A fast, highly modified rat rod built to kill.


Ratters are Road Hogs built for hit-and-run attacks. It's main purpose is to neutralize outposts, destroy infantry and distract tank fire. It dies quickly but deals a lot of damage in the process, making it a great disposable unit.


  • Fast moving and easily carried, works well as a distraction, especially when patrolled.
  • Can quickly help neutralize outposts and then occupy them with Soldiers that may spawn upon death.


  • Is very weak to anti-light units, and is susceptible to AoE.
  • Costs 2 upkeep and has a long build time, meaning preparation is required.

Good Loadouts

  • Works as a distraction for any loadout, can be carried and sent to harass enemy outposts or sockets.
  • Can be sent on attack commands to distract the enemy while you gain an advantage in the mid fight or start a larger push.


Ratters cannot shoot air targets which means that it does not get distracted easily similar to Rebel, allowing it to effectively neutralize enemy outposts. 4 can be carried by any mech which allows them to be very mobile. Dropping an extra Ratters or two with your tanks, anti-air or artillery provides just enough fodder for your units to survive while you carry over more.

Similar to Zippers, Ratters have a chance to spawn Soldiers upon death, making them great for neutralizing and then populating outposts without having to bring over more infantry.

Overall, Ratters is a great addition to any loadout looking for a very light outpost neutralizer and damage dealer.


  • Was released as part of "The Iron Hand" expansion. It can be found behind the Network Terminal in the Base Camp homepage.