An 80% discount from normal prices, the Starter Pack gives 7500 Diamonds, 25,000 Kudos and VIP status. The Starter Pack can only be bought once. NB: If purchased via Steam the ingame "Carbon" Starter Pack may still be purchased.


$9.99 USD


7500 Diamonds and 25,000 Kudos to spend however you like! Plus get Silver VIP status, 20 Days of Gold VIP, and 20 Days of Kudos and XP boosts!
Starter Pack

Offer available only one time per player. Exact price varies by currency, but is approximately an 80% discount from standard prices. Diamonds do not expire, and are not reset after Beta ends. This special offer may be removed at any time (but probably not). Carbon Games has worked hard to make AirMech free and fair to all players, and you can show your support by purchasing this special Starter Pack.


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