Armed with a laser rifle and nerves of steel, the Soldier is the go-to infantry unit in any Airmech Pilot's army.


The Soldier is a default starter unit which is available to all AirMech players from the start without additional cost.It is the basic infantry, whose main role is to neutralize and capture enemy Outposts.


  • Soldier is a general purpose infantry capable of fulfilling most infantry roles.
  • Soldier has no outstanding stats, but is cheap which makes it easy to use.
  • Generally effective in small groups (3-4).
  • Generally more effective than Level 1 or 2 Creeps.


  • Lacks any particular strength like Rocketeer or Brute.
  • Weak against area-of-effect attacks, such as Bombs and Artillery.
  • Easily killed without support from friendly units.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well in any loadout as a generic infantry. It is a suitable unit to quickly fill an outpost and defend it against other infantry until other defensive units are placed down.


The Soldier is the generic infantry type. It has a relatively low cost however, it does not specialize in anything but capturing Outposts which limits its usage. The soldier will lose to almost any unit unless it is part of a large group.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Basic Infantry.
  • During a very early Alpha, Soldiers were actually Human troops. A change in Artstyle and Storyline of the game switched them to robots.