Yellow Fixer

The fixer best describes our faction.

The Peacekeepers Faction is not public so you will need an invite from the faction leader to join. This faction is very casual and for players who just play for fun, but competitive players are also included.

Recruitment Edit

Faction acceptance is handled by faction founder rdp after a longer chat. Faction hopping players are discouraged from joining. Like any faction, we need players that stay during the good times, and the bad. We do not invite trolls, spammers, or troublemakers of any kind. If you want an invite, please party @rdp ingame.


This factions main goal is to be nice to everyone. If we see new players, then we help them out the best we can, answer any questions and maybe play with them a little. Sometimes video games become too violent and cause problems throughout the world. Peacekeepers are always sure to be setting a good example for the rest of everyone else and also our main goal is to use our faction to unite everyone together so we can become a community. Other factions have goals such as, having the most people, or having the best PvP players. No matter who you are, you can come together and feel accepted here. As a community we can accomplish anything. So if you need something, just ask one of the Peacekeeper members with the faction tag, [PEACE].

-D0K & BetaMarcus

Getting to know the Peacekeepers. Edit

Leader: rdp

Senior Officers: Viquel, BetaLordMarcus, CottonCandyDust

Officers: Flameclaw65, Dioxide, Crozsama, ankon, DiamondMech, SuperMeggido, ImATurtle, AL3Xd91, Killimanjaro, PixieDust, Varcolac1, AnneMadelline . '''''

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