All-purpose bomb in the shape of a pumpkin that is carried instead of transporting a unit. Drop pumpkin bombs to destroy heavily defended areas. Same properties as normal Bombs.


Bombs are great for breaking heavily fortified areas. They can be carried and dropped onto enemy units to do AoE damage. They are best used on enemy light units placed close together.


  • Bombs can destroy waves of infantry or light units rushes in one drop.
  • Can sway the tide of a mid fight in favor of the bombing team because enemy units will have less health.
  • Works best in the absence of Repair units.


  • Do not work well against healing units and mechs.
  • Do not do adequate damage to high health, heavy units.

Good Loadouts


Pumpkin Bomb is a Bomb re-skin only available during the Halloween Seasonal event. It is purely a cosmetic change and functions exactly like Bomb.


  • Was previously available in the Shop for 1800 kudos, or 270 Diamonds.


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