This class of mine will temporarily slow all units that pass over it. When placed close to one another, Stasis Mines will automatically create a stasis field which can be used to slow down enemy infantry and tanks that pass through it. These will also keep enemy AirMechs from transforming, which is great when placed defensively to ward off harassers.


The Stasis Mine is a mine unit that is placed on the ground and links together with other Stasis Mines to create a stasis field which slows down units and grounded mechs, similar to the Neos Stasis Blast Ability. Up to 3 mines can be linked together, and can prevent mechs from transforming into the air.


  • Can slow down an enemy push, giving you time to prepare defenses, and giving your units time to destroy the push.
  • Is very cost effective and not easily dealt with.
  • Works well for trapping and killing grounded enemy mechs.


  • Does not deal actual damage to any units.
  • Can be easily avoided by stopping the army or microing around them.
  • Must be placed defensively in an area that will be trafficked by enemy units.
  • Can be disarmed and destroyed by healing units and healing mechs.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games to stop or destroy an enemy tank push.
  • Some players place Stasis mines on each entrance in Spiral Survival to slow down the incoming waves.


The Stasis Mine has a deploy time of 2 seconds and a link range of 10.

This unit slows down nearby moving enemy units and grounded AirMechs to 1/3 of their regular speed, reduces firing speed of units by 1/2, and prevents AirMech transformation for 4 seconds. Stasis mines can be linked to up to 2 other stasis mines to increase area of effect. They're mostly used in Survival matches to slow inbound enemy units following set routes and maximize the time they spend in choke point killing fields. Stasis mines do not detonate on contact with an enemy unit and will survive a match unless disarmed or sold.


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