AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


The Saucer, commonly referred to as UFO, is a fast moving AirMech primarily focused on air superiority and stealing enemy units with its unique Abduct ability. Its Blink Teleport ability in tandem with its nimble guns allows for effective hit-and-run strategies.

The saucer should be used like the Neo: for dogfighting and AirMech killing. The Saucer has instant gun rotation; this can be used effectively especially against Warthogs which slow down while firing. The Saucer is great for hardcore players who wish to avoid death due to Blink Teleport. A good strategy when killing AirMechs with the Saucer is to avoid their bullets with the Saucer's extreme speed along with Blink Teleport, and continuously strafing the AirMech with guns while doing so.

Ability UsageEdit

Abduct resets when an enemy AirMech picks up the unit. If the Saucer does not completely Abduct a unit then the abduction progress gradually resets to zero. This gradual reset allows for the Saucer to leave a unit during the abduction process to heal and return to finish the process without starting from scratch. When more than one Saucer hovers over the same enemy unit then those Saucer's Abduct abilities combine and result in a much faster abduction rate.

Loadout BuildsEdit

Several higher level players use the Saucer's fast movement speed to utilize the Saucer as a Micro Mech, a Mech that is used to quickly move units around in attempts to distribute damage and tanking abilities.It can be used in this fashion quite effectively, but requires a bit of practice, as the Saucer is a very...interesting...creature. While the Saucer is fast, it is fragile and as such, lightweight units are suggested in order to prevent unnecessary energy usage and overall slow speed.


The Saucer is typically regarded as a "glass cannon" within the game, due to its powerful Death Ray ability, coinciding with its extraordinarily weak armor. Saucers are very fragile, and this should be taken advantage of.

A small dosage of AA in your army should be enough to keep one away. Flakkers or HAATs are recommended to dispatch them, as Saucers cannot Blink Teleport away from bullets as they can missiles. Healthy dosages of AA can prevent Saucers from abducting your units.

A common usage of Abduct is used against unguarded buildings left on sockets. Make sure to leave an AA or two to guard them if you happen to be playing against a Saucer.

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