Anti-Mech missiles on a turret base, great for setting up no-fly zones! Lacks the mobility of a Seeker, but makes up for it in other ways. It will only attack AirMechs and other flying units.


The Stinger is an Anti-Air Turret that fires a volley of rockets into the air. It is a lighter turret version of the Seeker. Although it cannot move and deals less damage, it does not need to reload and has a lower build cost, making it better as an early game anti-air. It only costs one upkeep.


  • Fires a constant stream of missiles; powerful against grounded Airmechs.
  • Has somewhat high health and armor, allowing it to survive on the battlefield despite its low cost.
  • An effective deterent to Mechs with direct-attack capabilities in the air, such as Helix or Warthog
  • On a Socket, deals more sustained DPS than a Seeker


  • Is a Stationary turret
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Rockets can be outflown or shot down.
  • Unsocketted, deals less DPS than a Seeker

Good Loadouts

  • Works well when protecting high damage turrets or defenseless units such as Artillery.
  • Low cost makes it an effective low-tier anti-air structure for newly-captured outposts.


Stingers are Anti-Air Turrets that fire a constant stream of rockets into the air.

Albeit firing very slowly, Stingers will fire a non-ending stream of Rockets at any enemy aircraft in its vision, making it powerful against persistent or pushing mechs, such as a Warthog or Paladin grounded to support his army, or a Helix or Bomber that may be harassing you or your units. The constant stream can disallow enemy mechs from taking advantage of the reload times in other Anti-Air units, allowing you to apply constant pressure, even if that pressure is slowly placed.

However, Stinger missiles are not as damaging as those fired by Seeker, and it outperformed by HAAT or multiple Flakkers, so its role is less to damage the enemy mech, than to discourage them moving in your territory with its stream of missiles. Its slow firing speed makes it less than ideal against fast mechs, such as Striker or Saucer, but can be used to prevent them from standing still, and can make micromanagement much harder for them.


  • This unit was added at the request of the community.


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