general performance improvement, so do let us know if this helps out anyone who had bad framerate before.

The scary part is it's not tested at scale--so be on the lookout for desyncs. Not disconnects (that's it's own thing) but specifically desyncs. Please report them.

For now, if you are an experienced AirMech player, definitely report "strange" things. You don't need to see it as a huge bug, but strange things, please just call them out. They might give us clues to anything that might be a problem.

The Shop has been revamped to make it easier for new players to drill down to get to what they are looking for. It's definitely an ongoing rework, and the goal is to be able to have chat open and use the shop, so we're experimenting with new filters. It's incomplete and will see changes/improvements based on your feedback.

Transform button in Hangar is now next to the Angel button, if you missed it. (now blue for more obviousness)

The settings/exit buttons were made more subtle as we added a proper Esc menu finally. Press Esc to open/close it. (we'll probably remove the buttons at some point)

Ingame if you have Prime you may see the Cheats menu in Solo games. They are not active yet, sorry, but they are coming.

Ultimate Brute is available, but it might just be a short time. We have plans to make this a special craftable item using VIP Tickets, and let the players control the production/sale of them entirely. First we'll let some out in the wild however, which is why they are for sale for a short time. We expect the price to not be lower than the current one based on the recipe we will make for it.

There's Dice Pets for people who have earned Dice Badges. We'll make some other Dice available too, probably let the Dice Badge owners buy them and resell them. The Dice that match the badges however will not be sellable. (so if you see someone with the Ivory/Ice/Carbon Dice you know they are a legit high roller)

The Warframe Helmet is now being added to everyone's accounts as they log in.

We realized we really don't have many basic Pets available to fresh accounts, especially when there's no event going on. We'll add more Pets, and figured it would be nice to also honor our Black Diamond VIPs at the same time. So within reason, BDVIPs will get Pets create that are inspired by them. We've done the Bullet and Bagel, have plans for some more. If you are one of our BDVIPs and we haven't talked to you yet, let's talk!

There's also Diamond Pets for our DVIPs (which cannot be sold). You'll eventually get more of them, probably next patch, so keep an eye out for that.

We want to make the PAX Helix and D-Pad pet available to players as we do other PAX stuff, and we'll work out a plan or maybe sneak them into the PAX Crates. In the mean time, DVIPs each get one as a perk.

Gameplay changes:Edit

  • Flamer got a slight nerf
  • Units now don't try to move to the "middle" of the Fortress to attack it, meaning they will start to shoot from further away
  • AirMechs are no longer pushed away from enemy Fortress unless they are carrying a unit

AirMech Version 24409.1 March 28th, 2014 Edit

Congratulations for putting up a great fight against Warframe in the recent vote! While in the end we had to admit defeat, the votes for AirMech relative to the size of the community was super impressive. I do a wrap-up on the forums in that thread and outline the next steps, check it out here:

In balance news, we want to continue to look for a way to balance out the super heavy units so they feel good but also have some down sides. Some things will need a full patch, but before that we wanted to try some smaller tweaks and see haw it affects their use compared to the other tanks.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Goliath abduction resistance raised by 50% (was default)
  • Devastator abduction resistance lowered to 50% (was 90%)
  • Goliath range reduced to 15 from 18
  • Devastator range reduced to 15 from 18

Known Issues:Edit

  • Last Stand has a bug in wave 3 which will prevent the wave from finishing (we suggest not playing it)

AirMech Version 24409.0 March 24th, 2014 Edit

Congrats everyone, we made it to the next round of voting! For the next 3 days, everyone will get one MMBomb Pet as a reward. The next round starts this Wednesday when we battle Warframe! If we emerge victorious, the prize will be an AirMech head/pet styled like the Excalibur Prime head! And remember, they will catch you if you cheat, so please only help AirMech by getting your friends to vote through your various social networks. You will actually hurt us if you try to cheat!

We have some new content as noted below, but the real meat and potatoes of this patch is a big balance pass ahead of the Tournament this Saturday. We're still compiling a diff of all the data and will be updating it below later. We're definitely interested to get feedback on this round of changes, both from new players and veterans!


  • added new loading screen going into multiplayer matches
  • more updated pilot art!
  • returned chat to the end online game screen. Adding player links to end game chat.
  • added founders badges. Type /founder in the info to claim yours!
  • added a couple new collection sets (no badges for them... yet)
  • 'no pilot' has been made unselectable

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • various fixes to Spiral
  • fix misconfigured outpost pads on Sandrim
  • fix crash bug with /replay command
  • fix issues with fortress drops - corners weren't pushing back correctly.
  • fix for patrol order - don't drop unit on 'g' if there aren't any points placed.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • buff Neo's Missile Jammer Ability. Stays active and overriding enemy missiles for 3 seconds on use
  • change to fortress weak spots (corners). No longer takes 2x damage, but instead has reduced armor (-60)
  • Neo radar jamming cooldown: 90/85/80 -> 80/70/60
  • Neo cloak energy drain -20%
  • Angel Hyper Rail ability damage: 40/50/60 -> 12/24/36
  • Angel Hyper Rail energy regen: 20/30/40 -> 30/60/90
  • Angel loop ability now has an energy cost
  • Angel sniper range ability: 10/20 -> 20/40
  • Angel sniper deployment speed ability: 8/16 -> 15/30
  • Angel glide speed: 10/20 -> 15/30
  • Paladin air aura energy use -20%
  • Paladin Hammer stasis duration 1.5s -> 2.0s
  • Paladin Hammer ability damage: 20/40 -> 25/50
  • Bomber mantis strike range: 18-> 21
  • Saucer death ray weapon/piercing: 85->100
  • Saucer blink energy efficiency +7%
  • Saucer death ray damage increased: 200 +5/s -> 230 +10/s (up to 10 sec)
  • Saucer abduct speed increased 12%
  • Osprey Air Heal energy cost -25%, Heal rate -15%
  • Tech Pod now takes 20 seconds to build and costs 18000 Credits

Known Issues:Edit

AirMech Version 24143.1 March 18th, 2014 Edit

We're doing a balance pass to try and get things in reasonable shape for the Tournament on March 29th. Feel free to voice your opinion in the main thread:

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Carry speeds have been rebalanced across all AirMechs. We never really finished setting up the new values after fixing some bugs a month ago, and now we're doing some passes on it. First thing you will notice is that carrying heavy things is a lot slower. Remember that it's also slower for your opponents, and use this to your advantage. Now there's a reason to pull out those light and medium units again!
  • Flamer range reduced to 9 from 11
  • Jumper reload time increased to 3 seconds from 2

AirMech Version 24143.0 March 12th, 2014 Edit

AirMech finally has a new website! This is one of those projects we've been working on in the background for a while now, and it's at the point where we want to set it live and start sharing it with the world. There is still a lot to do, but it's miles better than our old site, so you don't have to be embarrassed to refer your friends to AirMech anymore! Check it out:

We have a new Angel Variant and it's amazing looking: Gothic Angel! The way the wings look when she's in robot mode are amazing. I'm excited for more of the future Variants on the way now that the attention to detail is going in this direction!

Some people have been asking about the DVIP Club Card. It's something we added for our Diamond VIPs (total spend of over $120, or one time purchase of the largest Diamond Bundle) to give them some bonus items. It may be something exclusive, or just something early before anyone else can buy it, or whatever little perks we come up with. We will change what the bonus items are every once in a while, and with this patch we're moving to our second bonus: Flappy Bird! Note that you don't get old bonus items when you get Diamond VIP, you just get the current bonus items. So be sure to log in at least once a month and collect your goodies!

Lots of updates to map art on Spiral and Twin Peaks, improvements to Challenges for new players, and the usual healthy serving of improvements, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.


  • new Angel Variant: Gothic Angel
  • new visuals on Spiral and Twin Peaks
  • added Videos page in the Learn section with links to various community guides
  • Husky Head and Stallion Head added to VIP Shop (previously DVIP Club Card Rewards)
  • new DVIP Club Card Reward: Flappy Bird pet/head!
  • new badges tied to ownership of Alpha Striker and Beta Bomber
  • neutral outposts at the start of match now contain Infantry (various types)
  • removed neutral Jackals from many outposts due to above change
  • disabled collision between AirMechs on the ground (feels better)
  • beginnings of the new end game UI, now you can return to the game after seeing stats
  • various updates to the Challenge maps to make them better for new players
  • support for click on badges to equip (drag to chat still works)
  • will be making available the name reset card item
  • better messaging on the "Copy Referral Link" button in Social. Use it to tell your friends about AirMech!

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • bug fixes related to auto build and replay/spectator sessions
  • fix for partial energy/health restore on level up
  • fix duplicate geometry in the Fortress model
  • fixes for transition/state bugs on the Angel
  • fix for color bug when exiting multiplayer games. (this is an old one! :) )
  • fix bug with display of items and chances for contents of Crates

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Jingle Bells Air Speed Bonus reduced to 2%, Ground Speed Bonus added of 2%
  • Add Sniper Damage item modifier for Angel Sniper Rifle specific items
  • Guns Damage modifier no longer effect's Angel's sniper rifle

AirMech Version 23813.0 February 27th, 2014 Edit

Go forth my minions
We have an exciting new feature this patch: Auto-Build. After watching many new players having too much fun blowing things up and sitting at Credit cap, we felt they would benefit from having Units automatically spawn from the Fortress with the Capture order. The way it works is if you have 10,000 more credits than the most expensive unit in your loadout, the same system that the AI uses will build things and send them out.

Moving units will get the Capture order, while turret-type units will automatically spawn on any free Sockets. Specialized units/gear will not be built at all. If you happen to be near an Outpost, Auto-built units will be presented to you so there is the option to place them yourself. If you move too far away, it will continue spawning them from the Fortress as it was planning to.

This option can be disabled in Settings.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe!
We removed Overtime damage a while back because we felt it was a bandaid to try and end games that went on too long. We wanted to be forced to focus on why games were going on that long and fix it, and we've had a lot of great feedback and been making balance changes in that direction.

Still, we've noticed that it's possible to have situations where one team becomes very entrenched at their Fortress which makes it hard to end the games. Since these cases don't present the defender any real chance to win, but they can drag the games on, it's not a great state to be in.

This leads us to Domination Damage. If one team holds all Outposts on the map, it will trigger a 30 second countdown until the enemy team's Fortress will start to take damage. But there's a catch! A team being Dominated will have their income doubled to give them a fighting chance for a comeback.

More Matchmaking choices, finally! With the healthy number of players plus the new queue system we're finally going to open up more choices for Matchmaking. Now you can select the exact number of players you want in the game for Coop, PvP, and Survival.


  • New Auto-Build feature (can be disabled in Game Settings)
  • Domination Damage: holding all Outposts on the map will do direct damage to the enemy Fortress
  • Enabled more Matchmaking Options (1v1, 2v2, or 3v3)
  • Individual Unit Upkeep values: indicated by number of blocks on the ingame UI
  • Dots shown on ground indicating how many units are carried and exactly where they will be dropped
  • Camera will offset in direction of shooting (can be disabled in Video Settings)
  • New "Window Size" video resolution, highly recommended for best visuals
  • Improvements to visual quality when non-fullscreen window is resized
  • Change font from Roboto to Exo 2 to try and find something that works better for lower resolutions (might keep trying new fonts)
  • Changes to a number of Challenges to make them better at teaching new players how to play
  • New (non-Achievement) Quest for Diamond VIPs: collect your DVIP Club Card for monthly perks
  • Damage number color now indicates how much damage is being done after the Armor calculation (Yellow < 40%, Orange 40-80%, Red 80-100%)
  • Healing numbers now sink instead of float (potentially helping with red-green colorblindness)
  • Reworked Secure Outpost behavior to make it more consistent
  • Updated Natasha art
  • Updated Erik art
  • Updated Samson art
  • Updated Kira art
  • Tweaked Raven art
  • Simplified Shop landing page for new players to explain Silver VIP benefits

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix of Armor values not working on Outposts
  • fix bug where carry weights were not set properly for AirMech classes
  • multiple Tech Pods will no longer build if you repeat build a super unit
  • fixed an uncommon crash when changing video quality settings
  • can no longer rez flying uints

Balance Changes:Edit

  • increase HP of Infantry when occupying Outposts
  • increase DPS of AirMechs on ground vs other AirMechs by approx 10%

Known Issues:Edit

  • because of changes in the Queue, all Matchmaking games show as 1 star Elo games in the watch tab
  • 3 player Coop doesn't work right, instead puts you in 2 player

AirMech Version 23476.0 February 14th, 2014 Edit

More bugfixes! A few things were blocking gameplay and the intro Challenge 10, so we wanted to get these fixes rolled out rather than wait another week. Also, as we warned you the Saucer Teleport ability has been nerfed somewhat: you can't Teleport more than your max carry weight, meaning no more Goliath or Devastator insta-drops at the back door. You can however bring over more than one unit, so doing Infantry drops is still valid.

We're continuing to move things around behind the scenes to bring bits of Matchmaking 3.0 over to the live build, which has had a few issues but they have been fixed mostly on the server side of things. The remaining small issue involved being able to exit and re-enter the queue too fast, and bad things happening. This patch has some additional logic to fix that. We still have a complete overhaul of the Matchmaking UI ahead of us, this is just the first step towards that.


  • tweaks to display in Shop prices
  • update Tutorial character to reflect chosen pilot from new user start
  • update Saucer's teleport: only allow teleporting units that don't exceed Saucer's carry capacity

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix to prevent re-enter Matchmaking queue too fast
  • fix crash with Saucer when Blinking and Teleporting
  • fix collision issues on Twin Peaks
  • fix collision issue on Sonya
  • fix Challenge 10 issues
  • fix transparency of Servos part

AirMech Version 23431.0 February 13th, 2014 Edit

Bug fixes and small updates in this patch, plus the new Parts are officially released. We may be reworking how to get them in the future, but for now they are just listed in the Shop, and also dropping.

We're working on new Matchmaking stuff on our side, and we didn't mean for it to affect players yet but there are some side effects. We're trying to minimize the bugs that pop up, but be aware there may be some issues. We've disabled the Ready checkbox in Matchmaking games until a partner has been found, so you won't see that right away, and that's normal.

New Parts:Edit


  • move Event Scroll offscreen when there's no room for it
  • Ashe and Beppo have updated art
  • Make Uplink Quest link to ingame email entry

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • make shop filter background block clicks
  • bug fix for a desync issue
  • fix part stat rebalancing to display correctly
  • a crash bugfix

Balance Changes:Edit

  • unofficially released Parts had test numbers listed which were wrong, and are now corrected (see bug fix above)

Known Issues:Edit

  • Twin Peaks has some bad geometry
  • Crash with Saucer when Blinking and Teleporting
  • Matchmaking is a bit strange while we work on it

AirMech Version 23314.0 February 6th, 2014 Edit

Devastator has Arrived
We've been teasing it for a long time, and finally we're releasing the Devastator Tank. It makes a Goliath look small, and has 6 massive barrels to rain destruction down on it's enemies. Of course, it is extremely expensive and time consuming to build, so if you do manage to create on be careful with it! Huge XP boost for whoever takes it out. (like all core gameplay units, Devastator is free for AirMech Prime owners)

We've added more Ultimates to AirMechs that were missing them, see below for more details. We're getting closer to having a nice set of things that make each AirMech feel unique, though more balancing and testing is always needed.

Brand new this patch is the Event Scroll, which is a feed of activity by players. Currently it's just a technical test, but will be expanded to include more events, and to prefer showing you things from your Friends list (if you have Friends). Definitely leave us your feedback on the forums with ideas for how to expand this concept. If you go to the Social tab, there's now room for both the Events and Global Chat.

Lots of balance changes this patch, but they are mostly tweaks to address things which really do make some units too good. Nothing drastic or controversial, much of this comes from a well thought out thread posted by Valinor and the resulting conversations.

Existing players won't notice so much, but we've reworked quite a lot of the Challenges to make them better at teaching new players the basics. You'll get prompts from Pilots helping you out if you haven't completed them before. It would be good to ask some friends to play and see what they think coming in as new players.

As always, leave feedback in the forums!


  • New Unit: Devastator - ultra heavy tank that hits for massive damage (definitely over 9000)
  • New Saucer Ultimate Ability - Teleport units from the build queue to your cargo hold!
  • New Neo Ultimate Ability - Confuse nearby missiles into selecting new targets!
  • New Angel Ultimate Ability - Hyper Rail greatly increases Sniper Rifle damage (work in progress, visuals/sound not final)
  • Whole bunch of new Parts, which will be dropping and craftable with the Nanoforge
  • Rework of Challenge maps to make them better for new players learning the game
  • New art for some pilots
  • Larger and brighter friend inspect dialog, possibly customizable in the future
  • Ability Bar Icons now require deliberate click to activate (mouse-up only won't trigger them)
  • Stop mouse from forcing position on game launch
  • Event Feed first pass added to the game (view in Social tab more easily)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a rare crash when sending too many units to attack
  • AI bugfixes

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Angel Pistol (primary) Damage increased 50%
  • Angel Pistol (primary) Damage starts to falloff at 40% of max range
  • Bomber Does 25% less damage to Outposts
  • Osprey Does 18% more damage to Outposts
  • Only Tech 1 is needed to build any of the Super units now
  • Tech Pod build time increased to 10 seconds from 8
  • Jumper Cost increased to 1100 from 900
  • Jumper HP reduced to 210 from 250
  • Jumper DPS decreased to 60 from 63
  • Flamer Cost increased to 990 from 600
  • Flamer HP Decreased to 300 from 350
  • Sergeant Cost increased to 1400 from 1200
  • Sergeant DPS decreased to 60 from 65
  • Sergeant Weapon Penetration reduced to 30 from 35
  • Roller Cost increased to 9800 from 8000
  • Roller Weapon Penetration increased to 20 from 45
  • Grinder Cost increased to 12000 from 11000
  • Grinder Weapon Penetration increased to 90 from 85
  • Grinder DPS decreased to 250 from 300
  • Seeker Range decreased to 24 from 28
  • Seeker Armor decreased to 70 from 85
  • Seeker Missile lifetime decreased to 3.2 from 3.5
  • T99 Missile lifetime decreased to 3.2 from 3.5
  • Flakker DPS increased to 180 from 150

AirMech Version 22827.0 January 26th, 2014 Edit

Helix OP Edition
We're continuing to march forward with balance tweaks and bug fixes. We weren't planning to patch again so soon but we found a nasty desync bug and wanted to get it out there. Besides the Helix changes, something to watch out for is the force field at the enemy Fortress now affects AirMechs on the ground, so you can body block them much more effectively.

Does this mean the end of Hero Hog? I doubt it, not with his nice buffs from recent patches, but it should be a bit less frustrating for defending players. Does it make defending too easy though?


  • Performance optimizations
  • in ChatMech, right click on a player name to insert it into your message
  • Challenge maps are in the process of being completely reworked

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix a desync bug with the Saucer Deathray
  • Fix collision issues on Chasm
  • Rendering glitch fixes on Duel
  • A few AI bugfixes
  • Fixes for overwhelming unit audio: Flamer and Rocket firing infantry
  • Various bug fixes to Boxer's behavior (still a work in progress)
  • fix/ignore damage flash effect for things offscreen

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Helix Missile damage increased to 60 from 50 (each)
  • Helix Missile speed increased 2%
  • Helix Missile Piercing increased to 85 from 75
  • Fortress repulsor field is now enabled against grounded enemy AirMechs

AirMech Version 22583.1 January 24th, 2014 Edit

We're trying out some new balance tweaks for the AirMechs this weekend, increasing their lethality in the air across the board, and giving them a bit of variation in Armor and Weapon Piercing values. Also, you'll notice a slight increase in the amount of energy reserves the Fortress and Outposts have.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Increase all AirMech Air DPS by approximately 25%
  • Increase Angel, Warthog, and Helix base weapon Piercing Strength
  • Increase Angel Sniper mode Piercing by 5%
  • Slightly reduce Armor rating of Bomber, Neo, Saucer, and Paladin
  • 33% increase in Fortress/Outpost energy reserves
  • Increase Gemini Piercing by 50%, reduce damage by 12%

AirMech Version 22583.0 January 20th, 2014 Edit

Just a small patch to fix a desync issue and some further performance tweaks to destruction effects. If you have been running with low destruction details (in settings) you might want to try turning it up and seeing how it performs. We have a new system which is smarter about skipping certain effects spawning if the framerate starts to dip.


  • added missing Quest icons to replace default icons

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix a desync issue
  • Remove thrust effect from Recon Angel
  • Set Rare Dragon Mask to correct name (was Green Dragon Mask)
  • Make sure Parts are cleared when doing Challenge Maps

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Increase Angel Sniper damage by 10%
  • Increase Angel HP from 1050 to 1100

AirMech Version 22555.0 January 18th, 2014 Edit

Chinese New Year--Year of the Horse!
January 31st is the Chinese New Year and we are leaving Snake, moving on to Horse! To celebrate, we've got a tone of goodies for you, including the new Horse Head. Some things are dropping, other things are for purchase, and keep an eye out for Red Envelopes to start dropping.

We've made some changes to the way destruction effects are spawned and are still testing the results. Hopefully it's better for those with low end computers, but we also want to make sure you see something at least! Let us know if things look strange, or perform better or worse for you.

Some things are listed below both in Updates and Balance Changes, since they kind of belong in both and I don't want people to miss them.


  • Chinese New Year event started
  • Red Envelopes are dropping
  • Red Lantern changed from an Item to a Pet
  • Horse Head to celebrate Year of the Horse
  • Bomber first melee swing shortened a bit
  • Recon Angel, styled like a WW2 version with propellers
  • New Nanoforge Recipes:
  • Change Fortress blocking zone to square from circle
  • Tech Pods will always show up on enemy radar
  • Make the AI choose a wider variety of AirMechs to use
  • Added Pilot quests, and initial AI difficulty levels

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fixed bug with display counts when items are in the Nanoforge
  • various fixes/improvements to AI behaviors
  • some bug fixes to Duel, still ongoing
  • fix so Creeps can continue to spawn when they take position on Outposts
  • don't count upgrades built as units built (stats/quest bug)

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Goliath build time increased to 17.5 seconds from 15 seconds
  • Goliath XP reward for destroying it increased to 600 from 500
  • Tech Pods will always show up on enemy radar
  • Bomber first melee swing shortened a bit

Known Issues:Edit

  • Recon Angel still has exhaust, which it shouldn't need
  • Salt map is a work in progress, not done, just hopefully not too broken

AirMech Version 22352.2 January 15th, 2014 Edit

Goliath Tweaks
We recently (in a previous patch) made some changes to the Tech Pods, making them easier to build but also easier to destroy. They give a lot of XP when you blow them up too, so if you see your opponent is using Goliaths be sure to track down his Tech Pods and wreck them! This does mean you get Goliaths out earlier, so we've also gone ahead and made it a bit more of an investment to build them. Some more drastic changes are coming in the future (streamlining) but we want to see how this feels first.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Goliath build time increased to 15 seconds from 12
  • Goliath cost increased to 14500 from 12000
  • Reduction in Tank (all) Armor at weak spot increased to 50 from 40

AirMech Version 22352.1 January 14th, 2014 Edit

Balance Update
We've had a lot of interest in the Nanoforge since it was released (in alpha form) last week. Remember, all the info you need can be found in the forums:

The AirMech damage numbers were adjusted with the goal being that AirMechs vs units remains the same, but AirMech vs AirMech ground combat is deadlier. We may need to further tweak these numbers because of the way modifiers work together. Feedback welcome in the forums!

Balance Changes:Edit

  • AirMech Ground DPS increased a bit
  • AirMech DPS vs units reduced a bit
  • Air speed of all AirMechs reduced by 3% (to give us some more room for speed bonuses)
  • Arty and Archy have been altered to be more simliar, with Arty doing more damage, and Archy having a longer range
  • Bertha given increased range
  • Many turrets have had their carry weight increased, to reflect their role as defensive units (this gives moving units more of an advantage in their flexibility)
  • Credits cap for players increased to 80,000
  • Bomber melee damage reduced by 8%

AirMech Version 22352.0 January 12th, 2014 Edit

You have quite a treasure there in that Nanoforge...
Small update, mainly to fix a desync issue, but we figure this is a good time to open up the Nanoforge to the full group of players. There is now a special Quest available to Level 10 and above AND be at least Silver VIP, and the reward is the Nanoforge. More info here:

What is the Nanoforge? It is a way to craft things in AirMech . It's very much a work in progress and we'll probably have full help for it ingame someday, but for now the most up to date info will be in the forums. While the Nanoforge itself can't be sold, it can be used to make some rare or exclusive things, which can then be sold on the Market. So if you are making them for yourself, or to sell for a profit, I'm sure there's something you can do with it.


  • Nanoforge Quest added for VIPs over level 10
  • Football Helmet available and on sale for a limited time
  • Dragon Mask available and on sale for a limited time (Chinese New Year)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix desync in previous build
  • Fix getting stuck on intro screen when clicking

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Seekers and HAATs have been buffed a bit
  • AirMech Ground DPS increased across the board (late Sunday night change)

AirMech Version 22212.0 January 7th, 2014 Edit

Happy New Year!
I don't think we've gone this long without a patch ever! As those of you who were with us over the holiday, you probably noticed that much of our time was spent on server work. We're happy to say we think the worst is behind us, and we look forward to making actual positive improvements on the nice foundation we laid.

While the programmers were intensely focused on server and backend work, we did manage to spend some time on the art side making improvements to some maps we have been meaning to for a long time. There will be ongoing work to clean those up, build custom props and make them look really nice. It also gives us a chance to try out some of the things we need for the Editor tools we're going to give to the players in the future.

We're continuing to add more abilities/upgrades to the AirMechs. Eventually all of them will have the full set of 8, and it is our goal for each AirMech to feel "OP" in it's own special way. We've streamlined picking up your built Upgrades, though there's more work to be done here since things like Guardians don't feel as smooth as we like. It's a new system, and we need to continue to iterate on it and get it feeling right.

We've decided to take a step back from making the Unit Cap stuff complex, and every unit (in general) will cost 1 upkeep. To balance this out, things will cost more and take longer to build. It won't really affect things on the low end, but big heavy units will both have more health and require more of an investment to build. We'll be actively balancing this based on games played this week, so feel free to leave feedback in the forums. While some strategies you've been using the past few weeks might not work anymore, remember that new ones are suddenly valid.

  • Duel has been updated with new visuals
  • Salt has been updated with new visuals
  • New Bomber abilities: Whirlwind (Ctrl or Middle Mouse) and Energy Drain
  • Missile Burst ability has been added to the Helix
  • New Warthog abilities: Ammo and Power Shield
  • New Saucer ability: Debuff DPS
  • New Osprey abilities: Restore and Heal Nova
  • New Neo ability: Radar Disrupt
  • Armor ability added to the Paladin
  • More new sound effects
  • Black Jetpack Cat has been removed from the Shop (1000 have been sold)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix so that FF2000 does not target outpost latched infantry
  • Fixed a bug where the displayed upgrade time for guardians wasn't always correct
  • Fixed a bug regarding the tech display not showing correct info on UI
  • Fixed a bug where carried units would always drop when out of fuel

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Most units now take 1 unit cap, and will have increased costs and build times instead
  • Bucky is a tiny bit more accurate
  • Increase AirMech Armor from 50 to 80 (all)
  • Decrease starting credits from 25,000 to 20,000

AirMech Version 21623.0 December 13th, 2013 Edit


  • Made Global chat while spectate move further offscreen
  • In spectate mode, press V on keyboard or X on gamepad to toggle units/upgrades view

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixes to Angel's glide ability/mode
  • Bug fix for random pitchshifting of some audio
  • Desync bug fix
  • Disable in game spectator chat while it's being worked on (cause for spectator game locks)
  • Fix issue with some passive abilities (Helix Lifter in particular)

AirMech Version 21583.0 December 12th, 2013 Edit

Let's Get Festive!
We have a list, and we're checking it twice, three times even...this is one massive patch! Updated game rules, Angel for everyone, Festive cosmetics, balance and bug fixes...we got something for everyone!

A Christmas Angel?
Angel is nearing completion, enough that we wanted to open it up to all players to use (available at the same level as Neo and Paladin). We're rolling it out with two amazing Variants, the limited time Festive Angel and the gorgeous Sakura Angel will be coming next week. While the Angel is still quite powerful, it's been balanced out with minimum fire ranges and a reduced chance to hit. It's a really fun class to play, give it a try!

Unified Rules and World Peace?
We've combined bits of V1 and V2 rules and unified all maps to use the new systems. We found that having two rulesets and trying to balance the AirMechs and Units so both worked was making both worse, so we're bringing them together so we can finally do some proper balancing. Think of this as a starting point for V3 or V1.5 rules, depending on how you look at it.

Did Somone say Presents?
There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation for the Festive content to appear. We couldn't even fit it all on the promo page! The Winter Crate contains just a fraction of the content available, but there's some real treasures in there. Noteable additions are the new Rudolph Mask and more common Reindeer Mask, complete with animated faces! We're not sure if this is awesome or creepy--let us know!

You can also now Giftwrap items you list in the Market for an additional fee. We'll experiment with this and might introduce different types of wrapping paper in the future that you get from drops. Also related to the Market, you can click on items in the shop (not in My Collection) and you can buy more of them difectly, without needing the Market listing trick.

Merry Mechs-mas everyone!


  • Rules for all maps have been updated
  • Time and Cost to build Abilities has been reduced
  • Units and upgrades can be built simultaneously in the build queue
  • Lots of new secondary abilities for AirMech classes
  • Spectator HUD has been updated with more stats (click on units to toggle)
  • Survival HUD has been updated
  • New sound effects (ongoing)
  • Collision only occurs between airmechs and enemy/neutral units
  • Collision size for most units has been adjusted to be smaller for movement
  • Blast damage now affects the Fortress
  • Player can Gift Wrap items listed in the Player Market (for a small Diamond fee)
  • Players can now rebuy items directly from the in-game Shop

New Content:Edit

New Content to buy or DropEdit

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Brutes Balanced
  • Angel Balanced

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where Angel sniper shot could fire down cliffs
  • Fixed a bug where the Angel's sniper mode targeting would sometimes differ between source points on target search

AirMech Version 21189.1 November 30th, 2013 Edit

Angel and Economy Tweaks - Plus AirMech Prime Still on Sale!
We have some plans to balance out the Angel that involve making her chance to hit moving targets much less, but that will require a new patch. So for now, we've just made some tweaks to lower her damage and give her a few more downsides to keep things fair. We've also moved some of the economy numbers around to make it easier to build your Upgrades/Abilities, though they too will be getting a more in depth balancing in the near future.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Angel's sniper shot does 400 instead of 500
  • Angel's pistols now have a piercing value of 35
  • Angel's HP is now 1050 (down from 1100)
  • Angel air spead and transport speed slightly reduced
  • Starting credits for all AirMech classes raised to 25000 from 20000
  • Fortress now gives 450 credits per second instead of 360
  • Most Outpost types give 140 credits per second instead of 120 (Power Station now 70 from 60)
  • rebalance carry slowdown percent for AirMechs (affects speed with heavy loads)
  • Necro's revive ability speed doubled

Known Issues:Edit

  • Star Pets probably desync multiplayer games (so don't use them in online games)
  • Friend server still offline (but your Friend lists are safe)
  • expect server restarts once in a while
  • only one version of AirMech can be run at a time (if this concerns you, you'll know what it means, and might be re-enabled in the future)

AirMech Version 21189.0 November 29th, 2013 Edit

Black Friday Bugfixes!
Everyone enjoying boblan's Turkey? If you missed it, that's another reason to make sure you link an email address so we can send you goodies once in a while!

We've fixed the ingame chat (hopefully), done some balancing to the Angel, and a bunch of other issues reported in the forums. Not everything, but the most important and fastest ones, and we'll take our time with the rest.

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • ingame chat should now work
  • fix missing text for intro sequence for new players
  • move ping display up a bit to avoid units bar
  • correct name of Cornucopia (was Thanksgiving Horn)
  • fix AirMech icon display in lobby
  • fix issue with Guardians being destroyed
  • fix Guardian selection saved in loadouts
  • possible fix for MM Coop Desync bug

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Angel's sniper shot uses more Energy
  • Angel takes a bit longer to go in/out of sniper mode
  • rebalance carry slowdown percent for AirMechs (affects speed with heavy loads)

Known Issues:Edit

  • Friend server still offline (but your Friend lists are safe)
  • expect server restarts once in a while
  • only one version of AirMech can be run at a time (if this concerns you, you'll know what it means, and might be re-enabled in the future)

AirMech Version 21163.0 November 27th, 2013 Edit

Send me an Angel!
The Angel has been activated for Prime owners! It's still a work in progress, and like every AirMech release we don't like offering it for sale before it's balanced. AirMech Prime owners get all new AirMech classes for free, and it's a smaller group of players, so it makes the most sense to give it to them first (plus there's a pretty amazing sale going on for AirMech Prime right now)

A big change that everyone will notice right away is Abilities have been replaced with Upgrades and are now on the bottom of the screen, next to the new Units bar. While this might seem strange to existing players, we think this is a positive change for new players. You can easily see everything you can build without going in any menu. Units are on the left, Upgrades for your AirMech on the right.

Now when you click Upgrades, you are "building" them. They cost money and take time to build, and when finished you have to pick them up from an Outpost or the Fortress. Again, this sounds strange to existing players, but it unifies the "build things then pick them up" flow of the entire game. You can now choose to focus on your AirMech entirely by putting all of your money into it, or spend it all on Units --or any combination. This is the first step in this process, and it needs balancing and refining, but we think it has a lot of potential.

Guardians now have their own slot in your Loadout! We have some great plans for them in the future, and this is the first step towards that. Now no one has an excuse not to try Guardians.

A major game balance change is the switch from the Fortress weak spot from the front doors to the 4 corners (things that look like generators). This was done to create less of a mess at the front doors where creeps spawn, and give players more options against "turtlers". On maps where the back of the Fortress is protected, this results in very little change, but other maps might feel very different! We'll be balancing the HP of the fortress over the next week based on player feedback.

We haven't made many changes towards merging V1 and V2 rules-- that's coming next. Don't think we forgot about it! We've made some fixes and improvements as are noted below, and the major task of unifying them is coming.


  • Angel enters testing for AirMech Prime owners
  • Morty and Necro now available to all
  • added VIP filter option to Shop
  • enable domination/overrun state in V2 rules
  • enable creep upgrade in V2 rules (every 5 minutes)
  • added specific Guardian configuration slot, and updated the way they are built.
  • 2 new chat badges! Bird Keeper and Star Citizen
  • a bunch of performance optimizations regarding particles
  • lots on ingame UI updates and improvements
  • added 'levelup' ability to all AirMechs, which passively increased your XP gain
  • Paladin gets Creep upgrade ability, like all other AirMechs have

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix to not allow TechPod building in pregame
  • make recharge free in Pregame
  • Removed blast damage to infantry on outposts (was OP)
  • bug fixes for spectator chat

Balance Changes:Edit

  • fortress double damage is now on the 4 corners and not the front door
  • fix Brute's tech restriction (no longer need level 3 to build)
  • remove level requirement for Turtle
  • support for lower outpost/fort energy recharge drain in 2P and 3P teams
  • support for secondary/special weapon type (piercing value) on AirMechs
  • balancing armors and piercing.

Known Issues:Edit

  • check back often! :)

AirMech Version 20718.0 November 9th, 2013 Edit

Change all the things! We've had an extended time between patches because we have been working on adding new things and balancing them in the AirMech Canary build. We'll touch on the changes to the Power System, Tech Tree and Weapon/Armor calculations here, and then explain more in a blog post on our website.

The Power bar is gone! Oh noes! And Unit Cap is back...what happened?
We've listened to feedback from everything from high level players to new ones, and it's quite clear: the Power system was confusing. But, many high level players liked how it helped balance things, and were nervous when we talked about removing it. So, we have put a simpler Unit Cap system back in place, but it actually uses the foundation of the Power system.

Want to raise your Unit Cap? Capture Outposts, or build Generators, same as with Power. You'll find most units count 1 towards the Unit Cap, some zero, and some super units might cost 2 or more.

How to add the depth of a Tech Tree, but keep it simple and fast paced?
It's been a long time coming, and now we're also introducing our own version of a Tech Tree in this build. Instead of having build restrictions tied to your AirMech level, you need to have a Tech Unit built. But wait, does this mean you need to use a loadout slot to build these things? No, that's the simplicity of it--you will see any build restrictions in the build menu. Also keep an eye near the top of the screen, since your teammate might be building the Tech Unit already.

Once the Tech Units are built, it would be a really good idea to put them on a Socket. They function anywhere, but get a huge boost to their Armor when on Sockets. If your Tech Units are destroyed or recycled, you would need to build them again to build more super units.

Why are Weapon Type and Armor no longer Light, Medium, Heavy?
We always liked the idea of having different weapons and armor to balance weaker vs stronger units, and our first instinct was to keep it super simple. Unfortunately we didn't realize that this would limit us so much later. We wanted to do things like have Parts or Auras that made your Armor better, but jumping from Light to Medium or Medium to Heavy was too extreme for balance. Buffs and debuffs were not compatible with the Light/Medium/Heavy system.

We haven't finished it yet, but the basics are in. Armor now indicates the quality of the material used for protection, and Weapon indicates how good that attack is at punching through things. (it will be renamed to Piercing or Penetration later) These numbers range from 1 to 99, and if the Weapon is less than the Armor, damage is reduced by the difference. If the Weapon is greater than the Armor, there is no bonus--yes that Goliath will tear up the Zipper and needs no bonus to to so.

Further polish and balance of this system is needed, and we'll be adding visual feedback to show when something is doing less damage, probably one for less than 33% and another for less than 66%. We're excited to next look at doing things like making the Flamer lower the Armor values as a debuff, so units can work in teams to bring down heavy targets.

Where did the Orbs in V2 go, and why is Duel on V2 rules by default?
We've made some changes to V2, such as changing the Orbs to bars, porting over more of the Outpost types, and removing limited resources. We're continuing to experiment as we promised, and not keeping anything that doesn't add to the game in a positive way. We'd rather see huge armies fighting it out instead of players being choked off from building things.

Duel was converted to the new V2 rules, and we're happy enough with it that we want to make sure more players play the new rules and can give us feedback. We believe that soon we will finish our experiments and merge V1 and V2 together, and have one final set of rules for the core game. So check it out, and give us your feedback on the forums!


  • New Armor and Weapon Damage System
  • New Thanksgiving limited time items
  • Tech-Tree has been added. Some units will require a Tech Unit be purchased in-game before they can be built
  • Duel is now V2 rules
  • Ultimate Boomer is released!
  • In game UI has been updated (remove Power, improve Fortress health display)
  • Search boxes were added to the Loadout Selection Menus
  • The robot mode of the Saucer has been updated
  • New animations for the Saucer Death ray ability
  • Updated localizations with the latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Bug fix for the Bombers head not showing up when using hat flair
  • Bug fix for tooltips and unit preview icons sometimes displaying on the loading screen
  • Lots of bug fixes for the behavior of Assassin

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Lockboxes in V2 now first spawn 5 minutes into the game
  • Everything for units, as significant balance changes were needed to transition from Power to the Unit Cap and the new Armor/Weapon values

Known Issues:Edit

  • Brute was not updated to use the Tech Tree system yet
  • Extended UI not done (display of time is missing)

AirMech Version 20409 October 26th, 2013 Edit

Economic stimulus patch! This has been a long time coming, but we've finally introduced the new Diamond Bundles we've talked about for so long. Booster Packs are getting a sight "nerf" to fit in line with the new bundles, but think once you check them out you will be pleased.

For anyone who feels they missed their chance to get the old Booster Packs, don't worry! This weekend only (October 26th & 27th) the text has been updated, but the Booster Packs will give the old rewards, meaning more Diamonds and Gold VIP.

You might have noticed the Rare Capsule mentioned in the new Diamond Bundles. these can be opened by anyone and contain a single random premium item. It could be a Variant, a Seasonal Item, or an Exclusive Pilot. There's actually a really huge list of things, too much to put in one place. It won't include common things you can buy anytime for Kudos, that's not special enough. It has an equal chance of getting any of the items on the list, though retired items are not available. We think this is a fun way to get things that might be really hard to find otherwise!

Out introduction of new infantry continues with the Assassin and Flamer. The Assassin has some super cool slice and dice animations and the ability to stealth--handy so he can get close enough to attack. The Flamer is kind of the opposite, he just runs in shooting fire everywhere, hoping for the best. I'm sure one or other will find a nice place in your army.

Parts! Everyone always asks for new Parts, and we always say they are coming that day is here! In the future we want to add lots of Parts, so take this as a down payment for good things to come. New parts will be added to the drop tables, so if you are lucky you might see them.


  • New Diamond packs available in the Store
  • Booster pack contents tweaked
  • New Striker and Helix Part: Smart Missiles
  • New Paladin Parts: Heavy Hammer and Titanium Shield
  • New Helix Part: Rapid Missile Loader
  • New Saucer Part: Blink Booster
  • New Neo Parts: Extended Stasis Coil and Cloak Core
  • New Universal Parts for all AirMech classes: Heavy Duty Engine, Flak Ammo and Advanced Belt Feed
  • New Infantry Unit: Assassin - melee infantry with stealth ability
  • New Infantry Unit: Flamer - flamethrower bot
  • New Pet: Extra Life Pet - extra info in description
  • Updated loading screens
  • Tomcat Striker model has been slightly updated
  • New Bomber melee animations
  • Robot mode of the Phantom Bomber has been slightly updated

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix for units in V2 rules sometimes getting linked to Infantry units that are on top of an outpost (in the bulbs)
  • Fix potential crash bug during loading on Chrome version

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Jammer support artillery splash damage reduction multiplier increased from 0.3 to 1. Artillery will now deal more damage to units protected by Jammer and Sonya
  • Armadillo build time decreased from 8 to 7
  • Joker cost decreased from 1800 to 1650
  • Jumper HP increased from 220 to 250
  • Hyper SAM built time decreased from -30% to -20%
  • Warthog will now fly slower with no fuel
  • Striker shield will now be active when swinging his sword
  • Heavy Mine now can not be dropped closer than 2 distance away from enemy units
  • Heavy Mine trigger time reduced from 1 seconds to 0.7
  • Heavy Mine damage increased from 600 to 700
  • Light Mine now can not be dropped closer than 1.5 distance away from enemy units
  • Light Mine damage increased from 400 to 500
  • Seeker upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Tango movement speed increased from 10 to 12
  • Tango attack range increased from 15 to 18
  • Cheap Rebel now has same stats modifiers as other cheap unit variants
  • Extensive Atlas power drain decreased from -5% to -3%
  • Red Towel and White Towel recharge rate increased from 3% to 10%
  • All Fine variants built time decreased from +50% to +20%

AirMech Version 20075.1 October 12th, 2013 Edit

Since V2 rules don't use Power at all, we want to try adding more Power as a reward for capturing structures. This in theory would give an advantage to players who control more of the map which used to result in snowballing pretty bad, but now that Units do damage to nearby Units when destroyed, we can relax this restriction a bit.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Increase Outpost Power from 0 to 24
  • Increase Factory Power from 0 to 24
  • Increase Power Station Power from 20 to 36

AirMech Version 20075.0 October 12th, 2013 Edit

Balance and bugfixes! We started our Halloween event last week, so this week is more about fixing some of those bugs and doing another balance pass. We're also hard at work on the next updates, and keeping an eye on what the devs are doing on Twitter is good place to find clues about what is coming

We've also changed the way you redeem codes a bit, and we're no longer allowing this on our website. We found way too many times that players would create new accounts and use the code on the new account instead of their original account, creating a big headache for everyone. So, from now on you can only enter codes in-game.


  • Updated BlackOps Bomber with teamcolor support
  • Updated localizations with the latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a crash bug when using the Ultimate Fuel item in a V2 game
  • Fixed a bug where an AirMech could fly at full speed when their carry weight was maxed out
  • Fixed a bug where the game timer for Spectators would be obscured by the Base Health bars
  • Fixed a bug where the Classic Striker wouldn't show up correctly in the Hangar when using the Carbon Team Color
  • Fixed a bug where the cargo pod wouldn't display correctly on the BlackOps Bomber when using the Carbon Team Color
  • Fix some issues with UI Messaging on VIP Shop Ticket use

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Reduce AirMech Radar vision range from 40 to 35
  • Bucky upkeep increased from 2 to 4
  • Bucky turret rotation speed decreased to 100
  • Bomb damage decreased from 300 to 270
  • Bomb cost increased from 800 to 900
  • HAAT cost decreased from 7700 to 7200
  • SAM cost decreased from 900 to 800
  • Bot Spawner cost decreased from 4200 to 3500
  • Roller upkeep increased from 5 to 8
  • Grinder upkeep increased from 6 to 9
  • Arty range increased from 26 to 28
  • Arty radar vision range increased from 20 to 32
  • Roller has a weak back spot again. It will take 200% damage from the back
  • Hawk damage reduction increased from -10% to -8%
  • Alien airspeed bonus reduced from 5% to 3%
  • Waist Pouch credit income increased from 4% to 5%
  • Gothic Mask missile shootdown chance increased from 6% to 8%
  • Sunflower Seeds auto-repair rate increased from 5% to 10%
  • Inversion Higgs airspeed bonus decreased from +3% to +2%
  • Fine Honeypot +HP decreased from +10% to +4%
  • Fine Honeypot +repair rate decreased from +10% to +2%
  • Fine Honeypot +build cost decreased from +50% to +10%
  • Fine Honeypot +build time decreased from +50% to +40%
  • Fort power gained per quarter reduced from 20 to 10

AirMech Version 19968 October 5th, 2013 Edit

Halloween is coming! Everyone loved the spooky themed content from last year, so it's back and expanded this time! You have another chance to get some of the items from last year, and new items, pets and a new pilot! The Pumpkin Pet from last year has been tweaked to now mount on your AirMech's head in ground form like a headless horseman, and we updated the skull pets with this behavior as well. (so your head shouldn't stick through them anymore)

Many of the new items can be found in our Halloween Crate which will start dropping now. (finally PAX stuff is going away for a while) Some of the items are also rare drops, the others can be found in the shop. There is also a new Pumpkin Badge if you manage to collect at least 15 of the 19 items.

An exciting new gameplay change is the ability to select multiple units at once from the air! Originally were testing this in Salt rules, but we think it's a good change to let into the main game. When in the air, hold the CTRL key and you will see units below selected. When you are ready, then assign them the order you want and off they go! Let us know this works for you and if you find any bugs with it.


Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix for the reconcile bug that would occur if players did a fast drop and transform to the ground
  • Fix for Item Icons scaling incorrectly in the End Game UI
  • Fix for the Paladin Aura not showing up on the FF2000, Boomer, and Creeper
  • Fixed a bug where the Saucer wouldn't be able to pick up the Neutral Lockbox if they had spent a point on the Abduct ability in V2 rules
  • Fixed a bug where the Report Card icon would appear too large in the Report/Commend Screen
  • Fixed a bug where the Item Icon would appear too large in another players loadout while in Matchmaking Lobby

AirMech Version 19589 September 20th, 2013 Edit

Small patch this week to fix some bugs, including a nasty desync bug which we're very sorry for. We've been making improvements on the art side of things, and work continues on the networking and server systems which should reduce lag for everyone when it's all done and working smoothly.


  • Generator now increases an Outposts Orb recharge rate and reduces recharge delay when placed on an adjoining Power Socket in V2 rules (Salt and Rath)
  • Slight update to the Steampunk Helix model
  • New Hangar images for the Striker, Helix and Helix variants

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix for desync issue in Coop games

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Factory credit output increased from 40 to 80
  • Outpost credit output increased from 20 to 40
  • Bucky cost increased from 2500 to 2600

AirMech Version 19454.1 September 16th, 2013 Edit

Thanks everyone for a very exciting weekend! Apologies for any server connection issues, we're in the middle of some rather large changes that in the end will be a big improvement, but aware they are causing some issues while we work out the kinks. You can read more about that here:

This is a balance patch rolling in a lot of changes that have been suggested by the community. Most of these changes affect the "standard" rules, and we're not making unit specific changes in regards to Salt and Rath just yet.

Speaking of the new rules, thanks for the feedback everyone so far. Some people are confused about the removal of Overtime in the new rules and I wanted to explain that. It is my feeling that Overtime is kind of a hack to keep games from going on too long. Personally it's not a satisfying victory, and we want to set up the conditions for games to end in a reasonable amount of time, and to win by attacking. So removing Overtime allows us to really look at the end game in detail and think about tweaks to the game flow that will let us achieve this. As always, ideas are welcome on the forums.

And with that, here's your weekly balance changes:

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Striker missile speed inherited from mech increased from 45% to 60%
  • Leveler Hit Points decreased from 600 to 480
  • Leveler XP reward increased from 300 to 400
  • Longhorn upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Gemini upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Armadillo upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Seeker upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Buster upkeep increased from 2 to 3
  • Goliath upkeep increased from 9 to 12
  • T99 upkeep increased from 5 to 6
  • T45 upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • HAAT upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Gatty upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Roller upkeep increased from 4 to 5
  • Grinder upkeep increased from 4 to 6
  • Bucky upkeep increased from 1 to 2
  • Grinder speed increased from 2 to 4
  • Armadillo speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Flakker speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Jammer speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Patcher speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Bucky speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Rebel speed increased from 5 to 6
  • Shooter vision increased from 20 to 22
  • Shooter range increased from 22 to 23 (he will still only shoot things within 22 range, but he has to have more range than vision or he'll just sit there doing nothing after seeing an enemy unit)
  • Bucky vision increased from 24 to 26
  • "Fine" Units +build time decreased from +80% to +50%
  • Bombs damage increased from 225 to 300 per bomb
  • Bombs blast radius increased from 5 to 6
  • Bombs drop pattern changed to a sideways rhombus
  • Bombs cost set to 800 per bomb
  • Bombs weight set to 700 per bomb
  • Bombs build time set to 4 per bomb
  • Bombs power cost set to 75 per bomb

AirMech Version 19454 September 14th, 2013 Edit

Happy Moon Festival everyone! As we wind down PAX celebrations, we're starting our cake sharing holiday. This was a popular event last year, and we've made some fun tweaks due to all the changes in the game over the past year.

As some of you remember, the Mooncake Item was the very first thing that let you "share cakes". Then we added it to the cake/pie pets, and now that we are back we wanted to have a proper Mooncake pet too! So, it has been added to the Shop. We've also changed the cake sharing quest rules where for each cake you have, it gets counted. So every player have 3 cakes shared per Matchmaking game.

The Tax Books are now dropping! We goofed and had a problem with them, and our plan of giving out the tax discount books at the same time as adding the market tax backfired. But, all is well now, and the books are set to start dropping.


  • New Paladin variant: Gothic Paladin
  • New Cake: Mooncake!. The original cake is back!
  • Moon Rabbit returns for the Moon Festival!
  • Tax Books (set of 3) can be found to reduce Market Tax rate
  • Default market listing diamond prices to shop price
  • Yummy Cake stacks; new Cake quest
  • add Outlined Mouse Cursor game option
  • Neutral Lockboxes now give 30,000 Credits

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix for Sergeant on outposts (don't attract infantry)
  • fix Drop Boost UI display bug
  • fix bug with neutral Vaultbox draining outpost bulbs if it's damaged

AirMech Version 19378 September 11th, 2013 Edit


  • New Test Map Rath. Thar variant with V2 rules (like Salt)
  • New group selection mechanism for selecting multiple units. Holding down Left CTRL button (or B in controller) will allow players to select multiple units at once to assign orders. Currently only works on Salt and Rath (as part of the V2 game rules)
  • Bombers Mantis Strike ability has been updated to hit up to 3 targets when fired
  • The hat placement position for the Steampunk Neo and Steampunk Warthog has been slightly updated
  • Updated animations for the Paladin and Warthog
  • Slight updates to the 4th of July Paladin model
  • Slight updates to the Shark Helix, Gothic Helix and Apache Helix models
  • Fixed some items that weren't purchasable with a VIP shop ticket
  • In-game FAQ has been slightly updated
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix possible crash bug in audio system
  • Fixed a bug where the Helix and some flair items would appear black if the graphics settings were turned down
  • Fixed a bug where the Striker shield would be turned down when in use
  • Fixed a bug where Paladin Hammer throw wouldn't animate correctly when using a controller
  • Fixed so Infantry appear on initially controlled outposts in V2 rules

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Rework of the Bomb unit mechanic

AirMech Version 19212 August 28th, 2013 Edit

PAX is upon us! We are going a bit crazy getting ready for the show this weekend which is now 4 days long. Instead of giving out codes for PAX content, we decided to drop special PAX Crates and PAX Keys and double up on the drops for everything. (tip, you don't need to buy them in the Market, just play and you'll be all set) And remember, the higher your VIP status the more drops you can get (+1 for each level).

We'll be doing a balance patch tomorrow if we have time after setting up for the show. We're continuing to balance the new Salt mode in parallel with the classic game rules, so be sure to leave us feedback for both.


  • PAX Crates and Keys may now drop
  • New Item: EVO Headphones (random drop during PAX)
  • on Salt (new game rules) Creep spawn is always Q2 creeps
  • on Salt (new game rules) Add a minimum credit income for Forts and Outpost even after completely drained

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix desync bug that could occur in survival mode games
  • fix duplicate color blind markers on Salt outposts
  • fix some links getting discarded/lost in chat
  • bug fix for Brute being able to link/board an APC (Boxer)
  • fix profanity filtering to work on in game chat

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Make infantry more closely follow Sergeant
  • Add 'minimum placement distance to enemy' setting for units - set on Heavy Mine as a test
  • AirMech radar range reduced from 50 to 40

AirMech Version 19144 August 25th, 2013 Edit

Another small patch to fix a crash bug with the Pumpkin Saucer, and maybe some other things we didn't notice. Double XP for the rest of Sunday to make up for it ;)

We're also trying a small experiment starting with the release of the Oink. There's a lot of indie developers and artists out there, and we'd like to help spread the word about them. We'd like to find ones that are a good match for us, and let them add some content to AirMech. Then by supporting that dev, you can get a code for their content in AirMech. We'll see how it goes, and maybe expand this more officially in the future if you guys like it.


  • New Pilot: Oink - Beppo Alternate, special indie comic crossover

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fixed crash bug for some particle effects
  • fixed AI building Survival units

AirMech Version 19134 August 23rd, 2013 Edit

Quick turnaround bug fix patch update! We had a really rare crash when using Jack O'Lantern, but it needed to be fix. Also gave us the chance to enable the NVision Neo.

We've been having a great time watching people play Salt! Some games are really fast and deadly, and we saw one go for full hour! There's definitely some problems towards the end, such as super powerful creep spawning. We'll need to change that around, and might make Outposts always give at least a little income so controlling the map gives a more definitive advantage.


Bug fixes:Edit

  • fixed crash bug which would occur with some pets equipped
  • fixed bug with Sergeant and APC units attracting infantry locked in outpost
  • fix range calculation for artillery blast damage to be 'more correct'
  • fixed issue where some units were still checking Power state on Salt when firing
  • remove Power UI for spectators on Salt

AirMech Version 19123 August 23th, 2013 Edit

Big changes are in the works! And now we're at the point where we can share a preview of things with all Beta players. You'll find a new map available in Custom: Salt. More than just a new map, we are using it to test a potential replacement set of game rules for the game.

The current state of the game with Power, Quarters, Overtime etc. evolved out of trying to counteract turtles and games going on forever. Before we continue down that path and add more and more layers of rules, we wanted to take a shot at simplifying the game with some fundamentally different approaches to things. We're not sure we will continue in this direction, but we wanted to try it out and see how it feels.

A huge change is the removal of Power as a concept. Now you can build up to 200 units with Credits being your only restriction. The catch is that now your potential Credits are limited! Your Fortress and every Outpost have raw fuel reserves which slowly convert into Credits. MoneyMakers can be used to speed up this process, but they give you no extra credits--they just help suck the Outposts dry faster.

We've removed the old Bulbs, and now Infantry take up positions around the corners of the Outposts and will actively defend them. Now you have a reason to put a Brute or a SAM in an outpost instead of a Probe. They gain similar benefits as if they were bunkered at the door of the Outpost.

If you are confused because now you see a LOT of bulbs on the Salt Outposts, that's something else new. Instead of recharging you forever, there's a limited amount of Health/Fuel each Outpost can hold. Over time it regenerates, but you can no longer sit safely over an Outpost while holding off your enemy for as long as you want.

So what if you run out of resources? Well that's really a bad thing! Right now we don't cleanly handle the stalemate situation, but that will be addressed in future builds. But it makes it extremely important to control the map, and therefore the resources. Whoever controls the map will make the most money, and win the game with a larger army. At least that's the plan!

We would love to hear your feedback regarding Salt and where we could take the gameplay from here. Or, maybe we were on the right track all along and simplifying the gameplay won't work. At least while we are in Beta, we don't mind making big chances and experiment to try and find the sweet spot for the game. Your feedback is critical to that process, so hopefully we will see you in the forums to discuss it.


  • New Infantry: Jumper - a rocket jumping madman!
  • Salt map with new game rules available for all players (new game rules are still in testing phase, can be played in PvP).
  • Some slight updates to the robot modes of the Raptr Neo, Shark Neo and Star Neo.

- Updated localizations with the latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server.

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the localized description for the Watermelon wasn't diplay correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the unit stat preview numbers were not updating correctly (when hovering over the unit in the Hangar UI)
  • Fixed a bug where enemy Berthas would sometimes spawn facing the wrong direction when playing Last Stand
  • Contrails now apply properly to the wingtips only, as originally intended

Artillery Changes:Edit

Artillery was not functioning as intended in the previous patch. Even though they got more splash damage, they couldn't actually do any of it unless they were shooting at something with Jammer support. Artillery will now do splash damage in addition to kinetic damage on direct hits. Because of that, their damage amounts are adjusted to retain same single target DPS. The new target area indicators will show you exactly where they are able to attack.

  • Artillery now do splash damage on direct hits against targets
  • Arty kinetic damage reduced from 150 to 60 for a total of 60k+120s per shot
  • Archy kinetic damage reduced from 150 to 120 for a total of 120k+30s per shot
  • Bertha kinetic damage reduced from 300 to 150 for a total of 150k+150s per shot
  • Gatty random spread reduced

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Factory credit income increased from 18 to 40
  • Base power amount reduced from 80 to 40
  • Amount per player on your team increased from 0 to 20
  • L0 Creep weight reduced from 250 to 230
  • L1 Creep HP reduced from 250 to 230
  • L1 Creep weight reduced from 350 to 330
  • L2 Creep HP reduced from 300 to 270
  • L2 Creep weight reduced from 450 to 390
  • L3 Creep HP reduced from 400 to 360
  • L3 Creep weight reduced from 550 to 500
  • All creep radar reduced from 20 to 0
  • Guardian level curve changed from 2, 7, 12, 15 to 1, 5, 9, 12, 15 (Paladin still gets the -1 on all guardian level requirements)
  • Turtle HP increased from 1000 to 1100
  • Energy Guardian additional power % amount increased from 5% to 7%
  • Grinder back weak spot is removed. All damage from the back now does normal amount
  • Roller back weak spot is removed. All damage from the back now does normal amount
  • Soldier DPS reduced from 75 to 50
  • Longhorn DPS increased from 69 to 77
  • Longhorn turret rotation rate decreased from 100 to 90
  • Buster speed increased from 2 to 4
  • Shooter range increased from 20 to 22
  • Shooter visions and radar increased from 21 to 24
  • Flakker range decreased from 21 to 18
  • HAAT range decreased from 22 to 19
  • Ultimate Bucky cost decreased from 22 to 19
  • Bucky vision increased from 23 to 28
  • Striker missile lifespan increased from 0.8 to 2
  • Striker missile speed decreased from 25 to 22

Power Changes:Edit

Even though we're experimenting without Power on Salt, we still want to try and balance the existing game. So we've made more balance tweaks which will apply to any of the normal (besides Salt) maps.

  • Soldier power cost decreased from 50 to 35
  • Runner power cost decreased from 70 to 50
  • Probe power cost increased from 30 to 100
  • Creeper power cost decreased from 200 to 100
  • SAM power cost decreased from 175 to 100
  • Fixer power cost decreased from 125 to 65
  • Brute power cost increased from 50 to 150
  • Shooter power cost increased from 50 to 100
  • Zipper power cost increased from 25 to 60
  • Tango power cost increased from 50 to 110
  • Joker power cost increased from 10 to 75
  • Jackal power cost increased from 50 to 100
  • Goliath power cost increased from 450 to 600
  • Grinder power cost increased from 200 to 500
  • Buster power cost increased from 180 to 225
  • Roller power cost increased from 200 to 400
  • Seeker power cost increased from 125 to 200
  • Rebel power cost increased from 50 to 100
  • T45 power cost increased from 100 to 150
  • T99 power cost increased from 200 to 300
  • Gatty power cost increased from 100 to 150
  • HAAT power cost increased from 200 to 250
  • Arty power cost increased from 100 to 200
  • Archy power cost increased from 100 to 200
  • Bertha power cost increased from 200 to 400
  • Money Maker power cost increased from 75 to 250
  • Bill power bonus reduced from 10% to 8%

AirMech Version 18949 August 16th, 2013 Edit

We're busy working on some major new changes (you may see some testers talk about the Salt map) but we wanted to get some things done that have been requested a lot. With the Steampunk Paladin complete, now every AirMech has a Steampunk variant. We've added a badge to go along with it, which will activate if you have at least 8 unique Steampunk variants. (so as we add more AirMechs it won't go away)

Besides the extensive notes below, something we wanted to expain was that you now get more rewards for playing solo games as a high level player, but a bit less for Custom games. If you are playing any Multiplayer Matchmaking, you will earn 100% normal rewards. Solo games give 80% rewards, and Custom games give 60%. Low level players will get 100% rewards in all levels up until level 10, then these new values are scaled in until level 20.


  • New Paladin Variant: Steampunk Paladin
  • New Badge: Steampunk. Own 8 or more different Steampunk Variants
  • BlackOps Striker model has been updated, now with TeamColor support
  • New Contrails: Lightning Contrails
  • New Shot Color: Orange Tracers
  • Build Power and Power Upkeep now appear in the unit tooltip menu
  • Artillery and healing units now display their range when placed (with a game option added to enable/disable this)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed collision bug on Thar that allowed players to get behind the map
  • Possible fix for the blackscreen issue reported by players
  • Fix for Watermelon stat modifier not displaying correctly in the description text

Balance Changes:Edit

I want to thank everyone for your feedback this past week. There was a lot of productive discussion. I've looked over all of it and included a lot of changes for this batch.

Build power cost of units has been readjusted for most units (since most of them were placeholder values that were never changed) and added to the unit tooltips so that everyone can see them now. Power station credit income is removed to make it a specialized power only outpost.

After the initial testing period for the new infantry units, they're getting changed to better fit their roles. Shooter's HP is getting cut to fit the fragile sniper role. Brute's armor and weapon are getting changed so that he's specialized in taking over extremely heavily defended outposts. Outposts have light armor, so he only needs light weapons. The heavy armor will help survivability tremendously if enemy masses anti-light units to prevent conventional infantry drops. No one seems to like soldier, so he gets a small buff.

Efforts to make all socket units useful are ongoing with buffs to Leveler and BotSpawner. Honeypot is also getting changed so that it can now work off sockets, albeit less effectively than on them. Do try using them instead of MM's and Gens and let us know how it goes. Turrets are getting slightly higher upkeep to compensate for their phenomenal cost efficiency.

Tank turret speeds are getting a couple tweaks to make Gemini turret faster and other tanks' turrets slightly slower. This makes other tanks weaker against mechs, while making Gemini better against them. Another change to the main battle tanks is thier build times and power costs. The intent is to make Gemini the tank you can spam out fast at high power cost. Longhorn the tank that takes longer to build but for less power and Dillo the tank that is more cost efficient compared to the other two, but takes a bit longer to build for more power. All vehicles with move speed of three are now bumped to 4 to make attacks easier.

Artillery is being changed to behave differently. Bertha and Arty will have more splash damage while Archy will be almost purely direct damage. In return, Archy gets more range while Arty and Bertha get less. Radar and vision on all artillery is reduced, they will require other units to spot targets for them to fire from now on.

Based on feedback from the Summer Tounament, some things are getting nerfed (looking at you triple Tycho and radar stacking). Some other underused units are getting buffs and tweaks. Here's the detailed list:

  • Build power costs for most units were rebalanced
  • Build power added to the unit tooltips (hover mouse over units ingame in hangar and in build menu to see the tooltips)
  • Power Station credit output decreased from 22 to 0
  • Shooter HP reduced from 250 to 150
  • Brute weapon type changed from medium to light
  • Brute DPS increased from 120 to 200
  • Brute armor type changed from medium to heavy
  • Brute credit cost increased from 2200 to 3200
  • Brute movement speed increased from 2.0 to 3.5
  • Brute upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Brute weight increased from 850 to 1100
  • Soldier HP increased from 210 to 250
  • Soldier DPS increased from 50 to 75
  • Gatty armor type changed from medium to heavy
  • Gatty upkeep increased from 2 to 3
  • T99 upkeep increased from 4 to 5
  • Aegis upkeep increased from 4 to 5
  • Leveler power upkeep decreased from 15 to 7
  • BotSpawner credit cost decreased from 5400 to 4500
  • Honeypot will now heal units when off sockets, but will have reduced range
  • Honeypot credit cost increased from 2600 to 3900
  • Honeypot power upkeep increased from 3 fo 4
  • All artillery will now require vision of target to fire on it
  • All artillery maximum splash radius reduced from 6 to 4
  • Arty, Archy, and Bertha radar reduced to 20
  • Arty splash damage increased from 38 to 150
  • Arty range reduced from 32 to 26
  • Archy direct damage increased from 120 to 150
  • Archy shot power cost decreased from 20 to 10
  • Bertha direct damage increased from 256 to 300
  • Bertha splash damage increased from 64 to 150
  • Bertha range reduced from 40 to 30
  • Gemini turret turn speed increased from 100 to 150
  • Gemini build time decreased from 7.5 to 6.5
  • Gemini power build cost increased from 150 to 250
  • Longhorn turret turn speed decreased from 150 to 100
  • Longhorn move speed incread from 3 to 4
  • Longhorn build time increased from 7.5 to 10
  • Seeker upkeep decreased from 4 to 3
  • Armadillo turret turn speed decreased from 150 to 100
  • Armadillo build time increased from 6 to 8
  • Armadillo power build cost increased from 75 to 200
  • Goliath turret turn speed decreased from 150 to 60
  • Sonya move speed increased from 3 to 4
  • Ratchet move speed increased from 3 to 4
  • Boxer move speed increased from 3 to 4
  • Seeker move speed increased from 3 to 4
  • Gemini move speed increased from 3 to 4

  • Tycho power bonus reduced from 14% to 8%
  • Samson power bonus reduced from 10% to 8%
  • Husky power bonus reduced from 6% to 5%
  • Striker Missiles base damage per missile increased from 50 to 80
  • Joker weapon type changed from light to medium
  • Bucky upkeep decreased from 2 to 1
  • Bucky credit cost decreased from 2900 to 2500
  • Light Mine build time reduced from 1.8 to 0.8
  • Light Mine credit cost reduced from 400 to 250
  • Light Mine damage reduced from 600 to 400
  • Light Mine weight reduced from 500 to 350
  • Heavy Mine build time reduced from 4 to 2
  • Heavy Mine credit cost reduced from 1200 to 600
  • Heavy Mine damage reduced from 1000 to 600
  • Heavy Mine weight reduced from 900 to 750

As always, please head over to the forums to leave feedback on his round of changes and suggest further changes.

AirMech Version 18752.1 August 9rd, 2013 Edit

Balance Changes:Edit

FF2000 is getting a massive buff (blame snake if it's crazy OP now :D) After player feedback about the last change to generators, they are getting another change. See if you like this better. Also keep an eye out for other changes.

  • FF2000 Build Time reduced from 4 to 3.5 seconds
  • FF2000 HP increased from 150 to 215
  • FF2000 Damage type changed from light to medium
  • FF2000 Move speed increased from 3.5 to 5.8
  • FF2000 Ground DPS increased from 50 to 66
  • Generator build cost power cost decreased from 50 to 0
  • Generator power generation decreased from 7 to 5
  • Bombs build time increased from 6 to 7 seconds
  • Tango credit build cost decreased from 2100 to 1500
  • Boomer build time reduced from 6 to 5
  • Goliath power upkeep increased from 8 to 9
  • Joker salvage value increased from 0 to 450
  • T99 credit build cost increased from 6000 to 6500

AirMech Version 18752 August 7rd, 2013 Edit

Summer update is here! We're really busy on the programming side with some important fixes and new features, so we let the artists loose to make some fun summer content. A few things have been leaking out since last patch, but now we're going live with the Summer Crate and all the cool treats. There's even an Ice Cream Badge for finding all 8 Ice Cream Treats. There's a few ways to get things:

We'll continue with this event until PAX starts at the end of the month. Speaking of which, we will once again be in the awesome Indie MEGABOOTH with all our indie friends! Find us right in the middle of it all in Booth 772

I'd like to announce that long time player Otakuma has taken on the role of Balance Bear! Put in more concrete terms, he'll be acting as "balance ambassador" to the community, pulling together feedback and presenting us with tweaks to fine tune high level balance. It's a nice compliment to having Liquidsnake3 as our Community Goodwill Ambassador, and I expect this means we can more quickly make small balance experiments.


  • New Unit: Shooter, a sniper infantry class
  • Start new players in the first Challenge map
  • Add "ice cream truck music" to Ice Cream Buck
  • Players level 5 and under should now always be put in Simple map when choosing Solo Matchmaking (bug, see below)
  • Summer Crate starts dropping, Crate 2 is retired

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Generator and Money Maker are getting a few tweaks to make them less spammy. Also keep an eye out for the other balancing changes.
  • Reduce Money Maker production by 33%
  • Increase Fortress credit production by 20%
  • Generator build power cost increased from 0 to 50
  • Generator build credit cost increased from 2000 to 2500
  • Generator build time increased from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Generator power generation decreased from 10 to 7
  • Generator kill experience increased from 100 to 150
  • Armadillo power drain increased from 2.5 to 3.0
  • Bombs energy build cost increased from 100 to 150
  • HAAT and Flakker ground damage penalty to mechs reduced from 50% to 35%

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed bugs where unlocking alternates could hang the client with the spinning red circle
  • Fixed a bug where players could get behind the main base of Thar
  • Fixed a bug where units would appear floating in mid-air near the side outposts next to the main bases on Duel
  • Make Ice Cream Buck link work properly
  • Stop drop timer for maps like Tutorial, Challenge maps

Known Issues:Edit

  • The Watermelon has a broken property tag. It should read 100% Yummy Cake
  • Bug where all players using Solo Matchmaking go into Simple. Use Custom - Solo games as a workaround

AirMech Version 18668 August 3rd, 2013 Edit


  • New Summer Bucky Variant: Ice Cream Buck
  • Performance optimization work
  • Added keybinding for Build Menu Toggle, and made Mouse3,4,5 bindable
  • Clicking on a private message will start composing a response
  • Disabled Hardcore modifier in Match Made games. Losing in hardcore mode gives no rewards (because, you're hardcore...)
  • Disabled self destruct in hardcore, since self destruction is not hardcore

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the text for the AirMech name and level would shrink on the Hangar UI when in a different language.
  • Fix so Brutes can't ride in Boxer transport units
  • Fix Bomber AI's melee attack range

AirMech Version 18530 July 26th, 2013 Edit

Where did my units go?! Don't worry, things will be ok. We've been dreading this switch for about the past year because we knew we wanted to change the default units but didn't have a good way to do it. So the old units have been removed and now must be unlocked-but most are just 500 kudos. And you get new units instead! Thanks for your patience while we do switchover.

New in this patch is the Report System which lets you either commend or report players. See someone in chat being helpful? Send Carbon feedback to let them know. Played a game with someone terrible? After the game check your recently met players (in Social) and file a report. Players that reach a certain number of reports (good or bad) will be reviewed by Carbon.

We have a whole bunch of new infantry coming, and the first is the Brute! This is the Goliath of Infantry, and has a in-game level 5 restriction to build. To make it more flexible, you can assign it orders like large units. He's a powerhouse, and looks super cool.


  • New Player Reporting system (Report Card items can be earned by redeeming Daily Login and Win Quests)
  • New Starting Units: T45 and Joker
  • New players now start with only 4 basic units
  • New players put into Challenge 1 when starting the game
  • New Infantry unit:Brute
  • New Helix Variant: BlackOps Helix
  • New Paladin Variant: Nexus Paladin
  • New Flair item: Matt's Birthday Cake
  • Mini-map UI has been updated to show level terrain (work in progress)
  • In-game build UI has been slightly updated
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Paladin Hammer Stasis ability has been changed to 1.5 seconds (down from the default value of 4 for Neo EMP and Stasis mines)
  • Paladin's Hammer damage now starts at 45 instead of 60 per hit
  • "Separate DPS" and "Sustained DPS" now shown as separate values in the Hangar UI
  • Buster now does 33% less damage to Fortress and Outposts

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug with the Bucky's DPS calculation
  • Fixed a bug where the Jammer truck would sometimes play the incorrect animation
  • Fixed a bug where the damage numbers on AirMechs wouldn't appear correctly if they were receiving an aura buff from the Paladin
  • Fixed a bug where the SAM waves in survival could ignore Bear Traps
  • Fixed a bug where infantry waves in Survival would attack outposts that were already captured for their team

AirMech Version 18229 July 13th, 2013 Edit

Paladin is available for everyone to try! Right now all levels can use him, but we'll be giving him the normal level restriction next patch. Keep in mind he is an balanced AirMech to use, not focused on attack power. He's best when he's with his units and selecting the best Aura for the situation, and using the hammer to slow down enemy units. Remember your shield does not protect you when the Hammer is thrown!

We've been making a number of internal bugfixes and changes that have been long overdue. We're still working on Matchmaking and the Party system, and we have some great content updates coming soon. We wanted to focus on the Paladin this patch, but there's new Units coming next week!

To celebrate the release of the Paladin, we're doing Double XP weekend! If you have him unlocked, you should be able to level him up quite fast!


  • Paladin AirMech class is now available to all players
  • New Paladin parts: Quickcharge Core and Economy Engine
  • New Premium Pet: Black Jetpack Cat
  • Matchmaking lobby has been updated to use new unit selection

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix targeting issues with units, and with the HAAT
  • Bug fix for team color showing up as the wrong icon in the matchmaking lobby when doing a latency check
  • Bug fix for player names sometimes not showing up correctly on the end game screen
  • Bug fix for client hanging when trying to purchase certain units/variants
  • Bug fix to address the flyer units sometimes not firing when playing on Last Stand

AirMech Version 18135.1 July 6th, 2013 Edit

With the new changes to air damage, we started with a calculated value based on ground damage but the Warthog seems to be a bit high and the others a bit low. So we've added some air DPS to all the AirMechs except the Warthog, which has been reduced a bit. Let's see how this feels.

We've also switched over to Crate 2 and Crate 1 has been retired. Check out the new goodies inside! If you manage to collect all 9 Donuts, there's a Donut Badge you can equip in chat.



  • Air DPS has been tweaked; more damage for all AirMechs except for Warthog, which had a slight reduction

AirMech Version 18135.0 July 4th, 2013 Edit

Happy July 4th! Besides being Independence Day in the United States, Carbon Games was revealed to the world 2 years ago on this date. We started this company on our own, free from the traditional developer/publisher structure, so it was a very fitting day to declare our own independence. And we consider all of you part of extended Carbon family! Some of the items from last year have returned and will be available for the next 2 weeks.

We've made some improvements and fixes to the Paladin. Something to be aware of is that we removed the "none" Aura when cycling, since there's no reason to turn them off. Each Aura now gets more powerful the more points you put into it! We've fixed some animation glitches too, and are moving into the final balance/polish phase.

The Liberty Paladin is here, but as the Paladin is not released to everyone yet it's only available to Prime owners to purchase. We are trying to get the Paladin done for next week, and the open it up to everyone. But for now we'd really like it if all the Prime players could do their best to "break" the Paladin and let us know any remaining issues in the forums.


  • Liberty Paladin available (July 4th Limited, currently Prime only)
  • Liberty Bombs available (July 4th Limited)
  • Liberty Boosters available (July 4th Limited)
  • Uncle Sam's Tophat available (July 4th Limited, new Cosmetic)
  • Bald Eagle available (July 4th Limited)
  • Improved Paladin's Hammer catching animations
  • Improved Damage/XP numbers in-game
  • Updated Paladin Auras functionality (increase per level)

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • bug fix for Paladin's Hammer return issues
  • some fixes for displaying Auras from overlapping Paladins
  • fix bug with display of 'do the tutorial' banner
  • fixes for missing particles for units firing from off-screen
  • fix contrails on Helix and Paladin
  • some text display fixes for some language settings
  • fixes for alternate unlocking issues (still may need further fixes)
  • increase maximum ignore size list, and give a warning when it's full

AirMech Version 18062.1 June 28th, 2013 Edit

Thanks for all the testing feedback so far! Keep playing with the Paladin, getting used to it, using it both in Solo and on teams. Tell us about the best exploits you find! We'll continue to balance him all weekend based on YOUR feedback.


  • reducing air lethality across the full range of AirMechs
  • Paladin HP reduced to 1050 (from 1120)
  • Set Aura bonuses to correct values (were double for testing)
  • Reduce Aura range to 8.0 from 9.0

AirMech Version 18062.0 June 28th, 2013 Edit

Paladin preview edition! We're in the final testing stages of the Paladin, and since we're still balancing his numbers we're restricting access to Prime and Beta Bundle owners. This is because those users will get him for free anyways, so we don't have to worry about people unlocking him now and maybe not liking some changes we make to him before we finish balancing. So Prime owners, try it out, let us know what you think in our forums!

The Paladin is a support class AirMech that uses Auras to buff friendly units near him. Auras don't consume Energy, but it does cost a bit to switch them using Control or Middle Click. He also has a Hammer ability which is similar to the charge/release ability of the Bomber , but with a very different effect. The Hammer will inflict a stasis debuff on anything it hits, and does damage both going out and coming back. It takes some skill to get good with, but it's very useful for managing enemy units. The Paladin also has a special bonus of taking half damage from frontal attacks, since he has to be on the front line with units to be most effective. He can also activate his Auras in the air by Right-Clicking, but this consumes Energy.


  • New AirMech class: Paladin. Currently available to AirMech Prime Bundle owners
  • Unlocking of Alternate units has been reworked. Players can purchase additional stacks at anytime from the Shop UI
  • Reworking and improving the Army loadout UI
  • Guardian Ability has been updated
  • The conditions to unlock the Carbon Account Quest have been reworked. Players no longer need to creat a separate Carbon Games account and link it to their Steam/Aeria/Gamers First account, but can attact an email address to their current account
  • Spectators can now inspect units/items from a players loadout
  • Vaults can accumulate value faster when attached to a power pad
  • Volume controls have been updated


  • Experimenting with Vault units gaining interest income more rapidly when on a pad

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the Saucers Death Beam was getting double level damage multipliers applied to it
  • Fixed a bug where Pets from different loadouts would be applied in-game if you were switching between your loadouts in the Matchmaking Lobby
  • Fixed a screen positioning bug that affected the desplay of the Ping locator (Z key)
  • Fised an animation state bug that was affecting the Turtle unit
  • Bugfixes for game executable process sometimes not terminating correctly

AirMech Version 17760.1 June 15th, 2013  Edit

Small update to turn on some new content and also let you know you can test out the Buster on the Thar map but only when playing Solo modes. You'll find some of them near the enemy Fortress. They won't be there in online games.

We're introducing Books for the first time, starting with the Book of Econ 1 and 2. The first one will be a random drop, and the second one is available for purchase. Be sure to read the description to understand how they work, since each one will increase your maximum Market listing slots but with different caps.

Remember if you want to get the heads up on new content to check our Facebook page. All the links to find out more about AirMech are on the Social > Connect page.


AirMech Version 17760.0 June 14th, 2013 Edit

Introducing the Buster Tank! This thing is all cannon, not even enough space to even build a proper turret. While it's HP is low, the front is reinforced so it can outlast other Tanks head on, but watch out for the sides and back. It behaves a bit strange because it can't aim well, consider that part of the downside of being almost as strong as a Goliath with it's main gun. Since it has new behaviors, it will probably need tweaking in future patches, but you can use it now--free for all AirMech Prime owners, and unlockable as normal for everyone else.

Some important bugfixes this patch include a fix for the "stuck at Fortress" issue at the start of the games. It was a tricky one to track down but we think it's finally fixed.

We're in the middle of replacing our Party and Matchmaking system. It's not complete yet, but you can see the start of the new UI where the Party members are moved to the top of the screen. The underlying code is still the old system, so there may be some bugs as we transition to Parties 2.0, and you can let us know in the forums if you find anything game-breaking.


  • New unit: Buster (still tweaking behavior)
  • New player level icons
  • Party members now display at the top of the Main Menu
  • 2 new Market filters (Not in Shop and Not Owned)
  • Updated Faction Charter icons
  • Jammer unit model has been updated
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
  • Updated Sandrim minimap


  • Disabled artillery shells from doing blast damage to the Fortress or Outposts
  • Moved Sockets in Sandrim from center to corner Outposts

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed bugs related to players not being able to move away from the Fort at the start of a game
  • Fixed some collision bugs on Simple
  • Fixed some bugs related to AirMech ground targeting
  • Bugfixes for operation of Shop filters

AirMech Version 17604.0 June 6th, 2013 Edit

Quick patch to fix some things related to the new Carbon color and recent content.


  • New minimap art for Twin Peaks
  • UI color tweaks for Carbon color
  • Artillery direct/splash damage values balanced for new system
  • Noted that Diamond Box gives 1200-1800 Diamonds

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix Seashell icons
  • fix Steampunk Warthog Carbon color
  • bug fix for Alternate unlocking from within the Hangar menus
  • fix various shield effects for Carbon color
  • fixing UI transitions into the MatchMaking lobby
  • bug fix for Artillery/Jammers allow blast damage
  • fix translation issue when switching languages

AirMech Version 17583.0 June 4th, 2013 Edit

Ocean Week is here! This goes with our new Crate drop system (they won't eat up your normal drops now) where you can collect the Fish set (6 in all) which gives you the new Collection Badge. We'll be expanding this in the future, where you get a badge if you have a whole Collection, and it will go away if you sell or trade away any of the set.

Our first premium color is ready: Carbon! A bit of an homage to Carbon Games' own orange color, this mainly black design looks really nice. We know players have been asking for the new colors for a long time, but as our style involves painting everything by hand it takes quite a bit of time to create a color. It is really a massive amount of work for us, which is why we're making it a premium color that costs more than others.

We're also reworking color selection a bit. Have a friend who bought Carbon? It would sure suck if you forced him to use blue when you didn't want to, so now we have a "no vote" color. When using this, you'll be assigned a color based on other player's choices. Colors also now work in Matchmaking games, however you may still get outvoted by you opponents since you can't see their selection. Be sure to unlock higher levels of colors to give you a better chance to get the one you want.


  • World Ocean Day content!
  • Find the new Ocean Crate
  • team color added to MatchMaking Lobby UI
  • new 'set badges' for Skulls, Pool Balls, and Fish
  • gameplay update to Jammers functionality
  • added cosmetics/pets display back to game lobby UI
  • updates to the drop system, specific Crate drops added
  • updated Auto Attack functionality to make it less effective
  • added copy/paste function for per AirMech cosmetics and pet loadout
  • slight increase of credits given by Fortress

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix Deathray damage to Fortress front door, and now correctly uses Damage modifiers
  • bugfix to not load the respawn UI when you are destroyed in Hardcore mode
  • fix hat positions for some Osprey Variants

AirMech Version 17455.0 May 29th, 2013 Edit


  • added Key (3 Pack) to the Shop
  • added Diamond Roll (3 Pack) to the Shop

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • fix for potential network transport bug (related to not seeing your own text in chat)
  • some fixes to jittering units (repair units in particular)
  • fix 'dominating' UI from appearing in Survival games
  • don't latch placed units to outpost pads when they are dropped with an order other than 'hold'
  • fix loadouts when placing an item for sale on the market
  • some fixes for Steam initialization issue
  • fix for enemy fliers on Last Stand trying to abduct mines

AirMech Version 17400.0 May 24th 2013 Edit

NOTICE: Towel Day is Saturday 25th! One day only, you'll be able to collect your towel as part of our tribute to Douglas Adams.

Memorial Day is almost here, so remember to thank the men and women that serve in the military no matter what country you are in. No matter what your politics are, the individuals who serve are just doing their part to support your country and keep everyone safe, and it takes a lot of courage to do that. Our thoughts are with those who have given their lives to serve their countries.

We've added a new Ability for the Saucer: Death Ray! This has been something we have wanted to do for a long time and are finally getting around to it. Still needs some polish, but it's pretty fun already, and definitely makes Saucer a glass cannon. The beam does more damage the longer it is active, which adds a nice tactical element to it's use. Let us know what you think!

A number of Player Market improvements this patch, such as sorting by listing time, and a dedicated Chat tab for market related chat. We've had to increase the level to purchase things to 10 to shut down exploits, but having any VIP level will bypass this. Please, use extreme caution when buying and selling on the market. Assume all players are trying to cheat you! This is part of the fun and the danger of the Market.


  • New ability for the Saucer: Death Ray
  • New Memorial Day Seasonal Items: "Combat Helmet" Hat, "Lily Bouquet' Item, "Dog Tag" Item, "Combat Boots" Item
  • Added a "Market" channel to the Chat UI, all selling/buying discussion goes there now
  • Allow equipping of duplicate Pets! (if you own more than one of them)
  • Moved Shop search box to the main section
  • Updated localizations with the latest suggestions from Steam Translation Server
  • Must be level 10 to buy or sell on the Market, or have any VIP level

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed bugs related to the Player Market (players not being able to list items, items not showing up correctly after purchasing from player market)
  • Fix for updating the Markets availability when you hit level 10 (required a restart before)
  • Fix for hangar UI not being cleared when pulled into a party matchmaking lobby
  • Fix color mapping for team colored Pets, like the Football Helmet

AirMech Version 17284.0 May 18th 2013 Edit

Player market terms of use
The Player Market is now available to everyone! It's located at the bottom of the Shop page. Click on it, read our little warning about it, accept it and you can get started. To sell things, drag them from My Collection to the "Drag Here to Sell" button in the upper right of that frame. Set the price, time, to who you want to sell, and if you are paying the listing fee in Diamonds or Kudos.

Even though we have a warning for you to accept on that page, we want to stress it again here: use common sense. Many items in the Player Market could be priced higher than in the normal game shop. We have no control over the prices the players set, and our first attempt at this will be to allow a completely open economy. If that doesn't work, we'll add more controls, but we prefer the players to work things out on their own.

Try to keep the Market related chat minimized in Global Chat. Because it's not direct trading, you don't need to negotiate or advertise in there--just list things for sale and then go play. Gothic Crates are being sold for a nice price it seems, and the only way you can get them is from drops. Have fun!


  • Added a LE symbol to cards to designate Limited Edition items
  • Added /market command that can be used in the "AirMech" chat window to see your Market history

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Make it so you can buy/cancel Units and Pilots on the Market (some were bugged)
  • Add a level 10 or VIP restriction to selling on the Market (buying is ok)
  • Increase the number of items that are sellable (ongoing)

AirMech Version 17220.1 May 15th 2013 Edit

We're making some changes to Artillery to try to make them more of an optional use thing instead of "you better take Artillery or you'll lose". If you think Artillery were not super powerful, you probably weren't using them as well as you could have. The pro players discovered that you can dominate with Artillery and all high level games have revolved around that. It's another reason you shold go to the Watch tab and look for the 3 Star Elo games--you can learn some of the best tricks and strategies from the Pros first hand!

We're reducing the range by 10% of all Artillery, and Damage by 5%. We're also reducing the base Power needs by a bit (now 2 for the regular ones and 4 for Bertha) but adding a Power cost per shot (10 per shot for regular and 20 for Bertha). What this means is if you have too many Artillery firing too much, you run the risk of losing all your Power, and you won't be able to build as effectively. If you want to tum them off, just aim them away from an enemy target.

We will be keeping a close eye on this, so play some games with these changes in mind, and let us know what you think. We'd like to see more variety in the tactical options avaiable to players, so the goal is that strong Artillery play is still very valid, but that its not the only path to winning.


AirMech Version 17220.0 May 15th, 2013 Edit

Quick patch to address a few bugs. We're continuing to test the Market, and will let players test it soon! A note about Keys, you do not need them if you are not planning on opening a Crate! There's no harm in buying them, but it does nothing on it's own.

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix bug with Alternate Units not unlocking properly
  • Correct name of Gothic Crates on news promo page
  • Increase drop rate on Crates (the only way to get Crates is from drops)
  • made the Copy Referral Link button on the Referrals tab actually work
  • make the chat link for Lilith work

AirMech Version 17191.0 May 15th, 2013 Edit

As you may have heard, we're preparing a Player Market where you can sell thins (in a way, trade) to other players, which will finally allow items to circulate in the game economy. We've wanted to expand drops and unique items, but without a way to move things around we end up being very limited. It's not live just yet, but it's been quite a big change and has taken a lot of work. We expect this to be live in the next patch or two.

We've started our Gothic Week promo, and to start giving players more random items we're going to have a number of ways to get the new Skull Pets. One of them you can buy, two of them are random drops, and three of them can be found in our new Gothic Crates.

Some players are not excited at the mention of Crates, but I think you should be. The reason I really like it is we can increase the drop rate of things, and put some really good things in the Crates. If a player doesn't have a Key or is not interested in them, they still have value and will be able to be sold on the open Market.

We've also added a new Diamond VIP badge for players as a small token to show our appreciation. While we deeply appreciate all players who have contributed any amount, we feel at a loss to properly thank those who have contributed in a way that is purely in support of us as a small indie studio. Please don't try to "get" Diamond VIP at this time--we are adjusting the thresholds for it over time, and it's not even as good as Gold VIP in terms of benefits. Once things solidify we'll talk about it more.

Thanks for your patience as we've taken a bit longer with this patch, but it's all for the future progress of AirMech. We appreciate your help in tracking down any serious problems, because there very well may be some. Head on over to the forums and let us know what you find.


  • New Gothic themed items: Helix, "Lilith" Pilot, "Skull" Pets
  • Added new language option: Hungarian
  • New badge: Diamond VIP
  • updated localizations based on latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
  • Performance optimization work (for CPU bound machines)
  • Show an "offline" state for server locations on the world map
  • Limited Edition Google I/O 2013 Pet! (May 15-17)


  • Crater has had a significant rework where the middle is now raised instead of lowered

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where healers wouldn't be able to salvage destroyed alternate units
  • Fixed a bug where some of the AirMech hangar icons wouldn't appear correctly when changing team colors
  • UI bug fixes when switching player view in spectator mode
  • Fix for a couple obscure crash bugs

AirMech Version 17009.0 May 5th, 2013 Edit

It's time to talk about map control. As the game has matured, It's quite obvious that controlling the map and the Outposts greatly increases the chances you will win. Control the entire map, and victory is almost certain. We've also wanted to make sure that there is a chance to make a comeback in the right situation, and we've seen some amazing games like that.

However, we may have made it a bit too easy to hold on and defend. A team may not be able to win, but they can make a game last into Overtime, which is a long frustrating experience. So we've made some changes which should help games end sooner.

If one team controls all Outposts on the map, and does so for 100 seconds, the enemy team will go into a special "low income" state. There are UI indicators which clearly indicate this, and for the time for it to happen. To avoid it, simply cause any Outpost to go neutral and the timer will be dismissed.

This is the first test of this system so if you experience it in a game, let us know how it works out by posting in the forums. Note that most games never see this state, so wait to experience it and see how it affects your game before commenting on it. It sounds scary, but it's meant to be the first step towards solving long games where the outcome is already known.

Next step will be to implement a surrender option, so you can accept a loss gracefully, end the game and still get your Kudos and XP.


  • New Overrun state: occurs when one team holds all outposts on a map
  • New Parts: Abduction Jammer and Reprogrammer
  • New Server location: Hyderabad, India
  • New Pilots: Ultimate Beppo
  • New Pets: AbleGamers Joystick , proceeds go to AbleGamers Charity and donors get a "Heart" badge for chat
  • Rework of right side of map on Simple and remove center Sockets
  • Major rework of Twin Peaks


  • add a guns only damage bonus, used on DPU Ammo

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug on the back-end that would cause some quests to not be redeemable
  • Fixed a bug where resolution/graphic detail could sometimes change after a network game
  • Fixed a bug where healer units would continue healing units that were abducted by the other team
  • Fixed bug with AI's using random flairs
  • Fix for ability UI focus in game when using a controller
  • Fix controller input bindings issues using the shoulder buttons
  • Bug fixes for Boxer

AirMech Version 16891.0 April 26th, 2013 Edit

Is -1 a thing of the past?


  • New: Use "\" to watch what your teammates are doing. (this is really cool you should try it)
  • Updates to the Parts System. Parts now have a required number of points that need to be available in order to equip
  • New Cinco de Mayo items: Zara Pilot, Sombrero Hat, Maracas Item, Pinata Pet
  • New Level Up Quests: Available at Level 60 and 100
  • Server Latency test can now be run from the Locations menu
  • Alienware pilot art has been updated
  • Players now have an option to spend in-game credits to decrease respawn time
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
  • Added loadout statistics totals on AirMech tooltip in the Hangar UI


  • added 'weak spot' to the back of Bertha

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fix for the heal beam draining energy on airmech target when it's fully healed
  • Don't count non-capturable outposts in overtime damage calculation (eg. Twin Peaks)
  • Bug fix to improve aiming, particularly when using a gamepad
  • Lower peaks on Nesthorn so you don't collide with them

AirMech Version 16704.2 April 20th, 2013Edit


  • Boomers (and Creepers) have been nerfed a bit. Damage is down to 400 (from 500), Carry Weight is 400 (up from 250), Build time is 6 seconds (up from 4), and XP gained from killing them is now 70 (up from 25).
  • SAMs Build Cost has been reduced to 900 (from 1200)
  • Sentry Turret buffed a bit, Build Time reduced to 3 seconds (from 4) and build cost to 950 (from 1200)
  • Boxer weapon buffed, DPS is now 50 instead of 10. Still not much, but should make it more useful.
  • Roller buffed, HP increased to 3600 from 3300, Build Cost reduced to 6500 from 8500.
  • Flakker buffed, DPS increased to 87 from 79, Build Cost reduced to 2700 from 3100.

AirMech Version 16704.1 April 18th, 2013  Edit

Changes to server availability, or "why is Locations broken now"?

In order to help wrangle in lag in multiplayer games, the Locations map is no longer interactive. Instead, server regions are enabled automatically based on your clients network delay to the data center. Hovering over the icons will display the most recently measured latency, any region with a latency greater than 280ms will be shown with a red "x" indicating an unplayable connection.

Because a lagging client affects all players in a network game, this new system is being used to help players use the servers best suited to their location and connection. If you suspect your data is incorrect, you can use the console command /latency in chat to update the map.

AirMech Version 16704.0 April 16th, 2013 Edit

New PatchNotes

Parts! You've seen the Parts section of the Shop and been asking about it, and now we are rolling out the first steps of this system. We've had to redo the AirMech customization system to supprt this, and moved Pets to be their own 3 slots, so you don't have to choose which 3 Flair you use now. Every Variant remembers it's own settings, so you can set each one up exactly how you want and save some time. Not all images have been made to support the new card display, and this will be worked on in the coming patches.

This first round of Parts has been added automatically if you have the Beta Bundle or Prime, and they also have a chance to drop. You will get Parts in different ways in the future, so not all will come with the bundles, and to be honest we're still figuring out the plans for this. We do plan to have a lot of Parts to let you customize your play style.

Note that you need to have the base AirMech class unlocked to customize the Parts or to gain levels. That's right, AirMechs can now gain levels, though it doesn't make them more powerful. It's something that will affect the parts you can use and will be added later. The level tiers may also change, but the XP will not get reset. Just as we adjusted player levels, we store total XP for each AirMech and we will do the final balancing when we've collected more data


  • Updated Hangar and Loadout UI
  • New Parts Customization System for AirMechs (settings saved per Variant now)
  • Earth Day limited time items available: Sunflower Seeds item, Lady Gaia Pilot, Earth Day Cake, GreenSea Bomber, Fluorescent Lightbulb
  • Ken's Birthday Cake available for a short time (Happy Birthday Ken!)
  • Osprey Healing ability has been updated, can now overcharge units with full health giving them a shield
  • Server pings can now be seen for each server on the "Locations" menu's global map
  • Updated localization based on latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server


  • Osprey healing is now a hard lock and needs to be released to select a new target
  • Changes to the way Osprey healing is calculated (not directly compareable to old system)

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a bug where some characters wouldn't appear correctly when language was set to Czech
  • Fixed some bugs related to units sometimes not firing at other units or AirMechs
  • Fixed a bug where neutral artillery units wouldn't appear deployed

AirMech Version 16429.1 April 4th, 2013Edit

Drops are live for everyone! We have finally finished our initial testing and have turned on drops for all players. The way it works for the most common drop (units) you either get a "trial" stack of units, or if you have the unit unlocked already, and an Alternate exists, you can get that. For example if I don't have Bucky, I might get a stack of 5 Buckys as a random drop sometimes. If I already own Bucky, then instead of a trial stack I would get something like Bucky Aggressor.

AirMech Version 16429.0 April 3rd, 2013 Edit

Artillery is fixed! Not how it was before, but actually working as intended, and from this point we should be able to balance things into a nice place. As a "thank you" for your patience, we've had time to get in a new system of destructible path blockers which we have wanted to do for a long time now. We've placed test versions on Sandrim and Crater, and will be using them more in the future once we get the bugs worked out.

Steampunk Neo is here! It's been a long time coming, but we think it's worth the wait. This actually marks the first time we have a "set" of Variants for each AirMech, and we're wondering if we should have a Quest (not Achievement) for completing the set. We could maybe have a little Steampunk themed pet as a reward. It's important to us that it feels like a reward, and not something we're holding back, which is why we wouldn't want it to count like a normal Achievement. Let us know what you think on the forums.

It's Weng Chen's Birthday soon! We've introduced her cake as an actual pet, since the previous dynamic pie pet was so popular. The cake/pie pets now count for the Cake Sharing quests, so you don't have to give up an item slot just to participate.


  • New Variant: Steampunk Neo
  • New limited time flair item: Wonn's Cake
  • Added new Unit and Item alternates for the drop system
  • Sandrim and Crater now have alternate paths that can be opened
  • Shark Neo and Star Neo Robot modes have been updated
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server


  • Some Kudos Rewards have been slightly increased for Level Up Quests
  • Final two Sockets removed from center of Nesthorn

Bug FixesEdit

  • Bug fix for Artillery behavior
  • Update displayed DPS to account for units that have a reload time
  • Potential crash bug fix in Link unit order logic

AirMech Version 16340.2 March 31st, 2013 Edit

We're going to experiment a bit with letting the heavier "bank" objects work as better walls. Depending on how it affects gameplay, we may undo this change, but try it out and let us know what you think.


  • Lockbox /Safebox /Vaultbox new HP: 1000/2000/4000
  • Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new Armor: Medium/Heavy/Ultra Heavy
  • Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new Cost: 5000/10000/20000
  • Lockbox/Safebox/Vaultbox new Build Time: 2/4/6 seconds

AirMech Version 16340.1 March 30th, 2013 Edit

There's currently some bugs with all Artillery that will need a full patch to be properly fixed. This will be coming next week, but we made some changes (and may continue to do so) in an attempt to improve how they behave.


  • Reduced Artillery fire delay to almost instant and gave them a "reload time".
  • Arty and Archy fire about once every 3 seconds, Bertha every 4.
  • DPS display for Artillery will appear wrong, but ingame they should be fine.

AirMech Version 16340.0 March 26th, 2013 Edit

We have some changes this update that might seem small at first, but they will likely have significant impact to the flow of the game. First is the Halftime Heal, which can now be interrupted. Before, there was nothing you could do and many players felt it was pointless to launch an attack before the end of the second Quarter. Now, if you are actively damaging the enemy Fortress, you will interrupt both their heal and their income. So do you attack the enemy, or defend your own Fortress? A critical decision point for sure. 

Artillery has been rewired so that it now needs to adjust it's aim precisely before firing. This makes it not very useful against moving targets, which is a nice way to balance them out We will be watching how they are used now and do a range/damage pass on them probably next week. 

Remember, there's only a few days left to get AirMech Prime at 50% off! We are not planning on discounting this very often, as it's a great deal. 


  • added pilot Ultimate Lexi !
  • added new unit Roller - a cousin of the Grinder
  • updated Prime Helix visuals
  • display friends and max friends count on the social Ul
  • many additional AirMech variants updated to use new animations 
  • updated aiming mechanism for Artillery units
  • press U key to toggle Ul (good for screenshots)
  • F2 in spectate will allow freecam
  • click-hold-drag when spectating now pans the camera


  • updated Half time heal mechanic to award credits and fortress HP over time and be interruptible
  • fixes to HAAT and Seeker targeting and line of sight checks 

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • bug fixes to Artillery targeting logic
  • fix links and references to 'Helix' AirMech (which used to be named Chopper)
  • fix a bug when Sting a map in free camera mode
  • collision bug fix for units passing under bridges
  • fixed accidentally disabled Steampunk Helix 

AirMech Version 16265.0 March 21st, 2013 Edit

AirMech Prime is here! We've taken everything we learned from offering the Alpha and Beta Bundles and applied to our newest offering. This is designed to be a permanent thing, which will evolve over time. That's why we've dropped the "bundle" part of the name, and are simply calling it AirMech Prime.

So what is it? It's everything you need to start playing AirMech competitively out of the box. All F2P games have some sort of progression curve where you play games, get ingame currency, unlock some more content, and repeat until you have reached "competition level". Because we pride ourselves in having a level playing field and not being "pay2win", we don't mind if players want to spend a bit of money directly access the full set of gameplay related content. All AirMech classes are unlocked (including any that are added in the future), and most of the Units are unlocked.

Also included is lifetime Silver VIP, 30 days of Gold VIP, 30 Days of XP and Kudos Boosts. Oh, and 1000 Diamonds just for fun. All of this combined will make any remaining things you want to unlock a piece of cake, since you will be able to earn Kudos a lot faster. Players who purchased the older bundles usually found themselves with lots of extra Kudos, which is great because we want you to have access to everything that affects gameplay with ease.

Then what's not included? Pilots, for one thing. We still consider ourselves a game, and some things we don't allow anyone to bypass the normal progression, even if you want to pay. We're just trying to create a fair environment here. We also don't have any Items at this time, because we feel they are easy to get, but we may add some in if that changes in the future. There are also no Ultimates included with Prime, because they fall outside of our sanctioned competitive matches.

AirMech Prime may evolve a bit over time, mainly because our primary goal is that it remains a way to access all of the core gameplay systems and not have to be stuck grinding. (some people like grinding, and that's fine!) For example when we bring the AirMech Parts system online, we will be adding a bunch of Parts to Prime, and they will automatically be added to your account. Think of it like a subscription that never expires -- sort of the way games used to be. Call us old-school i guess. :)

Feedback is welcome on the forums! And thanks again for your support, it means a lot to us as a tiny indie developer. AirMech is a labor of love for us, and we couldn't have come this far without you.


  • AirMech Prime now available
  • Easter Items now available (post about Easter in a few Days with more details)
  • Lots of AirMech animation updates
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server


  • Moved Outposts further from center on Nestorn, and removed 2 Sockets from center
  • Set Chopper and Striker Air missiles to hit flier units, but not regular ground units
  • Add auto-aim damage penalty to melee attacks (striker and bomber)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Mantis strike/Chopper missiles would do damage to your own bulbs, but on neutral/notowned outposts
  • Fixed a bug where Creep spawners weren’t working correctly on Crater
  • Increase default height query on Airmechs. This should address a bunch of issues where you can walk around just below the terrain after getting pushed through (nesthorn) and the distance up doesn't need to be so small anymore since you can't walk under bridges (simple map, eg)
  • Fixed a bug where Hats wouldn’t appear on the Bomber or Chopper Robot Mode
  • Fixed a bug where Hats would appear offset on Steampunk Osprey’s Robot Mode
  • Lunchboxes won't repair shields when the match is over

AirMech Version 16151.0 March 16th, 2013 Edit

This is mainly a patch to fix a ton of bugs we introduced with the new Shop. Below we just highlighted important things, but there's a ton of smaller issues. If you still notice any bad bugs with this release, please let us know on the forums! Remember you don't need to create another account - your AirMech account doubles as your forum login.

Updates: Edit

  • Show unlock requirements in the Shop UI
  • Add purchased Bundles to Shop -> My Collection
  • Add mouse wheel paging to the Shop UI
  • Some first pass sounds to the Bomber Melee
  • New Lesson UI to some of the Challenge maps (Transform, Build)
  • New Players put on Challenge tab instead of Tutorial as a test

Balance Edit

  • Fixed Chopper missile firing timer issue, so it feels as it did before it got new animations

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Menu bug fixes and various bugfixes to the new Shop UI
  • Fixes to new animations that cound cause AirMech to disappear
  • Fix Creep spawns missing on the Crater map

AirMech Version 16089.0 March 14th, 2013 Edit

Bugs! We heard you like bugs, so we worked extra hard and added a bunch to the game. Kidding aside, we've been working on replacing animations for a bunch of AirMechs (thanks Jroot!) and also moving over to a proper Shop menu. As with any new feature, there wil be bugs along the way, so please bear with us as we work through it. We didn't want to skip St. Patrick's Day and Pi Day which is why we are patching anyway, and you'll probably find even more issues than we know about.

Feel Free to let us know what you think in the forums, and you can report minor bugs if you like, though most important will be game-breaking bugs. The Shop is a first pass, and we used League as a starting point and added some things. We are just kind of feeling our way around this stufff, if you have any examples of other games that do a great job with presenting your stuff be sure to let us know in the forums.

You'll also see reference to some "coming soon" sections in the Shop. The Parts tab is for upcoming Parts to customize the functionality of your AirMech - there will be 6 slots you can swap out and tweak things like Electronics, Engine, Weapon, etc. The Purchases tab is empty for now, but we'd like to record a list of when you've unlocked things, thought it may be awhile until we get around to it. Just a polish task, but we wanted to make sure there was room on the UI for it.

Updates: Edit

  • New St. Patrick's Day Items: Green Bowler (Hat), Rainbow Contrails, Lucky Clover (Item)
  • Clover has been renamed to Lucky Clover and is now a St. Patrick's Day item
  • New Pi Day Items: Pi Day Pie (Pet), Pi Pendant (Item)
  • New Shop UI - work in progress
  • New animations for the Chopper, Bomber, and Osprey
  • The Xbox 360 Controller no longer needs to be plugged in before startup in order to use it in-game
  • New Challenge Quests: accumulate Stars
  • Menus performance optimization work

Balance Edit

  • Some AirMech melee attacks might work differently because of new animations, this is an ongoing thing we will balance

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a bug where Recycle wouldnt work correctly if mapped to a different key
  • Fixed a glitch where some players were getting extra Kudos from old Valentine's Day event

AirMech Version 15884.0 March 7th, 2013 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • Updated the Neo's Robot Mode!
  • New Taunt animations triggered with the 'I' key (Currently only available on the base Striker and Neo) New feature in testing!
  • Players can now add No Unit to their Army Loadouts (similar to 'No Pilot')
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server

Balance Edit

  • Updated to some of the Challenge times
  • Updates to Challenge 12
  • Reduce the shield impact energy drain for the Striker's Sword and Shield ability (it seemed like you'd lose all your energy really fast, and be forced out of sword mode)

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Bug fix for Blaster Guardians sometimes facing the wrong direction when firing
  • Bug fix for stats aggregation that caused the NoPilot to have a build queue of 5
  • Bug fix for to show a common name for loadout slots when you unlock them
  • Bug fix for the Challenge clock sometimes coming down into the middle of the screen

AirMech Version 15803.0 March 4th, 2013 Edit

Some changes to Artillery in this patch. Recently we changed the Artillery to have perfect aim, but didn't balance damage and fire rates accordingly. This has now been looked at, and will be balanced further if needed. Artillery is a fun thing to use, but we don't want it to become mandatory, so were trying to find that sweet spot for it.

We also have some more Challenge maps and are working at making a proper learning progression with them. If you have feedback on them we'd welcome to hear it on the forums, especially if there is anything game breaking in them. We're aware of a number of bugs and balance issues, and we had to decide to either lock all the Challenges or have them open and let you play with them. Since we're Beta, we decided to let you play.

Keep in mind that the current Challenges start off very easy. They are designed for completely new players to the game. We'll continue to expand challenges and have more advanced sets for the experienced players later.

Updates: Edit

  • New Challenge maps (still a work in progress)
  • First pass of new pause menu
  • Some updated animations for the Striker
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the STS

Balance Edit

  • Change kill plane for Duel to prevent exploits
  • Open up some paths on Chasm
  • All Artillery damage reduced by 10% (to balance new perfect aim feature)
  • Artillery fire delay balanced: Bertha: 5.0 (was 3.9) Archy and Arty 4.1 (was 3.5)
  • Natasha has all new stats (now like Lady Gaia)

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed bugs related to bunkered infantry
  • Fixed a bug where AirMechs could not transform over empty pads
  • Fix desync bug caused by Patrol Points
  • Fix bug where "Libery Booster" link would appear available for purchase in global chat link was clicked

AirMech Version 15614.0 February 23rd, 2013 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • New Unit: Flakker - Anti-Air guns mounted on a lightweight truck chassis
  • Allowing Ultimates in Survival and Coop Matchmaking rooms, with an indicator showing if someone on the teams has Ultimates equipped.
  • Updated Challenge: Capture 01 to be a little easier
  • Ability points can no longer be spent on Guardians, number determined only by level

Balance Edit

  • Unit cap increased to 130
  • Doubled the respawn speed for AirMechs in Hyper mode
  • Jammer's HP increased to 475, Power cost lowered to 6, radar jam radius increased to 14

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a bug in Hyper mode where credits return was doubled when recycling
  • Fixed the display for "Coop" mode when going into a matchmaking Coop game
  • Fixed Ultimates showing in the PvP Matchmaking lobby (though they wouldn't work in game)

AirMech Version 15547.0 February 21st, 2013 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • New Custom gameplay option: Hyper Mode (2x all XP income from Outposts, kills, events, 2x all credit income, and 2x build speed on top of other modifiers)
  • Bomber melee rework
  • Replays of the last game can be started on the "End Game" screen
  • Saucer can abduct neutrals but needs to be high enough level to build whatever it's trying to abduct
  • Updated the Artillery accuracy system - they are more accurate but Jammers make them less accurate (as opposed to stopping fire all together) Still a work in progress.
  • Implemented latency fixups for ground airmech firing similar to what was done to air mode in the last patch
  • Rooms that have 'ignored players' will appear Red in the Browse Menu

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a bug on Thar where players could get pushed through the wall behind the upper Base
  • Fixed a bug on Nesthorn where players could sink through the ground
  • Fixed a bug that caused button highlights to not show up on friends/rooms menu button
  • Fixed a bug where the Energy Guardians wouldn't stealth correctly with the Neo

AirMech Version 15465.2 February 18th, 2013Edit

Just to let you know, Kudos/Diamonds/Cash prices have been tweaked for a number of items. The goal is to make all the prices fit into proper tiers, and also prepare for some better prices for international markets. There shouldn't be any major price changes, very slight in most cases, some up and some down. We also discovered a few actual errors, and are continuing our cleanup work so it's not possible to list all the small changes. For any specific questions, please see the forums.

AirMech Version 15465.1 February 16th, 2013 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • disable kicking in MatchMaking games by popular request (test for one day to gather data, leave feedback in forums)
  • remove Chris' birthday cake, put Golden Cake back

AirMech Version 15465.0 February 15th, 2013 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • New AirMech Variant "Steampunk" Warthog! 
  • New "Energy" Guardian increases Energy reserves, does NOT generate Energy
  • New Gameplay options are available to toggle when creating Custom Games (VIP only)
  • Ultimate units are now allowed in Custom PvP games, for fun and testing (not ranked games)
  • Browse and Watch menus have been updated
  • Players will now get a confirmation dialog that shows a current room list when joining or spectating a match
  • Added a pause feature for Spectators
  • Updated localizations based on latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
  • Some minor Al updates, and fortification points for the "Vale" map
  • New Patchnotes and Quest completed notification
  • Jammer re-enabled

Balance Edit

  • Jammer now 8 seconds to build (was 5), carry weight 525 (was 375). jamming range of 12 (was 20). 8 power (was 2)

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fix stat display bug with Generators and Levelers
  • Fix bug with flyer units in Last Stand
  • Fix minimap bug on Thar (hidden units on top and bottom)
  • Bug fix for delayed spectator chat 

Version 15272.2 - February 14th 2013  Edit

We hope everyone enjoyed the Valentine's Day event! You can blame boblan for it. :)


  • Jammer temporarily removed from available units (testing/fixing, will be back in the future)

Version 15272.1 - February 12th 2013 Edit


  • All AirMechs are on Trial for a short while
  • All Units have been removed from Trial during this same time
  • Armadillo now has had its carry weight bonus removed and costs 2700 Credits to build ingame. (net weight up 50, price up by 100)
  • Spectator buffering has been removed, but will be back next patch with improvements

Version 15272.0 - February 9th 2013 Edit


  • New unit: Ultimate Generator
  • Updated Challenge target times
  • Show a Red Envelope image on end game screen when you find one
  • Fixes for replays and make replays behave like Spectating
  • Some visual fixes to Vale, and updated minimap images for Vale and Crater


  • Artillery made to require radar visibility on structures in order to fire

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fxed game filters
  • Fixed missing Russian language menu titles
  • Audio bugfixes for some looping sounds
  • Additional fix for the loadout reset bug
  • Fixed air unit spawning on Last Stand
  • Tweak spectator buffering to reduce additional buffering after the initial one

Version 15216.0 - February 7th 2013 Edit


  • New Limited Edition Items to celebrate the Chinese New Year
  • The Challenge mode maps have been added to a new 'Challenge' tab in the Play Menu
  • New Quests: 'Socialite' and 4 new Salvage related quests
  • New 'AirMech' channel added to chat. This channel displays gameplay logs.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when creating a Faction
  • Added Stats for shooting down AirMechs carrying units
  • Updated the minimap in Spectate mode. The map now shows the FOW state of the followed player, none if in free spectate camera mode
  • Updated localizations based on latest suggestions from the STS
  • Updated icons for the 'Buzzer Beater' and 'Power Play' Quests
  • Added buffering delay to Spectators
  • Performance optimization work


  • Players now earn XP for units when shooting down AirMechs carrying units
  • Set the rest of the neutral units to be uncapturable in Duel
  • Vale map was reworked slightly
  • Make Salvage rate proportional to 'heal' rate, and update it to collect in units of 100 credits
  • Reset unit fire delay/time when it's set down
  • Add mine detonation when units are dropped on them

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a gameplay crash bug
  • Fixed a bug that would cause unlimited firing for the Chopper/Bomber/other special
  • Fixed a bug with server flag characters not appearing correctly sometimes in the Custom Room UI
  • Fix ELO/Level requirements on item unlock tooltip
  • Fix recycle bug

Version 15008.0 - January 27th 2013 Edit

Emergency patch! Guardians were not playing nice with the new Salvage mechanic and were causing desyncs. So that's the main reason for this patch, but another little bonus is we are releasing Medals for different Elo ranks. What is Elo? It's a ranking system designed by Mr. Elo, and you can read more about it here:


  • Medals available for high Elo rank players: Bronze (1650), Silver (1800), Gold (1950)
  • Medal descriptions are wrong, but the requirements for unlocking are correct.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed desync due to Guardians and Salvage
  • Faction creation works properly now (no Charters were consumed by it failing before)

Version 14999.0 - January 26th, 2013 Edit

We're introducing a new feature with this patch - Salvage! Now you can clean up that mess left after a battle and profit from it at the same time. Any units or AirMechs with a repair ability can also use it to Salvage destroyed units for Credits ingame. It's still a bit buggy, and a work in progress, but we're interested to see how this adds to options during gameplay. Do I spend time cleaning up this area for extra income, or press the battle against the enemy? As time is your most valuable resource in AirMech, it opens up interesting choices for the player. Feedback in the forums is welcome!


  • New AirMech Variant: Steampunk Saucer
  • New Hat Flair:Football Helmet!
  • New Quests: Power Play
  • Faction Creation interface implemented (work in progress)
  • Increased the range in which healing units willing prioritize disabling an active Bear Trap
  • Increased the amount of Quests that award Diamonds
  • Re-added the "Help" button to the pause menu
  • Made some modifications to secure/capture outpost order regarding how units attack outposts they are securing
  • Added Salvage System. Destroyed units can be reclaimed for Credits by healing units and Osprey
  • Network error messages should now appropriately be translated to their respective languages
  • Added a "Waiting" time to the matchmaking lobby
  • New badges added for people with gold/silver VIP status
  • New banner in Global Chat takes you to active AirMech Streams on Twitch (is cleared after clicking on it)
  • Crater map has more connected paths

Balance changesEdit

  • Fixes to overly high Grinder damage. Grinder base melee DPS is now 210
  • Grinder can no be impacted by the Stasis effect, reducing damage by half. Normally this effect only applies reduced attack speed, but due to how the Grinder functions it made more sense to work towards damage instead of attack speed to achieve a similar result
  • Grinder will no longer damage stasis mines/bear traps
  • Changed placement of neutral units on Nesthorn for balance
  • Changed type of neutral units on Duel so you can fly over sides now
  • Gray neutral units are no longer abductable by Saucer
  • Add a short radar "unjam" range on all AirMechs - flying over units protected by Jammer will give visibility to Artillery for example
  • Probe now costs 300 instead of 200 credits

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a bug with the "Tomcat" Striker variant preview displaying detached wings
  • Cleaned up text display at lower resolutions
  • Fixed the explosion effect on the creeper detonate animation
  • Fixed the alignment of the version number displayed in game that was trailing off the right side of the screen
  • Hats should now fit correctly on all Warthog variants
  • Fixes to CPU lag detection (previously referred to as FPS lag)
  • Bug fix for spectators sometimes stuck in game at the end of a match
  • Bug fix to Saucers incrased abduction rate on ability level up (wasn't working)

Version 14829.0 - January 19th, 2013 Edit

Some nice fixes and optimizations for you in this patch! In video settings, you now have a slider to adjust destruction effects, since the physics can cause performance issues on lower end computers. Definitely pull this down if you find Survival games with lots of destroyed units slows you down.

The Crater map continues to be modified for gameplay, and now features two additional Outposts placed between the Fortress and the middle. The result is that it makes the map instantly feel "smaller" since there's less distance to travel between safe spots.

We had an unfortunate bug with the FPS kick code being disabled. That is fixed, so if someone is lagging your game due to FPS, you can tell them to lower their destruction detail settings, and then kick them as needed. Sorry about the laggy games you had to endure!


  • Modifications to 'Crater' map - new outposts
  • New setting to change the detail of destruction pieces (if you have framerate issues in game, try turning this down)
  • Added Badges to collection UI - drag from collection to Chat window to activate
  • New options to filter games on the Browse Menu
  • New feature to confirm video changes made in the Settings Menu
  • Localization support for Main Menu UI buttons
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the STS

Balance changesEdit

  • Armadillo now costs 2600 instead of 2400 to build

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fix for bug where the vote kick buttons wouldn't show up

Version 14740.0 - January 14th, 2013 Edit

Another quick turnaround patch to address a few issues and bugs

Updates: Edit

  • Adding quests for reaching persistent levels
  • Remove level requirements for Ultimate units and pilots
  • Fix font display for some languages
  • Scroll chat to the current text when entering/sending a message
  • Increase power award per wave on Survival maps

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fix for desync issue on Sandrim and Survival maps (bug fixes for neutral Artillery units)
  • Display end match button right away for spectators
  • Some bug fixes to the new badges in chat
  • Bug fix for chat text to not split links
  • Default Alienware LightFX to off (command line /lightfx to enable) Was causing crashes at startup for some users

Version 14712.0 - January 13th, 2013 Edit

This is a quick turnaround patch to address a few issues and bugs:

Updates: Edit

  • New unit: Jammer Like the Guardians, its currently available to all while we balance and test it.
  • New Ultimate Pilot: Ultimate Kira !
  • Require Artillery to have Radar sight on target. (see Jammer unit)
  • Changed VIP quests to be redeemable by anyone, with Locked VIP diamonds as the reward.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Network desync bug fix regarding AI players and using a controller
  • Fixed missing abduction sound on Pumpkin Saucer
  • Updates to improve timing/display of vote kick buttons

Version 14686.0 - January 12th, 2013 Edit

As of this patch, if you do not have Silver VIP status or higher, you will earn diamonds from daily quests as if you had VIP status, but they will be unusable until obtaining Silver VIP or higher. Since we changed how outpost capturing works a few patches ago, we inadvertantly renered the probe basically useless. In this patch we have gone ahead and re-armed it so it can once again fill its intended role. We have also added a really cool feature allowing infantry units to dodge larger caliber shots like tank shells and artillery shots which should give them a bit more of an edge weaving through enemy lines en route to outposts. You'll also notice a new abduction sound when the Saucer is attempting to make off with your tanks and/or prized livestock. We've had a lot of good feedback on the new Crater map and consequently have been able to address a few of the lingering bugs, but be sure to keep your eye out and let us know if you see any 'funny business'. Here is the full breakdown of the changes this patch:

Updates: Edit

  • Added Pending VIP diamonds feature. If you aren't VIP, you can earn diamonds which will display on the upper left, and unlock when you become Silver VIP or higher.
  • Added a Filter to Unit selection dialogue,
  • Added an additional Frankfurt Germany server.
  • Probes have been re-armed.
  • Added system for Infantry units to be able to have a chance to 'dodge' larger caliber shots, like tank shells. (will be tweaking)
  • Added option to disable the mouse wheel from toggling the build menu.
  • Continued work on gamepad compatibility in menus (work in progress).
  • Some fixes to spectator camera movement.
  • Sound added to saucer abduction effect.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a crash bug in the game related to using the game location markers.
  • Fixed bad creep spawn locations on Crater.
  • Fixed a bug with pathing on Sandstorm.
  • Fixed Ultimate Money Maker's reported earn rate.

Version 14553.0 - January 6th, 2013 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • New Map: Crater (still in the balancing phase)
  • The tutorial has been updated, the first of many changes to learning for new players.
  • Matchmaking is now done by grouping players in the same server region determined by the country you are playing from to prevent higher pings in game due to distance.
  • Made some optimizations that should reduce situations that cause lag.
  • Updated Localizations with latest suggests from the Steam Translation Server
  • New Faction Quest: 'United in Combat'
  • New 'Buy Diamonds' tile in the store.
  • New option to purchase Silver VIP in the store.
  • New '+' and '-' buttons added to switch between 1 and 3 days boosts in the store.
  • Improved Toy Angel visuals.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a bug where enemy AirMechs and units could target a cloaked Neo
  • Fixed a bug allowing the booster trails to show on Neo while cloaked.
  • Fixes for potential chat text corruption

Version 14474.0 - December 31st, 2012 Edit

Updates: Edit

  • Presents can now be opened. You must complete a game with the present equipped in order to redeem it.
  • Artillery fire particle effects should now be a bit more noticeable.
  • The in-game FAQ has been updated.
  • Factions have been enabled but are still restricted while in its early testing stage.
  • Reduced autoaim range and decreased damage done while using autoaim from 90% to 85%.
  • Vote kick will now not be an option until at least 15 seconds has passed and will not be available after the 15 minute mark.
  • The game will now track how many mines you have disarmed in a match as the Osprey (for Mine Quest completion). 

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a bug that prevented neutral units from attacking some outposts.
  • Potentially fixed the loadout reset bug (not 100% sure on this; please let us know if this still happens).
  • Boomers will no longer target Neo while cloaked.
  • Disabled the generator animation in the pregame to accurately depict that it is not functioning until the match starts. 

Version 14400.0 - December 21st,2012 Edit


  • Further improvement to "P button" auto-aim (hold target, reduced damage for balance, more coming later
  • Units with Secure Outpost order will now prefer to fire at the Outpost instead of defending units
  • Add "decline" option to pending friend requests
  • Added Cardinal Bird as a special flair for players with over 2100 Elo Rank
  • Slight tweaks to present drop rate, now affected by Holiday Spirit stat


  • Infantry behaviour in Survival fixed so rounds will complete
  • Auto-target will no longer target cloaked AirMechs

Version 14362.0 - December 19th, 2012 Edit


  • New holiday flair available!: Snowman , Orange Ornament , Lolipop , and Tree Cookie .
  • Units(non-infantry) will now prefer enemy units over outposts as targets.
  • Removed the persistent level cap. You should now be able to reach levels beyond level 30. Previous experience gained at level 30 has been applied towards your new level(s).
  • New style stat quests.
  • Added style to more things throughout the game.
  • Credits earned from Waist Pouch increased to +4%.
  • Some AirMech abilities are now enhanced once a game is completed.
  • Updated the Mantis Strike ability to more accurately depict what the ability does.
  • Improved game support of non-English languages based on suggestions from the Steam Translation Services.
  • New Pending State for Friend Requests.
  • New animation when awarding diamonds and kudos.
  • Updated the description of colors to accurately reflect what additional blocks are used for.
  • Beating Serif now awards dev kills.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The desync issue with Guardians has been resolved and they have been re-enabled.
  • Blast damage to neutral outposts will no longer damage friendly bulbs.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing desyncs when using Guardians
  • Fixed BotSpawners so they spawn creeps based on the quarter the game is currently in.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the portal items to be unlocked without using Steam.
  • Fixed a bug allowing seeking type missiles to target Neo while stealthed.
  • Fixed the description on Neos Stasis Blast ability to accurately reflect the ability.

Version 14287.0 - December 13th, 2012 Edit


  • Changed Neo EMP ability to Stasis Blast;
    Description: Enables the 'Stasis Blast' ability for your AirMech. When enabled, your AirMech can use the 'Stasis Blast' ability when on the ground, doing minor damage and afflicting enemy units and grounded mechs with static. Affected units will have their moevement and attack speed slowed by 50%. Enemy mechs will have their movement slowed and be unable to switch forms for the duration. Lasts 4 seconds. Cooldown is 8 seconds, but reduced by 10% per rank beyond the first.
  • Guardians were causing crashes, so they have been disabled until we fix them

Version 14252.0 - December 12th, 2012  Edit

Happy Holidays from the Carbon Games team! We've got some fun stuff for you - presents! Please don't open them before December 25th, ok? On a serious note, this is the foundation for the future drop system, so there might be some bugs. If you play enough there's a good chance you will get at least one present, but can you collect all 3?

Neo has had stage one of its rework started - adjusting the abilities. It's just the beginning, and more will be done along with the new robot mode. It's on Trial right now so take it for a spin! We'll be balancing the new abilities over the next few days so your feedback in the forums is welcome.


  • New Holiday flair available: Reindeer , Pink Ornament , Red Candycane , Sugar Cookie
  • New Holiday achievements added.
  • Improved Functionality of Bear Trap . Can no longer be destroyed through damage sources. Indefinitely traps and maims infantry unless disabled by a unit with a healing / repair ability. Can be abducted with Saucer .
  • New unit descriptions for Boxer , Zipper , Tango , Jackal , Bear Trap , Soldier , Probe , SAM , Runner and Aegis .
  • New "Ignore Player" feature added to Social Menu
  • New Secondary Ground Attack for Neo: EMP Blast (triggered by holding down Control, Middle Mouse Button or X Button on Controller). Blast does 300 damage (may change) in an AoE around Neo and slows enemy units and mechs that are on the ground.
  • Updated Cloak for Neo. Now works in both Air and Ground modes.
  • Neo will now be fully transparent when stealthed.
  • Reduced Neo hitpoints from 895 to 855.
  • Removed Bunkers attached to Fortresses in Thar.
  • Vale will no longer appear in the map cycle for 2v2 matchmaking.
  • Bot spawner now spawns creeps at current level instead of runners.
  • You can now inspect units on the customize / loadout menu.
  • Added Holiday Spirit

Bug FixesEdit

Version 14149.0 - December 8th, 2012Edit

Goodbye slash commands! Technically you can still do them if you want, but we've made it so you can click on names in Global Chat and get a simple menu for adding friends or inviting to a Party. Even better, check out the Friends page under Social, you can now drag names over to the Global Chat window and they will automattically be invited into a Party! Sorry we made you put up with the old way for so long, but at least we finally have this. We might have missed some bugs, so if you run into strange stuff please come find us on the forums and let us know.

This patch is also the first taste of our Holiday event, with Santa showing up. This Pilot is a bit harder than others to get, but we're also giving you plenty of time. You need to be level 12, and you need to have at least 12 Matchmaking wins before you can unlock him for 4200 Kudos. Will you be one of the few to collect him by Christmas? We've also brought out his Hat, after the great response from the introduction of Hats last month. There's more Christmas stuff on the way, so keep Playing games and checking under the tree, who knows what you might find...

New StuffEdit

  • New Holiday Pilot: Nicholai , aka St. Nic, aka Santa
  • New Holiday Hat: Santa Hat , supersized for your AirMech
  • New Holiday Quests: "Santa vs Jesus (Presents)" and "Santa vs Jesus (Resurrection)"
  • Holiday Decorations on maps - doesn't do anything, just for getting in the spirit
  • New Quest: Create a Carbon Account, get 150 Diamonds and exclusive Satellite item
  • Names are clickable in Global Chat - try it out!
  • Drag and drop names from your Friends page into Global Chat to add them to a Party
  • Visual updates to Party state, able to change leader and leave without a command line
  • Lots of Power in the pre-game state so it's easier to build out your army
  • Added Gameplay Option to change the volume of the Announcer
  • Added Gameplay Option to have subtle end of Quarter messages

Free Trial UpdateEdit

Balance ChangesEdit

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fix for the scroll wheel in the Update Friends UI
  • Fixed a bug where Pre-game lobby messages would spam for spectators at the start of the game

Version 14004.0 - December 4th, 2012Edit

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a performance issue related to mines and bear traps.
  • AirMechs no longer detonate mines by flying over them

Version 13997.0 - Decemeber 3rd, 2012Edit


  • Removed Steam friend invite button for now.
  • Bad language filter now enabled by default (To disable, go to Settings > Language > and uncheck the box next to 'Bad language filter').
  • New Icons for the CTF Core.
  • New visual updates for Survival Map.
  • Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server.
  • Updated Friends UI.
  • Added the Unreal Tournament 99 announcer voice to various triggers in game.
  • Updated the Deep Sea Osprey skin to look more 'natural' with hats.
  • The 'Browse' section in the 'Play' tab will now refresh each time you return to the tab.
  • Toned down the sound effect for Boxers.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed 'click through' UI bug in Game Lobbies
  • Fixed a bug where Infantry following a Sergeant would stand idle after he died or entered an Outpost.
  • Fixed far pads not functioning with a Lunchbox on Nesthorn.
  • Fixed bugs related to dropping units when in no fuel/AirMech energy state.
  • Fixed a bug in the tutorial that replaced the first dialogue with the fourth.
  • Fixed a bug with unit details UI positioning in the Unit Loadout Setup window.
  • Fixed a bug with mines and bear traps that could block line of sight for some units.
  • Fixed a bug allowing radius damage to hit allied outposts.
  • Fixed a bug preventing outposts from recieveing the sheild bonus from Lunchbox when the connected pad is too far away.

Version 13867.0 - November 27th,2012Edit


  • Damage numbers now appear for Outposts and Fortresses
  • New visual model for CTF core
  • Lunchboxes attached to Outposts now only increase bulb regen time, not make it invincible
  • Lunchboxes build time reduced, and HP reduced
  • Leveler now shares XP gain between teammates similar to Credit sharing from Money Maker
  • Infantry in Outpost Bunkers will now retreat inside as bulbs are destroyed


  • Proper weight is now displayed in unit stats
  • Removed a stray unit from under center Outpost in Nesthorn

Version 13834.0 - November 26th, 2012Edit


  • New Capture Process - must destroy bulbs before Infantry can enter
  • Fix Challenge Maps that needed Power
  • Warthog given more DPS, more HP
  • Saucer and Osprey can fly a bit faster while transporting
  • Rework of the center area of Nesthorn (flattened out)
  • Neutrals adjusted on several maps
  • T99s now 7000 credits ingame, no longer sale during pregame
  • Power required to build things increased across the board

Version 13758.0 - November 24th, 2012Edit


Version 13687.1 - November 21st, 2012Edit

Free Trial UpdateEdit

Version 13687.0 - November 20th, 2012 Edit


  • Upon entering OT1 (20 minute mark) all AirMechs recieve a 4000 XP Bonus
  • M key now zooms in and hides the UI - great for looking at your new hat!
  • Tangos given a slow firing Heavy class weapon - give them a try!
  • Gatty now does Medium damage
  • Runner Infantry is now just 450 credits to build
  • Armor increased and price reduced for Boxer
  • Notifications added calling out timed events; timing and visibility to be tweaked


  • Fixed a bug that would desync players if 1 person quit the game while in the Matchmaking loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where floating blue number would appear on a Spectators screen

Version 13645.0 - November 19th, 2012 Edit

Major changes! Pardon our dust as we replace the old Unit Cap with a "Power" system. Think of it a bit like upkeep, where each Unit needs a certain amount of Power to be built, and also to maintaint it in the world. This allows much more granular control over the army size, so you can build a smaller army of heavy units or a large army (bigger than before) of lighter units.

We also added the start of timed events to the PvP games. At each 5 minute interval, something happens. Messaging is not good for this currently, and we will be adding that tommorow, but we really wanted to get the basic system out there for testing Here is what happens:

  • 5:00 - Power increased by 20%, Level 2 Creep Spawns
  • 10:00 - Fortress Healed for 33% of max health, "overheal" converted to Credits, Power increased by 20%, Level 3 Creep Spawns
  • 15:00 - Power increased by 20%, Level 4 Creep Spawns
  • 20:00 - Power increased by 20%
  • 25:00 - Damage done to Fortress according to map control, Power increased by 20%



  • Fixed a bug where the XP display number wouldn't scale correctly when stat bonuses were applied
  • Fixed a bug where the player would see a default loadout if they closed the game while in the Matchmaking Queue
  • Fixed a bug where abduction fliers in Last Stand could be unhittable when abducting units
  • Fixed a bug where the damage values for the Boomer and Minecraft Creeper did not display in the Unit Loadout menu

Version 13525.1 - Novemeber 15th, 2012 Edit

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Striker Carry capacity changed from 1700 to 1650
  • Striker movement speed while transporting reduced by 5%
  • Armadillo HP increased to 900 from 850
  • Armadillo DPS changed to 84 from 80

Version 13525.0 - November 14th, 2012 Edit


  • AirMech Original Soundtrack by Front Line Assembly now available on Steam (ingame music integration stil being worked on --- includes exclusive content: "Frontline" Warthog, and 4 FLA band members as Pilots
  • Sergeant unit now works: other Infantry near him will automatically Link to him, allowing indirect command of Infantry
  • Support for Brazillian currency (automatic if it applies to you)
  • Promo page added for upcoming "Turkey Tourney" hosted by Sploosh


  • Fixed a bug where the recurring quests would take longer to show up
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy infantry units would get stuck near the player base on Spiral
  • Fixed a bug where the Warthog effective movement speed was double what it should have been from the Spin Up ability
  • Fixed problems with creating a new account in certain circumstances (if you know someone who couldn't make an account, ask them to try now)
  • Fixes to some ingame links in chat
  • Prevent players from clicking "through" lobby into other games and joining multiple games

Version 13470.0 - November 12th, 2012 Edit

We had a number of server problems last weekend due to the HUGE influx of new players from Steam. We were working through the weekend on the issues, and made a lot of fixes- we don't just restart and forget about it. Server stability should be better going foward, and new servers are coming online.


  • New Matchmaking options: "Team" will assign you to a 2v2 or 3v3 team based on number of players available
  • New Los Angeles server location
  • Names of party members now shown in Party tab (forgot to mention this last time)
  • Added "FAQ" to Learn page (actual frequently asked questions coming soon)


  • Fix directional speed issue with gamepad input
  • Fix scroll bar for room listings
  • Fix issue where AI would try to place units near locked outposts on Twin Peaks
  • Fix so Refresh and Location are not hidden when room list is full
  • Made units not attack Outposts with Lunchboxes (since they won't be able to damage them)
  • Pathing fix in northeast area of Thar
  • Added room refresh on join error messages, which should help by removing stale room data

Version 13408.0 - November 8th, 2012Edit

Thanks for hanging in with us while we get a handle on the increased player load! Things are looking good, just some fixes we need to get into the client. Help us continue to spread the word, it looks like we're close to getting enough players to open up more matchmaking options such as 1v1 and 3v3.


  • Made Referral reminder icon blink more obviously for unreferred players
  • Reduced time to initial Creep spawn to 18 seconds after game start
  • Add Stat for "Destroy 3" Challenge map


  • Make sure ingame control tips are cleared in all maps
  • Fix spectator menu (missing game options)
  • Fixed so money makers appear inactive when not operational on team pads
  • Bug fix for server room listings
  • Fixed potential crash bug in spectator mode
  • Made Portal Cake Steam exclusive (need to be playing in Steam to equip it)
  • fix for friends list not displaying correctly
  • Force challenge maps fail/end after 5 minutes

Version 13388.1 - November 8th, 2012Edit

ArMech is now in open beta for everyone on Steam! Tell everyone, let's blow things up!

Version 13388.0 - November 7th, 2012Edit


  • New ArMech Variant "DeepSea" Osprey now available for everyone to unlock
  • Updated Bundle: Starter Pack
  • Ingame version matches Steam Store version: 7500 Diamonds, 30 Days Gold VIP, 10 Days Kudos + XP Boost, Lifetime Silver VIP
  • Prepare some bits under the hood for Steam Open Beta tomorrow
  • Unlock level displayed on Unit Info tip (mouseover a unit to see the level needed to unlock for gray items)
  • In "Browse" and "Watch" games with friends in them are displayed in a different color


  • network connectivity bugfix (hard to describe, kind of a big deal though)

Version 13355.0 - November 6th, 2012Edit


  • New Bundle: Booster Pack - available only to Starter Pack owners. 2500 Diamonds and 30 Days Gold VIP, can be purchased repeatedly if needed.
  • New AirMech Variant "Nexus" Saucer - start of a series, supports team colors
  • New AirMech Variant "Steampunk" Bomber - with special steam trails when he swings his chainsaw bladed hooks!
  • First pass of "inspect" stets on hover of Units (work in progress, we know there are bugs, no need to report anything)


  • Fixed Warthog footstep sounds not always playing correctly

Version 13303.0 - November 5th, 2012Edit


  • The Warthog's Spin Up ability will now reduce the movement penalty when firing for both air and ground modes (+8% movespeed when firing per spinup level)


  • Updated localizations with the latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server
  • Updated the font size for ingame text


  • Fixed a desync bug that could happen in Coop games
  • Fixed a bug with recurring quest redemption (Daily Quests)
  • Fixed a bug where the Lunchbox shield would be offset/rotated on certain maps
  • Fixed a bug where the Bomber wouldn't be able to attack on the ground if killed while using the Mantis Strike
  • Fixed bugs related to scrolling in the party/group chat windows
  • Fixed a bug where the Cargo weight indicator wouldn't update correctly when using Boosters or Pilot/items that modified the slat

Version 13250.1 - November 3rd, 2012Edit

Free Trial Update:Edit

Version 13250.0 - November 2nd, 2012Edit


  • New Daily Quests: Daily Login and Daily Win (Daily Win may not be working yet)
  • Chopper now applies Contrail Flair to rotors
  • Carry capacity raised to 4 units (from 3 before)
  • New visual effect forLunchbox shield active on Fortress and Outposts
  • Lunchboxes on Outposts now protect them from damage (bulbs cannot be destroyed with damage)
  • New Unit Sergeant (not implemented yet) - will attract other Infantry to follow his orders
  • New Item: TotalBiscuit's Top Hat - increases build speed and income (found in Customize Item slot)
  • Artillery now does damage to captured Outposts and Fortress, at a reduced amount
  • Patchnotes now displayed ingame (instead of the forums)


  • Fixed the "bugged lobby" issue that would cause players to get an error when attempting to join another players Custom Game
  • Fixed bug where Settings would not be saved in the new menus

Version 13169.0 - October 31st, 2012Edit


  • Updated the way Outpost capturing works:
  • First 4 infantry will turn a captured outpost to Neutral
  • AirMechs can shoot out the lights on the outpost to turn it Neutral
  • More Infantry spawned on maps because it works better
  • Now NaCI 64 and 32 bit clients to play together
  • New Challenge maps
  • Updated Pause menu
  • New Party and Game links


  • Reduced DPS of all Creeps to account for new spawn numbers

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to crash randomly during gameplay

Version 13071.1 - October 29th, 2012Edit


  • Harmonized Unit speeds so similar types of units move at the same speed
  • Increased Bucky's HP to 600 and increased DPS to 53

Version 13071.0 - October 27th, 2012Edit

New Referral SystemEdit

We really like it when people bring others to AirMech and have wanted to make this easier and more reliable. You11 see a major change with the new Ul for players who have not set their referrer yet, which should greatly increase the number of people getting credit. Many games only let you set a referrer when you sign up, but we let you set it up to level 5 and have also increased the referral rewards. When you set your referrer, you get 1000 Kudos, and the person who you listed will be able to get Diamond rewards from the very first referral. We think it's win-win for everyone!

Ultimate Samson AwakensEdit

If you are lucky you might see Ultimate Samson make an appearance in Global Chat. When he shows up, he will ask that you /roll for a chance to win Diamonds! This has been a lot of fun and are looking at ways to expand this system. You might see other AirMech personalities show up in chat to give you some tips in response to certain questions.

Faction and Party ChatEdit

You might notice tabs for Faction and Party chat. We're working hard on these systems and when they are active we will let you know. For now they don't do much, but we plan to do a lot of neat things with these groups.


  • New AirMech Variant "Pumpkin" Saucer (Halloween)
  • New Unit "Pumpkin" Bombs (Halloween)
  • New Variant "Deep Sea" Osprey (included with Beta Bundle)
  • New Menu System
  • More Matchmaking Options
  • Referral System Overhaul
  • Twin Peaks map has been reworked
  • New Server Locations: Manchester (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • AirMechs now do 75% damage to units
  • Preview of "Power System" which will be replace Unit Cap.

Version 12754.0 - October 16th, 2012Edit

  • Fix a bug that caused a Starter Pack unlock, when triggered from "buy diamonds", to land you on a page to unlock the Tomcat Striker. If you encountred this bug, where you tried to unlock the Start Pack, and instead unlocked the Tomcat Striker, please email support at and we'll fix it ASAP.
  • Changed Turtle damage pass through from 5% to 10% when Turtle units are 'turtled'
  • Some AI bugfixes related to uncapturable outpost (on TwinPeaks)
  • Fix Overtime status display on Spectator UI
  • Add UI connection status icon (only Displays if you have a connection problem in the menus)
  • Add status message regarding connectivity when entering matchmaking
  • Make the minimap fog of war information density dynamic based on current graphics quality setting
  • Some Last Stand Tweaks to difficulty ramp (increased difficulty on later waves). Map is still a work in progress.
  • Bug fix to chat text formmatting
  • Added extend/retract draw state to recharge lines

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