Line-breaking heavy machine. Compared to the Grinder, it doesn't do as much damage, but it is even harder to take down.
Good when leading pushes and strong against artillery and anti-air when dropped properly. This monster will deal continuous damage to any enemy unit it touches.
Requires Level 3 in-game in order to build.


The Roller is a heavy pushing unit. It excels at taking damage and distracting tank fire, while also dealing slight melee damage. It will track down any enemy in range and roll it until it's dead. As an added bonus, it can disarm enemy mines by rolling over them without taking damage. It's main downsides are its cost, slow build time and the fact that it deals very little damage.


  • Roller is one of the highest health units in the game, allowing it to survive for a long time against a large number of enemy units, and has increased armor in the front.
  • Can lead a push by soaking damage and killing the frontline units.
  • Is great for defending against pushes and charges into the enemy formation.


  • Can be distracted by infantry and light units and drift away from your other units.
  • Cannot damage outposts or the Fortress.
  • Is ineffective without the support of tanks or damage dealing units.

Good Loadouts

  • Grinder works best in loadouts consisting of Anti-Air and light units to protect them from infantry distractions and enemy AirMechs.
  • Works well at the forefront of all pushes, and can also defend against enemy pushes.


The Roller is the Grinder's cousin. Its weapon deals less damage than the Grinder's weapon and deals even less if targets are armored, but the Roller has a lot more survivability. It also has the ability to destroy mines with impunity, and will automatically go over mines within sight if left on hold position.

Roller is perfect for tanking damage and breaking enemy lines while your tanks shoot safely behind it. It works well if you quickly capture an outpost and pull out a Roller to tank damage, then carry over your tanks to finish off the enemy lines while the the roller pushes them out of the way. It also works well as a spearhead of a base push so it can clear any mines the enemy puts down to destroy your push. Slow and steady wins the race with this unit.


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