By swapping out the heavier laser rifle of the Soldier for a pair of plasma pistols and a slight reduction in armor to the arm and leg regions, the Runner can cover ground faster at a minor decrease in damage and survivability.


The Runner is similar to the Soldier but has lighter armor and less health. Increased movement speed makes it efficient for capturing an outpost quickly.


  • Runner has the second fastest move speed of any infantry, after Probe.
  • It's high speed and low build speed makes it great for quickly filling an outpost.
  • Has higher DPS than Soldier, but has a weaker weapon rating.


  • Can be easily bombed or destroyed by any unit.
  • Not good for defending against tank pushes because of low health and armor.

Good Loadouts

  • Runner works best in an aggressive loadout with small units. Units such as Flakker and Patcher have synergy with this infantry.
  • Needs larger defensive units to protect the outpost once the Runners take control of it.


A Runner's chances of successfully capturing an outpost can be inconsistent due to many factors such as enemy presence and support from friendly forces, as well as being intercepted by an enemy Airmech.


They used to be the infantry spawned from Bot Spawners.


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