Arty Alternate. (-10% Range, -10 Reload Time)


Rapid Arty fires more quickly, allowing it to do more damage, but with less range (+10% Fire Speed, -10% Range) than a regular Arty.

The Rapid Arty is a short-ranged artillery unit that deals blast damage to enemy units within its attack range. It is similar to a Turret in that it is immobile and must be positioned carefully in order to shoot down its enemies. It has the shortest range of all artillery, but does a large amount of blast damage.


  • Is an AoE unit that can attack multiple targets at once from a long distance.
  • Can outrange almost all units, allowing it to be safely off the frontlines while shooting at enemy units.


  • Has no defensive capabilities and can be easily destroyed without proper support.
  • Can be distracted by mobile units, making it difficult to aim properly.

Good Loadouts

  • Works as a defensive unit that destroys pushes and softens the units for other AoE units such as Bombs.
  • Can be used in a mid-fight loadout to gain an edge during a stalemate.


Arty falls in between Archy and Bertha in the artillery class of units. It has a 20 degree firing arc, cannot rotate or fire below its minimum range. It has a 3 second reload and an arcing shot.


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