$39.99 USD  (No longer available)


This Bundle was available from June 12th, 2012, until July 12th, 2012.

This is the big one! We know not everyone is ready for F2P, so we bundled up a huge selection of AirMech, Units, Items, and Boosts for the hardcore players. Also included is 60 days of Gold VIP Status, Red & Green army colors, and two Ultimate Units. Everything you could want is right here, and you'll so loaded up with progress Boosts that anything you need in the future will be simple to unlock with your piles of Kudos.


This bundle contains:

9 AirMechs (5 Base & 4 Variants):Edit

2 Special Items:Edit

An Ultimate Pilot:Edit

15 Units (Including 1 Ultimate):Edit

Double Boost:Edit

  • 60 Days XP Boost
  • 60 Days Kudos Boost

60 Days Gold VIPEdit


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