Repairs your AirMech, does not affect Units or other AirMechs.
Guardians orbit your AirMech and provide additional functions.


The Repair Guardian is the healing guardian, which slowly heals your AirMech while you are out on the battlefield. If you are below full health, it will drain some energy as it restores your hit points. This guardian is great for increasing the length of time you can spend out on the field, and allows you to escape in low health situations.


  • Increases the survivability of your mech, making it more effective for harassing and killing enemy units.
  • Makes it easier to survive dogfights and can save your life when being chased.


  • Drains your energy quickly, and will stop working when you run out of energy.
  • When used with the Warthog while firing, your energy will drain alarmingly fast. More often than not, this will cripple your airmech.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with harassing mechs such as Bomber in order to increase its survivability.
  • Can be used with high damage mechs such as Warthog and Paladin to allow them to stay on the front lines longer.


The Repair Guardian slowly heals your AirMech, making harassing easier. It is best used with a Bomber to allow you to stay on the enemy side longer while harassing, or an Osprey so you can heal your units while also being healed. Paladin is a great mech for Repair Guardians because of its high health, and with Repair Guardians it can stay on the front lines for an extended amount of time. As with all Guardians, Repair Guardians consume fuel while it is restoring health, so it is not recommended that you dog-fight over long distances.

The Repair Guardian should not be used on the Neo because it gives away the Neo's location while cloaked.


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