Release Date: November 27th, 2013 (Beta Build 21163.0)

Slot: Pet

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Awarded by Purple Star Keeper for submitting AirMech Art

Current Distributor: Overkill2142 (requirements)

Alternates: Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

In-game hotlink: Purple Star

Classification: Ancient


  • Can NOT be purchased from in-game shop
  • Can NOT be sold on the player market
  • Does NOT drop


AirMech ArtEdit

  • All Art pieces must be AirMech Related.
  • All Art pieces must have a creative side to it and must not use stolen assets.
  • All Art pieces must fall under one of the categories below to be considered Art
  • It is a "must" and is very important to have peer views of the piece in a public forum thread.
  • Improving upon oneself's past Artwork counts, except they will worth less points.


A category will be identified and quality will be judged. Each category has a base point and quality status will be given (not publicized) which will be multiplied by the value of the status. The final value becomes points toward the star.

Amount of points a person has will not be disclosed unless it is requested by the individual to see their own total. Quality will be judged by generalized peer reviews (very important) and finally by Star Keeper's thoughts (may be public or not).


  • Every category has a specific item(s) that must be given to identify the piece.
  • All submissions must contain a link a public forum thread (in workshop) WITH PEER COMMENTS/REVIEWS.
  • Pieces can either be submitted here on this thread or a PM to Star Keeper.
  • Given some time, it will be approved and replied with a PM.
  • If Artwork does not get approval, what is expected will be explained with a PM.


  • Hand Made With Tools: 100 points
Made in real life such as paintings or drawings that use a tool like pencils or paints. Sewing would be part of this category but food would be part of the Constructed Art category. Shown via picture.
  • Constructed Art: 90 points
Made by putting together real life things to make unique creations like food, clay, wood, or putting random things together to make a design. Shown via picture.
  • Digital Art: 100 points
Digitally made static artwork made using software, includes digital drawings and 3D models. Shown via picture.
  • Digital Media: 90 points
Digitally made media using software which includes music, videos, and fan games. Music must have a balance of quality (sounds good) and quantity (length) to receive decent points. Music is also harder to judge if it is AirMech related so as long as it's one's own and sounds good in the background of AirMech gameplay then it's good.
Videos excludes casting and game play, one can make videos like trailers or montages. Fan games might have more harsh judging because it's about how well it plays with other people over how much work one put in. Shown via link to source.
  • Writing: 50 points
Something one wrote up either in real life or digitally and then transferred to platform which would be easily viewed digitally, includes fan-fiction and lore. Shown via picture or link to source.
  • Scenery Maps: 60 points
AirMech maps not meant to be played, only looked at/viewed. It can either be static, or scripted. Can be shown via picture, .hpk file, or map name + publisher.
  • Playable Maps: 80 points
AirMech maps that are meant to be played on. It can either be scripted or unscripted as long as the game can end. Can be shown via .hpk file or map name + publisher.
  • Combined Categories: Variable points
Because it is possible for multiple categories to be combined into one piece, a different amount of base points is worth the multi category piece. E.g: a clay piece that has been painted over will count as both Constructed Art and Handmade With Tools. The base points will be worth the combined values shown of each category. Going back to the previous example, if more detail was shown in the constructed category while Handmade with tools category was shown to have less detail (like awesome clay structure but painted with one color) then the 90x2 points from Constructed Art category with a plus 100x0.5 from the handmade with tools category will be used as the base points. The base point value for the Combined Categories will be worth all the identified categories base points value, and then a QoW(below) modifier to the individual categories.
  • Improved Work (Your Own Work): Variable points
Some may go back and improve their own past work, but since what people submitted are considered "the finished" pieces, revised pieces still add points but be worth less than something new.

Quality of Work (QoW)Edit

  • Low Quality: 0.1x multiplier
The piece is not well done in terms of appeal and/or functionality. Little or no effort was shown/can be seen. Examples being doodles, easily repeatable, generally bad spam.
  • Decent Quality: 0.5x multiplier
The piece shows a recognizable design/organization that people can see what the creator was going for. Decent effort was shown/can be seen. Appeals and/or functions decently to peers. Examples being basic redraws/recolors, sketches, design layout, etc.
  • Good Quality: 1x multiplier
The piece shows a good design/organization so that people will see what the creator indented showing a bit of uniqueness from the creator. A good amount of effort was shown/can be seen. Appeals and/or functions well to peers. Examples being stuff that which other people would welcome more of.
  • Amazing Quality: 2x multiplier
The piece shows an amazing design/organization so that the creator's intentions is clearly visible and well detailed. A great effort was shown/can be seen. Appeals and/or functions greatly to peers. Examples being stuff that which other people would never find dull to see more of.
  • Unique Quality: 3x multiplier
The piece shows a unique design/organization that which people can see the creator's own personality in the piece. A large amount of effort was shown/can be seen. Appeals and/or functions amazingly well to peers. Examples being that which other people would want more of and be memorable.
  • Unbelievable Quality: 10x multiplier
A piece that shows that the creator's heart and soul was put into it. Something that you'd rarely see or expect from people. Time and effort would be massive to create a pierce of this quality.

Art Point SystemEdit

  • 800 total creation points = 1st Black Star
  • 1800 total creation points = 2nd Black Star
  • 3000 total creation points = 3rd Black Star


  • One cannot earn more than 3 stars. This also means that if one already have a Purple star from a previous keeper, one should let the Star Keeper know and not apply.
  • Giving away one's Star Code will result in a permanent ban from receiving a star from Star Keeper, and probably get submitter into trouble.
  • Stealing Artwork/Pieces from others will result in a permanent ban from receiving a star from Star Keeper which is also considered Plagiarism.
  • Submitter should be prepared for criticism on his work which could help improve.


One of the 11 Stars required to own the Star Badge. Current Purple Star's requirements are based on previous Black Star's requirements of submitting AirMech related art by Uncharted.


Purple Star N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Purple Star

Description: One of the many Star pets! These special rewards cannot be purchased, do not drop, and cannot be sold. They are awarded by members of the community, often streamers or casters. Each color is available from a different person, though that person may change over time. Begging for Stars is a sure way to never be awarded one.

More information can probably be found on the AirMech Wiki.

Attributes: N/A

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