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Raptr Rewards was a program from Raptr that rewarded players whom actively played their games by awarding them in-game exclusives or even new games!

Raptr Desktop App works as an external overlay in conjunction with AirMech to count gameplay hours (different from in-game AirMech Stats). Depending on gaming time spent, Player Reputation rises in the ladder of:

Newbie –> Amateur –> Experienced –> Dedicated –> Hardcore –> Elite

The ladder requirements changed in time due to various factors. In the beginning, Elite status could be acquired by 25 hours of AirMech gameplay, whereas now it is now around 50+ hours of gameplay. After July 6th, 2013, two new Items were added to the rewards.

Raptr Rewards, now retired, started on March 7th, 2013 and ended on December 1st, 2013. Raptr Rewards at first was a time limited offering, but it has been discontinued and re-filled 5 times already. says that it's quantity is limited for the time being and players are advised to get their codes before Raptr decides to take it down.


Rewards in order of acquisition due reputation ladder:


Raptr Main Website

Raptr Desktop App

Raptr FAQ


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