Becoming frustrated that Jammers kept getting targeted and blown up, General Barker commissioned a tank chassis to be outfitted with radar jamming equipment. While slower than the Jammer, it has greatly increased health and area of effect. He named it Sonya for reasons unknown and he gets very upset when asked about it.


The Sonya is a mid range jamming unit which blocks friendly units from the enemy radar. It's main purpose is to hide units from the enemy so they have to rely on visuals alone. It excels at disrupting large areas and hiding secret unit clumps and pushes until its too late to respond.


  • Has a large range of jamming effect.
  • Has the highest health of any jamming unit.
  • Can survive multiple shots, and can also move along with a push.


  • Cannot be built until Level 4 in-game.
  • Is fairly costly and cannot easily block radar in the early game.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well in combination with heavy pushing units such as Longhorn and Grinder.
  • In a defensive game, it is great for preventing the enemy from seeing where you move your defensive units, such as artillery and anti-air.


Sonya is a more durable version of a Jammer that has more jamming range, but requires in-game level 4 to build. In order to use this unit effectively you must survive in the mid fight until level 4, so be sure to harass any enemy units until then.


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