UnitTop T45

Fire heavy shells and also comes armed with heat seeking missiles. Very strong to have a few littered among tank walls to stop pushes. They are expensive and immobile, so use them wisely.


The T99 is a heavy anti-air and ground Turret unit. It is a medium-sized and versatile Turret that can Deal Support damage to Armored units. It is a good general-purpose defensive unit, great when used as support.


  • High Health and Armor, makes T99 difficult to overcome without a sizable force.
  • Can effectively engage both Ground units and Aircraft
  • Gains +50% DPS when placed on a Socket


  • Has extremely high build cost and build time, making it a poor choice at responding to enemy attacks in a pinch
  • Cannot engage aircraft and ground units at the same time.
  • Moderately slow Fire rate and Slow turret speed makes it poor at attacking multiple units at once.

Good Loadouts

  • Very effective anti-harassment turret
  • Equals the defensive power of a Longhorn and a Seeker in a single unit.


In combat, the T99 fires 8 powerful shells at the ground unit it is targeting, but the shells are very slow, and turret rotation is sluggish, making the T99 a poor choice at defending against light and fast units, such as Infantry or Jackals. The large 8-missile volley fired from a T99 can deal a lot of damage to an unaware mech, but the missile are slow, and can be easily avoided. T99s take priority to engaging Airmechs before engaging Ground units, meaning that If a T99 has both an Airmech and a Tank cluster in its scopes, it will always choose to take down the Airmech before engaging the ground units. Take this downside into consideration when planning your defensive wall.

Although stronger than a Longhorn, an individual turret is no match for a wave of tanks. They are still valuable on some maps, especially to block natural choke points when reinforced by repair units such as Patcher.

While a powerful defensive unit in of itself, it yields the most potential when used along with other units. It loses the ability to fight ground units when fighting an Airmech, and so should be accompanied by supplemental Anti-Air. Also, while the T99 can deal large amounts of damage against tanks, it is slow in dealing that damage, and so should be accompanied by Tanks or lighter turrets in order to provide distractions and defense. Lighter tanks taking the flak allow the T99 to dish out massive damage against incoming tank waves. Supplemental AA units such as Flakker, HAAT, or Seeker will make enemy mechs think twice about attacking your units.

When placed on sockets, T99 and all other socket units gain a health regeneration and faster fire-rate. Don't let this fool you into placing T99s in all of your sockets; a turret that isn't defending can better be used elsewhere, and your socket would benefit you more by placing a functional socketable instead, like a Moneymaker or Generator.

Remember that A nice gimmick of the T99 is that it is still useful off the socket. While dealing less damage than on a socket, it deals heavy damage against tanks and mechs nonetheless. If sockets are unavailable, place the T99 behind a tank or two for cover, just as usual; the Turret will help deal heavy damage against high-health units.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Dual Turret.
  • The T99 is almost visually Identical to its younger brother, the T45, the only differences being Larger Barrels and Heat vents sticking out the back of the cannons.