Scout Master - Penny Arcade Exclusive!
Star of "The Lookouts", a new comic from the Penny Arcade! In this time of war, he emerged from the forest, possibly to protect it.


Slot: Pilot

Shop Price: 1500 Kudos

Availability: PAX Codes. Also via VIP Shop and PAX Crate (10% chance)

Alternates: Natasha, Nicholai

In-game Hotlink: Scoutmaster


Scout Master is a Natasha alternate, and shares the same stats as Natasha. Scout Master was available exclusively through the PAX Prime 2012 promotion via PAX Promotional Code Cards handed out by CarbonGames from their booth at PAX conference during PAX East, PAX Prime and PAX Aus (unconfirmed). Now it's available via the PAX Crate and VIP Shop.

Scout Master is commonly used by beginners who have no specialization in their play style. The extra Flight Energy Efficiency and Air Speed acts as an aid to newcomers who are not familiar with these stats.


  • Fast moving and easy to use, works well as a beginner pilot with average stats.
  • Can fly for long distances quickly without having to recharge energy at Outposts.


  • Is unable to build units quickly.
  • Does not do as much damage to enemy mechs and units as other pilots.

Good Loadouts

  • Works with loadouts that do not require a fast build speed, so not aggressive builds.
  • Is great for dogfighting and scouting mechs such as Striker and Neo due to Scoutmaster's air dominance.


As an alternate to Natasha, the Scout Master, with 20% extra Fuel Efficiency and 5% extra Air Speed, is an ideal CTF Pilot. While the 5% reduction in Attack Power won't hinder you all that much, the 10% reducton in Build Speed certainly will, but one can easily reduce the effects of that using the Chimney's Tooth Item, which provides 5% increase in Build Speed, or TotalBiscuit's Top Hat, which gives +3% Build Speed.


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