Increases radar sight of your AirMech.
Guardians orbit your AirMech and provide additional functions.


The Radar Guardian increases your radar vision on the minimap, giving you a larger view of the field and the units on it. This guardian works well on large maps so you can see into enemy territory without having to physically scout it.


  • Allows you to quickly see and respond to an enemy push on the minimap.
  • Makes it difficult for the enemy to successfully cheese your outposts or build a secret push.


  • Is ineffective on small maps.
  • Only affects the minimap, so you must look at it often to gain an advantage.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with scouting mechs such as Saucer and Neo, so they don't have to fly as far to see enemy units.


The vision gained by Radar Guardians is shared with allies, making it very effective in 3v3s.


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