Release Date: N/A

Slot: Item

Kudos price: 1500 Kudos Kudos

Diamond price: 270 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop during Halloween Seasonal. Also via drop system (rare) during this period. VIP Shop all other times.

Alternate: Skull Candy

In-game hotlink: Pumpkin Candy


Pumpkin Candy 1500 Kudos / 270 Diamonds icon
Pumpkin Candy Crop

Description: Pumpkin Candy. HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE

While others just took what they were offered, that wasn't enough for you. Digging deep into the candy bucket, you located this choice piece of candy, more rare than the rest. Who has the best candy now?


  • +4% Infantry Move Speed
  • +2% Infantry Damage Resistance
  • +5% Holiday Spirit


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