Sandrim is a fairly well balanced map that has 2 main lanes (having 3 outposts each) with a central island (that has an outpost on it). Whether or not to capture the center post is quite a decision. It holds 4 Pads/sockets and gives a short distance to every other outpost, but it takes a good chunk of units to defend properly. If you plan on a quick game, ignore the center post and focus on securing the 2 separate lanes.

If you plan on playing a safer game that takes longer, secure the center post and use that post to drop units in front of the enemy base or capture undefended outposts. While you're at it, fill the 4 sockets with Money makers (if you have any) for a boost in income, or fill it up with Generators and build a large army elsewhere.

This map is suitable for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. 1v1 is most likely the most diverse because of the fact that there are 2 lanes and people can be very sneaky that way.


  • Sandrim has 4 heart-shaped isles close to the main island.
  • Sandrim has few neutral units, making jackal rushes an effective strategy.
  • As of build 16429.0; Sandrim now has two additional paths with rocks blocking


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