Release Date: Beta Build

Slot: Item

Kudos Price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: N/A Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Special Gift to the AirMech Community, then via VIP Shop. Now only via Player Market.

In-game Hotlink: Stronk Juice

Classification: Ancient


Granting extra ground speed and melee attack, this item was designed primarily for the Bomber and Striker Mechs with melee builds. It was created as a gift to the AirMech community for beating Heroes of Newerth in the MMOBomb 2014 Ultimate F2P Showdown. It was granted for free to anyone who checked in during a small time window.  After that, it was moved to the VIP Shop for a few months. It is currently a retired/ancient item.


Stronk Juice N/A Kudos / N/A Diamonds icon
Stronk Juice 1

Description: Stronk Juice VICTORY EXCLUSIVE

It's so close you can almost taste it! Help AirMech win the next round in the vote, and Stronk Juice for everyone! Not responsible for growth or loss of hair in places you want or do not want hair. Not for consumption by kittens, bears, and other mammals.


  • +18% Food Poisoning
  • +5% Ground Speed
  • +3% AirMech Melee Attack Power


  • Of the MMOBomb 2014 Ultimate F2P Showdown rewards (this, MMOBomb Pet, and Warframe Helmet), this was the only one that was available in the VIP Shop after the free giveaway event expired.
  • This was the first reward given by the developers for beating another game in the MMOBomb 2014 Ultimate F2P Showdown.


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