Anti-Mech missiles on a tank chassis. Helps stop bombing runs and effective in mass. These units only attack AirMechs and other flying units.


The Seeker is the basic rocket anti-air unit. It has a respectable amount of damage for its health, but can only fire at enemy mechs and other flying units. Seekers fire a volley of rockets at an enemy mech when it flies in range and then reloads. This is a great support unit for defending your other units from enemy mech fire.


  • High damage allows them to kill mechs quickly when placed in large numbers, creating effective no-fly zones.
  • Has somewhat high health and armor, allowing it to survive on the battlefield.
  • Cannot be easily destroyed, if at all, if Paired with Tanks, such as Longhorn

Good Loadouts


Seekers are anti-Airmech missile-launcher arrays mounted on a tank chassis. Like tanks, they have less armor on the back, making them easier to destroy when attacked from the rear.


  • Contrary to popular belief, the Seeker can damage ground units, however this occurs only if a unit is obstructing the seeker's rockets from its target. (ie: An AirMech using a tank for cover)
  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Missile Tank.
  • The Seeker was previously a Default Starter Unit.

Related QuestsEdit



Can't touch this

Destroy 100 Anti-Air enemy units (HAAT and Seeker).

1000 Kudos

0 Diamonds icon


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