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The map of Thar, a fantastic map for several strategies

In AirMech, there are several strategies that you can employ to help win the game. The goal of this article is to reveal several of those strategies.

Drawing FireEdit

In a game, the most obvious problem with deploying troops from the front, sides, or even behind an enemy base, are the various turrets. Most specifically, T-99's are the ones that make it difficult. While a saucer can help abduct these, often times you will need to make it easier for your allies or your troops. This is through a tactic called drawing fire. Turrets will often take priority at shooting at you over your troops. While you draw their fire, your troops or allies (the more players doing this, the better) can shoot at that turret.

Cliff AssaultEdit

Some maps (Thar comes to mind) have cliffs around the enemy base. By deploying units there, they can pick off the troops on that side of the base and start damaging the enemy base. T-99's work fantastic for picking off the troops, but you'll want powerful tanks and anti-air(seekers or HAAT'sor flakkers), and aegis as well(if you have them) supporting the turrets.


This isn't a combative strategy, instead it involves protecting your base. This is a good strategy for Survival especially. Put 2 or 3 lunchboxes on your fortress pads, and swap moneymakers for lunchboxes when necessary. Remember that lunchboxes give only 5% fort health as a shield, no matter how many lunchboxes you have. Having extra lunchboxes just increases shield recharge rate, so if your fort is not being attacked a lot, just one lunchbox is enough (be sure to replace it immediately if it is destroyed).


When you put infantry in the bunkers in an outpost, they can fire out, get healed by the outpost, and when an infantry in the guard posts of the outpost dies, this infantry goes into the outpost, doubling its survivability.


Basically involves taking 4 high-DPS infantry (Jumpers/Morty/Flamer/SAM) to an enemy outpost and capturing it. Ideally you would have completed units in your build queue to immediately fortify the outpost with upon it's capture, or at least infantry to bunker in it. incredibly difficult for opposing teams to defend against.


When you want to attack a post, or do a tank rush, or anything send a few tanks at the enemy fort first. This puts you in a win-win scenario; if they defend the outpost they lose fortress health, if they kill the tanks you get the outpost. Also, if your team is in a battle, quickly break away and attack the enemy fort, or cheese an ungaurded post. This will split their attention and once again put you in a win-win scenario.

Harass Edit

This is Distraction with a specific goal. Most commonly a kill socket units such as Moneymakers in the early game to gain economic advantage. (The faster you earn credits the faster you can order units, and hopefully get the first push/capture out.) Later, neutralizing an Outpost can push opponents over their Unit Cap (Especially if you take Generators with it) freezing their ability to order additional units and hampering their efforts to recapture their outpost.

Keep in mind this takes you away from the main fight, so your allies will have to press on without you. Make it quick, In and Out, don't linger long enough to get killed. A distraction drop (4 Zippers will speed straight for their base, and ring their doorbell while you veer off for an Outpost.) Otherwise a high DPS unit can be dropped on a Socket, Corner, or Outpost while you take another.

You may also get a Distraction, drawing an enemy away from the front, as well as scouting, so if you multitask, and gain while making the enemy lose in return, it's successful. If not, you're probably more valuable at the front, but if you see an opportunity during a scout, and are not needed back immediately, there's no reason not to take an easy target.


While this isn't a strategy for playing the game, it is a strategy on learning strategies. Many youtubers have released excellent videos on the basics, and more advanced aspects of AirMech, all of whom you can find in the learn->videos tab in the AirMech interface. areyouwhy in particular releases regular videos of battles between AirMech's finest regularly, and is the current distributor of green stars, the award for contributing to the AirMech Youtube community.

Current AirMech Youtubers:



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