Special long range sniper infantry. When an enemy target is detected, it reconfigures into tripod mode in order to fire. While not particularly effective in close combat situations, you can "drop and forget" them and they will slowly sneak along shooting enemy units from a distance. Their low cost and long range make them good to scatter around heavily defended areas. Can be assigned orders.


The Shooter is a sniper infantry that sits out of range of enemy units and slowly picks them off one by one. Due to their self-sufficiency, Shooters make excellent preliminary units to attack outposts and neutral units in small numbers. Their long range can make excellent support for any army, both offensively and defensively.


  • Shooter's self-reliance makes them excellent for harassing outposts without needing a mech to escort them.
  • Can be dropped near enemy outposts just outside radar range to silently neutralize outposts.
  • Due to their ability to take orders, Shooters can compliment large armies as ranged support, and can be used to defend outposts against long-range attacks.


  • Can be easily bombed or destroyed by any unit in close range.
  • Are ineffective against repair units or units with heavy armor like roller, and can be easily scouted and destroyed by enemy mechs.

Good Loadouts

  • Has great synergy with the Angel.
  • Plays a supporting role with and against Artillery


Shooters are the Long-range, slow-firing sniper infantry.

Shooters are equipped with a unique AI logic that make them very useful in of themselves, when compared to other infantry. Shooters will automatically stop, deploy, and fire at any enemies within its range, unlike other units that will drive right past enemies until they reach their objective. This allows Shooter to fill a number of useful support roles.

Shooter is long-range, as given, and as such, it can be used as a long-range suport unit, hitting units form afar, while stronger units deal damage up close, similar to Bucky, or Artillery in some situations. But unlike Bucky and artillery, Shooter will always land its shot directly on the target, making it a reliable damage source, if not a very powerful one, due to lack of splash damage, or armor-piercing abilities. The long range can also provide a counter, or replacement to such long-range units, being much cheaper and easier to spam.

With the seek-and-destroy abilities of its modified AI, small groups of Shooters can be used to stealthily attack Outposts, armies, and enemy fortifications. Shooters' range is further than most units, and with the auto-deploy AI that shooter has, Shooter can snipe enemies from outside their range, often staying off the minimap, and dealing soft and eventual damage under the enemy's nose. Send Shooters out on small groups to harass outposts or untended armies like this to hurt your opponent on the long run.

The long range and unique AI make Shooter a popular choice as mainline infantry, since it can attack the enemy outside their range, but Shooters often tend to bunch up by themselves, and are individually VERY weak, making them suseptible to Area-of-effect attacks, such as those of Bombs, and Melee from Striker and Bomber, so make sure to space your shooters out.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shooter alludes to the Sniper from Team Fortress 2.