Stats are what we call statistical characteristics of any given object in the game. They refer to different things in regards to different objects. Stats in a game perspective, are what defines any given unit, or AirMech. The two main objects in AirMech that have stats are AirMechs and Units. These stats can be modified via Pilots and Items. For a listing of stat modifiers, who has which modifiers and explanations of what they do hit the link.

AirMech StatsEdit


Price: 1800 Kudos

270 Diamonds
















M-11 Striker 160 262 9 955 32.2 4.3 1000 1650
Striker base

The Striker is the most common AirMech design, used by many countries during the war. Good all around combat abilities, also has an energy sword.

Air mode

  • Primary: AirMech Cannons
  • Secondary: Homing Missiles

Ground mode

  • Primary: AirMech Cannons
  • Secondary: Energy Shield and Beam Sword

Stat descriptionsEdit

  • Pow Ground: How much damage the AirMech deals to ground units.
  • Pow Air: How much damage the AirMech deals to air units (only AirMechs in Air mode are considered air units right now)
  • Pow Repair: How quickly the AirMech repairs itself.
  • Def Armor: How much armor (HP) a mech has.
  • Spd M/sec: How quickly the AirMech moves when in Air mode.
  • Time Build: How quickly your AirMech rebuilds itself when it's destroyed.
  • Cost Build: How much it costs to rebuild the AirMech each time it's destroyed.
  • Carry Weight: How much unit mass the AirMech can carry at once.

Stat growthsEdit

The stats given in the stat sheets for AirMechs are default stats they have at in-game level 1 with no pilot or item modifiers applied. For all modifiers, the stats are adjusted. Also, a unique trait of AirMechs is that their stats grow when they level up in-game. Pow Air, Pow Ground, Def Armor, Time Build, and Carry Weight all grow with level ups.

Unit StatsEdit


N/A Kudos

N/A Diamonds icon

DPS vs Ground



Carry Weight


DPS vs Air


Move Speed


Attack Range




Blast Damage






Build Time


Hit Points


Build Cost




Salvage Value


Vision Range


Unlock Level


Longhorn. The backbone tank of any army, only weak against airborne threats.

Stat descriptionsEdit

  • DPS Ground: How much damage the unit deals to ground units.
  • DPS Air: How much damage the unit deals to air units (only AirMechs in Air mode are considered air units right now)
  • Pow Repair: How much armor the unit repairs.
  • Hit Points: How much armor (HP) a unit has.
  • Move Speed: How quickly the unit moves on the ground.
  • Time Build: How much time it takes to build the unit.
  • Cost Build: How much it costs to build the unit.
  • Weapon Class: Class of the weapon determines how much damage the unit will deal to other units with different armor classes.
  • Armor Class: Class of armor determines how much damage the unit will take from other units with different weapon classes.
  • Unit Weight: How much the unit weights when it's carried by a AirMech.
  • Upkeep Cost: How much power it demotes from the increase
  • Power: How much power it uses
  • Salvage:How much it costs to salvage

Stat modificationsEdit

The stats given are fixed throughout the game, but can be modified by choice of Pilot or item. There are currently no other ways to change unit stats.

Weapon and Armor Class SystemEdit

This system modifies how much damage a unit or AirMech take from weapons based on their armor class and incoming fire's weapon class. Heavier armors take less damage from lighter weapons is the basic idea. There are 4 tiers of armor: Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra Heavy. And 3 Tiers of weapons: Light, Medium, Heavy. When the armor and weapon classes are the same, damage is 100%. When the armor is one tier higher, it's reduced to 50% damage, 10% is two tiers higher and 0% if it's three tiers higher. Damage is 100% if weapon class is the same or higher tier than armor, there is no benefit or disadvantage to using higher tier weapons on lower tier armors. Here it is in a neat table:

EDIT (31/07/2014 ver.27720): this table is outdated, now the damage reduction is similar, and it is calculated with this FORMULA:

ARMOR - WEAPON = DPS DAMAGE REDUCTION % (if the number is 0 or negative there is no reduction)

Example1: Longhorn ATTACK 90 (dps 96) attacks a Joker ARMOR 40 [40-90= -50 that is a negative number so Longhorn deal the whole 96 dps to the Joker without any reduction].

Example2: Brute ATTACK 1 (dps 200) attacks a Longhorn ARMOR 85 [85-1= 84% damage reduction! So the 200 dps of Brute is only 52 dps against the Longhorn because brute uses a very light weapon VS a quite high armor]

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Ultra Heavy Armor
Light Weapon 100 50 10 0
Medium Weapon 100 100 50 10
Heavy Weapon 100 100 100 50

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